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Household finance in India: What a shift from informal to formal sector borrowing requires

Finance occupies an awkward place in present-day economic thinking. Much of economic analysis abstracts away from the role that financial intermediation plays in the allocation of resources.

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Renewables vs coal power: Why that is a diversion from the real issue

India is now enthusiastically on board with this effort, and has promised to ramp up installation of capacity for electricity generation from renewable sources such as solar and wind.

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What are key drivers of economic growth in India: what you really must know about the major tools at work

Last month, the Center for International Development at Harvard University made news with its prediction that India will be an important future growth pole for the world economy.

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For real financial inclusion, JAM is important, but here is why focus should be on reforming PSBs

Institutional innovation is just as important as technological innovation; so while JAM is important, focus on reforming PSBs.


India and US ties: Here is how to target larger payoffs than just investments

The recent US visit of India’s prime minister Narendra Modi garnered an unusual amount of media attention, perhaps because US president Donald Trump himself is more of a media celebrity than a working politician.

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Modi-fied growth vision: Current reforms model is still pro-business than pro-market, albeit with touch of inclusiveness

The current government has controlled the worst excesses of corruption that flourished in the last years of the UPA, also a type of “pro-business” orientation, but a damaging one of crony capitalism.

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Political economy structures perpetuate myopic understanding of agriculture sector

A half-dozen years ago, I participated in a conference on water resource challenges in India. I remember Upmanu Lall, professor at Columbia University, graphically and bluntly making the point that Punjab’s water table was

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State finances: If GST successful, demonetisation effect wears off, optimism of RBI report will be borne out

If GST is as successful as is hoped, and if the demonetisation shock also wears off quickly, it is possible that the relative optimism of the RBI report will be borne out.

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Global conditions rife for rise of 2 nations as superpowers – India, China; here’s is what we must do

In George Orwell’s dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, the world is dominated by three “super-states,” Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia.

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Supply chain finance: The Indian approach is outdated

A rapid increase in options for small firms, and intermediaries willing to take on risk will put pressure on the large firms that abuse the smaller suppliers.

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India’s leaders have failed its people, but in education, the people may have a chance to grow beyond what leaders have allowed

In my last column, I argued that Indian higher education needs reinvention as well as reform. The supply constraints that have built up in the current system will not be relaxed quickly enough by reforming current governance

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What to do about higher education in India: A complement to repairing the dysfunctions can be its reinvention

Kapur and Mehta’s basic thesis is that India’s higher education system suffers from over-regulation and deficient governance.

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Beyond UP elections 2017: India must raise more revenue from income and property taxes vs sales taxes

India must raise more revenue from income and property taxes versus sales taxes.

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Bank crisis: Until stressed assets dealt with, economic growth in India will be choked off

RBI Deputy Governor, Viral Acharya's solution is worth describing in detail, even if one is repeating his ideas, because his points need to be driven home with urgency.

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Assessing Budget 2017: Narendra Modi govt has vision, political space to act on economic front

The initial reaction to this year’s Union Budget, presented a month earlier than in past years, was one of relief: there were no announcements that spelled trouble for India’s growth story.

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Budget 2017: Infrastructure spending, bank recap crucial

The debt overhang at the banks, if allowed to continue, could hobble growth for years

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Policy agenda for 2017: Create digital-infra for a less-cash economy first

November’s demonetisation policy announcement sucked all the air out of the room at the end of last year, but it is now time to recover one’s breath and think about what India must do in 2017.

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India stands at precipice of losing yet another big opportunity; find out why

India, along with the rest of the world, is on the brink of a new year. It certainly feels like 2016 has been an unusually tumultuous year, more for politics than the economic crisis that marked 2008.

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Deconstructing demonetisation: No indication one-time costs will be outweighed by long-term benefits

The policy has not been well-justified and its implementation has been extremely poor

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Donald Trump and India: Little to suggest his presidency will prove to be positive

There is no indication that Trump’s policies will encourage direct investment by US firms in India, unless they are part of the president-elect’s crony network

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What happens in the Trump-world

In retrospect, one can see the contributors to this outcome: fear and dissatisfaction among a large segment of the American population, the failure of Hillary Clinton to address these concerns in any meaningful way, and Trump

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The other 1%: Indians in America

The community's success is rooted in three core processes—selection, assimilation and entrepreneurship . The educated middle-class held on to a traditional class aversion towards entrepreneurship. This began to change in th

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Here’s how to translate new policy ideas into action in India

State and local governments have historically had neither the autonomy nor the funds to implement well the full range of tasks that should be theirs to carry out.

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Economic reforms: Ideas for India

Economic researchers have become an important resource for policymakers in their struggles to design policy reforms, since the former have developed new tools of analysis

Economic reforms: Ideas for India

From reforms to transformation

The linked roles of technological and institutional innovation deserve greater attention

From reforms to transformation

25 years of reforms: How inner govt working has resisted change

Though there are some bright spots, the inner functioning of government has resisted change

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Educating India, changing India

Change in India is a complex process of introducing new ideas, dealing with multiple interest groups, and trying to reshape institutions through which activities take place. Nowhere is the need for change more urgent than in

Educating India, changing India
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