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Economic challenges for the new government

The four major challenges are fixing the country’s financial sector, especially its banks; continuing to reform the tax system; reducing outflows of funds due to loss-making or inefficient government enterprises; and truly

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What did we learn from the 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

We learned that many Indian voters are willing, at least temporarily, to put aside concerns about their material well-being, in order to follow more elemental desires for security and feelings of belonging. But we did not lea

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India’s election campaign was unhappy one – here’s why

The election campaign was an unhappy one, highlighting external threats, and creating internal ones where they do or need not exist.

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Why India is so unhappy — Explained

India’s ranking, already low, slid further in the latest report, and stands at 140 out of 156 countries. To rub salt in this reputational wound, Pakistan ranks much higher, at 67th.

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How India can address national leadership deficit

Perhaps it is fair to say that competition for political leadership is more robust at the regional level. Therefore, one systemic way to deal with India’s national leadership deficit is to give subnational governments more

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Who will rule India? Real difference in 2019 polls will be outside pure economics, in human rights

In 2014, the BJP showed it could conduct a campaign that was more sophisticated than anything India had seen before. Now, incumbency, money, friendly media, lessons from previous success, and boots on the ground all favour ru

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Courting economic failure

Improving contract enforcement in India will have large benefits for economic performance and cause India to rise further in the EoDB rankings

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Where is the growth? Policymakers not able to make clear assessment of where India’s opportunities are

Indian policymakers just do not seem able to make a clear enough assessment of where growth will occur, where India’s opportunities are, and how to create a playing field in which the most dynamic and well-run Indian firms

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Lessons of India’s budget

The Budget displayed a maturity and rationality of thought and action in terms of basic public finance policies. Within the economic sphere, what India still needs is careful rethinking of the balances and boundaries between

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Understanding political economy for India’s future growth

Decentralisation needs to extend to India’s cities, which also need better governance, and which will be the focal points for future economic growth.

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Fixing India’s industrial dynamics by policy action and reform

“An Economic Strategy for India” covers many important areas of policy action and reform, but it does not bring all the pieces together where it matters, in creating conditions where firms will be established at higher ra

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An economic strategy for India; here is what government must look into

The need is to fix stressed sectors quickly—these are agriculture, infrastructure (including power), exports and banking.

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RBI: An own goal or brilliant save? The RBI-Government saga continues to grab headlines

An RBI caught in the midst of a govt trying to boost its political fortunes through populism will emerge as a damaged institution.

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Government and RBI: Moving forward – Basic autonomy of RBI does need to be protected

The basic autonomy of RBI does need to be protected. The most serious, and unprecedented violation of this, not to speak of being a bad policy, was demonetisation

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RBI vs GoI: Neither Reserve Bank nor the government have done an ideal job of managing the economy

Neither RBI nor the central government has been doing an ideal job of managing key aspects of the economy. If RBI failed in bank regulation when bad loans were being made, the government’s failure to allow or enable banks,

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How 2018 Economics Nobel prize brought together two different yet complimentary streams

The two prize recipients illustrate different, but complementary ways of doing economics

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The collapse of IL&FS and what it tells us about fixing India’s critical need for infrastructure finance

India has a long way to go in structuring and managing public private partnerships. Doing a better job on that front is essential.

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What ails the Indian economy? How India can address its biggest economic problem

At India’s stage of economic and institutional development, kleptocracy in the private and public sector, which is most lucrative for large-scale, long-term investments, is the country’s biggest economic problem.

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It’s not at all clear how national welfare is enhanced by fixing the exchange rate

A dilemma is a situation where a difficult choice must be made between two (or more) alternatives.

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India: A glass half full or half empty?

It may be that double-digit growth can only be achieved with greater inclusiveness

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From Trump’s America: What happens in the US over next few months will have useful lessons for India’s citizens

Donald Trump was elected partly because of the quirks of the American Electoral College system, which can undermine the will of the majority.

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Indians in America: the othered 1%

The threatened narrowing of what it means to be American, going beyond any individual, no matter how prominent, will adversely affect Indian Americans, whatever their social status or income level.

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Why India needs better management

The financing of firms and the skilling of workers are both activities that can be done more efficiently with better management, catalysing the relaxation of other constraints on the performance of the economy,

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India is failing at creative destruction

Supporting development of private sector initiatives in training and skilling ought to be an urgent focus of government policy, rather than trying to create an overall taxonomy of jobs and skills.

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Looking ahead for India

The next general election is less than a year away, and this is a good time to take stock of where India’s economy might be headed. Recent academic research seems to support the hypothesis that democracies do better than au

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Boosting exports: Beyond formalisation – reforming MSME financing

Access to working capital is a major problem for smaller firms, and they habitually get squeezed by their big-company customers.

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Coastal Economic Zones: India must learn from China

Talent, finance and innovation are relatively neglected in the Indian policy framings on CEZs.

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