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Budget 2019 shows path-breaking intent on PSU divestment, gilt markets for FPIs, says Nilesh Shah, MD Kotak Mahindra Asset Management

Union Budget 2019 India: Budget has focussed on higher FDI & FPI flows, recognising the limitations of domestic savings.

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Budget 2019 — a calculated call to boost growth

The provision of income transfer to 12 crore rural families for Rs 75,000 crore, along with MSP increase and MGNREGA allocation, will support rural consumption.

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Budget 2018: Make in India is the clarion call

Budget 2018: Custom duty increase is aimed mainly to benefit consumer electronic manufacturing (mobiles and TV), agricultural processing (fruit juices, edible oils and other processed foods) and automobiles.

Budget 2018: One of the key thrust areas of the Budget this time around has been Make in India. (Reuters) News

Model GST Law may redefine employer-employee relationship

Unlike in current scenario where provision of service by employee is excluded from definition of service, under the MGL, employee service has not been excluded from the ambit of supply of service.

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Budget 2016: Good show despite odds

Biggest takeaway has been the govt’s disciplined approach in maintaining fiscal deficit target

Budget 2016: Good show despite odds

Greece turmoil will provide good opportunities in fixed income market: Nilesh Shah 

For the whole of last week, global markets were expecting Greece and EU to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution. Weekend announcement of Referendum has created uncertainty.

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Economy will move on higher growth path

If the global situation supports India, the multi-year bull run in equity markets will surprise on the upside

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