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Smartphone tips: How to free up space on your lagging Android phone

The biggest storage hogs are photos and videos. Back them up to an online cloud backup service like Apple iCloud, Google Photos or Amazon’s Prime Photos. You can then delete them from your phone and access them remotely thr

Ex-McKinsey chief Rajat Gupta is unrepentant for his crimes

After a stint in federal prison, the former McKinsey chief and Goldman Sachs director maintains he is innocent—and is trying to repair his reputation

Why we’re asking wrong questions of facebook after New Zealand

The platforms are not directly to blame for an act of mass terror, but the shooter’s online presence is a chilling reminder of the power of their influence

We’re asking the wrong questions of Facebook after New Zealand

Unfriended: Facebook is clearly losing trust

The biggest recent blow was a report on Wednesday that federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York were conducting a criminal investigation into deals Facebook had made with other companies that gave them access t

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Reading the signs: New emojis lay emphasis on inclusivity

The list—which includes 59 new emojis, as well as variants for a total of 230 options—emphasises inclusivity.

The tech hits and misses of 2018

From Facebook to creepy online ads, the worst tech of the year made the internet feel like an unsafe place to hang out. Yet there were some products that were fixed.

Tech tip: Make a mini-movie of your fabulous vacation

Video-editing apps like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker include text tools so you can insert title cards and add identifying captions.

G20 Summit: In Buenos Aires, US could seek a China trade truce

President Trump is projecting a steely facade as he prepares for a critical meeting on trade this weekend with President Xi Jinping of China.

Hanging up: After 7 years, Apple and Samsung end smartphone patent wars

The companies did not disclose the settlement amount. A jury in May ordered Samsung to pay Apple $539 million for infringing on its patents.

How to save on your trip to a theme park

Here is a list of tips to help you save a few bucks on that summer theme-park excursion

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Is alcohol good for you? A new study seeks answers

The National Institutes of Health is starting a $100-million clinical trial to test for the first time whether a drink a day really does prevent heart attacks.

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Being out of work is healthy no more

In recent years, unemployment has resulted in an increase in body weight and a substantial decline in physical activity, a new study concluded.

‘Warm’ workout key to weight loss

New research debunks belief that exercising in chilly conditions requires more energy and, hence, leads to greater weight loss.

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Trickle down effect of exercise

New study finds that exercising changes the functioning of genes that affect how healthy and fit our muscles become.

Comfort food does not lift your mood

Your mood will probably improve shortly after you eat your favorite high-carb hug, but no more so than if you'd eaten a granola bar...

Treat good and bad carbs as equals

The idea that all carbohydrates are not created equal has become the foundation of many popular diets.

Less is more with the Honda CBR650F

A new sportbike from Honda demonstrates that you don’t need a load of electronic gadgets to enjoy a long-distance motorcycle ride.

Less is more with the Honda CBR650F

A new sportbike from Honda demonstrates that you don’t need a load of electronic gadgets to enjoy a long-distance motorcycle ride.

Antibiotics may not raise asthma risk

Earlier studies have suggested that antibiotic use in pregnancy and childhood may increase the risk for asthma.

Exercising a fat dog, and yourself

A recent study suggests that being told one’s pet is dangerously overweight might get the owner moving too.

Plastic bottles have direct impact on heart health

A chemical found in plastic bottles and beverage cans makes blood pressure shoot up within hours, having direct impact on heart health.

Link between exercise and better memory not a myth: Study

If we think we will be “smarter” after exercise, do our brains respond accordingly?

Why we don’t need milk

Six studies containing almost 200,000 women could find no association between drinking milk and lower rates of fractures.

Mercedes revives the Maybach name again

Time, misfortune and unrealistic expectations have conspired over the years to kill the Maybach marque, but it just won’t die.

Mercedes revives the Maybach name again

Time, misfortune and unrealistic expectations have conspired over the years to kill the Maybach marque, but it just won’t die.

ISIS beheads American aid worker Peter Kassig

In gruesome video, ISIS claims it has beheaded beheaded US aid worker Peter Kassig, who was captured last year.

Transfer addiction: Off drugs, onto cupcakes

While fruits, vegetables and a variety of proteins are served in rehab, so are refined sugars, sodas, energy drinks, sugary juices and snacks.

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