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Is loan waiver a panacea for rural distress?

Loan waivers adversely affect marginal farmers due to a reduction of formal credit channels given to them

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Medicine innovation: Why idea of government funded prize does not look promising; here is a warning

Critics of the system want reform, arguing it makes drugs too expensive and fails to provide cures for those in need who may be unable to pay, such as people in developing countries.

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Where will the jobs of future come from and what will they be like? Shockingly, no one knows

The recently appointed Economic Advisory Council (EAC) to the Prime Minister, led by economist Bibek Debroy, has a tough job at hand—to propel economic growth in a fashion that will create jobs.

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Drug costs: Patent delinkage no panacea

Leaving drug development to the public sector will not help improve access to medicines; rather, it could impede it.

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India needs more tie-ups to boost pharma sector

Local pharmaceutical firms have to focus on creating new medicines instead of simply manufacturing copies of those invented elsewhere

India needs more tie-ups to boost pharma sector

Seeds of farmer suicides

Inefficient supply chain, marginal land holding, untimely procurement, high labour costs and inadequate rainfall, all contribute to farmers’ woes.

Seeds of farmer suicides

Poverty reduction: Govt intervention yes, but target it better

Access to banking and improvement in agricultural productivity have the largest effects in reducing poverty

Poverty reduction: Govt intervention yes, but target it better

Why Budget FY16 makes sense

Finance minister Arun Jaitley is a smart man. When everyone was hoping that he will be presenting a pro-business Budget, he presented the...

Why Budget FY16 makes sense