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The lessons of Trump: The defeat of Trump is not a panacea for the ills of the US or the world

In some ways, he helped surface those ills, when they might otherwise have been papered over for longer

Trump very much behaved as many world leaders have throughout history.

How can India recover from economic crisis? Bring back clear strategic thinking

The process of cleaning up and restructuring balance sheets of non-financial firms needs to resume and accelerate

The economic crisis is much more complex, and will be more difficult and costlier to turn around.

Agricultural reform: What to make of the new farm Bills

Farmers are being asked to accept possibly significant new income risks, without any alternative risk management policies, in exchange for an untested promise of higher, but likely riskier, incomes

I was reminding Dr Panagariya of the gold standard of reforms; I had not "shifted the goalpost", as contended by him.

Fighting Coronavirus: India’s first-six months of Covid-19

How quickly the nation’s leadership learns from these past six months and changes its approach will be vital for managing the pandemic and achieving economic recovery

India’s turning point for the economy?

Covid-19 is still a challenge, but there is no excuse now for the govt not to achieve a turning point for the nation’s economy

India’s “missing middle” in the firm size distribution has been recognised for decades but has yet to be remedied.

Creating and sustaining growth in India: What would make economic growth in the country lasting?

Sustained growth almost certainly has to be inclusive growth.A rural-led strategy is ultimately the first step for this.

NEP 2020: How to make the new educational policy work

An overarching theme of the 2020 NEP is to reimagine education as learning and broad mental development, getting away from rote learning and test preparation.

The overall themes of breadth, flexibility and room for discovery carry through to the recommendations for higher education, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Plotting a recovery: How India can handle a major crisis on its hands – Analysis

Digital infrastructure will be vital for future growth in India’s software exports, especially as international labour mobility is stunted

Assessing India’s pandemic prospects: Is Indian government’s short-run response adequate?

India does not seem to have a clear pathway out of this pandemic. Much of this can be attributed to over-centralisation and over-concentration of decision-making and public funds

The issue of funding for public health actions is symptomatic of a much wider problem.

Covid crisis: India will not be ready for growth unless it addresses MSMEs problems

Without addressing the problems of MSMEs, India will not be ready for growth. The pandemic is the fourth negative shock that small businesses in India have faced in recent times

Is India ready for economic growth?

The issue is not one of the quality and impact of economic reforms. It is of what the govt is actually planning and accomplishing in its efforts to engineer an economic recovery from the lockdown

India beyond the coronavirus crisis

India is two months into its economic lockdown meant to control the coronavirus pandemic.

US economy, President Donald Trump, US unemployment rate, America coronavirus pandemic, retail sales, credit card spending

Coronavirus pandemic: India’s response to Covid-19

The current government has not developed a coherent approach to implementing structural economic reforms

Liquidity support measures have been combined with direct income support, making it less obvious what the true immediate impact will be.

Restarting India’s economy efficiently after Coronavirus outbreak

Universal testing, accompanied by targeted quarantining, is the best way to allow as many people as possible to quickly and safely resume normal activities

In earlier columns, I have argued that the Indian economic policy response to the effects of the lockdown has been inadequate.

Economic Policy: India’s biggest challenge in time of Coronavirus

Despite the health impacts of the corona-crisis, the biggest challenge for India will be in terms of economic policy.

India’s Covid 19 crisis response: Challenges are greater, getting money to individuals and firms is not as easy

The prime minister has emphasised the costs of not responding adequately to the coronavirus crisis, saying it could otherwise set the country back by decades.

Contagion, lies, and crises

The corona-crisis has begun with a different sort of contagion than the 2008 financial crisis, but its impact on financial systems and economic activity is similar

Instead, Trump obsessed about the stock market’s behaviour (a symptom far removed from the causes needing attention), his re-election in November, and the “foreign” origins of the virus.

Reading the Economic Survey of India: What’s innovative in this year’s Survey – Explained

The Survey’s recasting of economic growth as “wealth creation” can be appealing, given the positive imagery conjured up by the more materialistic term.

economy, economic survey

Budget and the economy: What can we expect after this Budget?

Union Budget 2020 India: India needs to create many more formal sector jobs than it is doing now, and that means creating many more firms, and growing existing firms more effectively. The Budget did not jettison the long-term

Rethinking India’s economic strategy: Needs for concise document of objectives and priorities

India needs a concise document providing an integrated view of objectives and priorities, along with implications for policy formulation and implementation

Implementing India’s economic strategy: Problems of the architecture of governance in India

Any successful economic strategy will depend on systemic changes in the civil service, regulators, the judicial system, and of course, politicians

Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, lead performer, Niti Aayog, SDG Index,  Sustainable Development Goal

Lost year: India could have turned a corner in 2019 with political stability and economic recovery

This was a year where India could have turned a corner, with political stability and economic recovery. I

niti aayog, india

Economic slowdown: Crisis or blip?

For India to tackle its economic slowdown, it needs to reverse its impulses for centralisation, needs to be more open, and must create a robust infrastructure for digital communications.

Delhi choking on burned paddy stubble is a national problem

Delhi is choking because the Green Revolution was pushed to the point where it became distortionary and dangerous.

pollution, delhi, pollution, delhi air pollution

The reforms that India needs now to restore and accelerate growth

Political control will be worthless if it is not used for decisive actions, with respect to the economy, which will both restore and accelerate growth

Indian economy, economic reforms, economic reforms of 1991, tax rates, NBFC, financial sector, bankruptcy code, GST, $5 trillion economy

Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo’s Nobel win should act as a lesson for Indian research

One hopes that decision-makers in the Indian government will make administrative data readily available to researchers from all nations for its own development. There is much to be learned from administrative data despite the

Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Nobel, Nobel prize, Indian research, Indian academia, Nobel prize in economics, poor economy, 

Instead of engineering a growth acceleration to go with a demographic dividend, policymakers have allowed growth to slow

The government has a perennial problem of failure to raise adequate tax revenues. Periodically, it resorts to “tax terrorism,” which only creates more uncertainty and damages growth.

The biggest priority is a clean up of the financial sector. An overhang of bad debt can kill growth for many years.
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