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Unaccounted cash in bank locker? Taxmen may knock at your door

There is no bar in keeping the cash in the bank lockers but it may attract investigation by the income tax department. Tax officials may require explanation to understand the source of every receipt or property

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Are you aware of these new PAN rules? All you need to know

The revised rules for application for allotment of PAN comes into force from December 5

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Aadhaar linkage mandatory for PAN & filing ITR, not for bank accounts

Aadhaar was introduced by the government with the primary objective of providing unique identity to its residents so as to discourage the emergence of any duplicate or bogus identity.

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Explained: How your residential status determines tax incidence 

Tax incidence on a taxpayer in India depends upon his residential status.

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Income Tax Return filing: Pick right ITR form based on your performance; here’s how

For individuals and HUFs, ITR 1 to 4 are applicable, depending upon the source/nature of income. Understand the changes in ITR and their impact, so as to prepare better for the tax filing season.

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ITR forms AY 2018-19: Brace for more income disclosure requirements

The new ITR form requires taxpayers to provide detailed information of their income—break-up of salary and income from house property, thereby limiting the reasons for further scrutiny assessment.

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Tax-saving investments on financial needs, goals – All you want to know

At the end of every financial year, many taxpayers make investments to minimise taxes, without adequate knowledge of the various available options.

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Black money, benami property crackdown: Centre turns to tech to catch tax evaders

Tax evasion is not a modern concept since it traces its origins back to when the concept of taxation emerged in Kautilya’s book ‘Arthashastra’ which refers to different types of taxes and punishments as a countermeasure

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Income Tax returns (ITR) filing: Rights and obligations of taxpayers have to be balanced; how this impacts compliance

Low tax compliance is a matter of serious concern in developing countries, limiting the capacity of their governments to raise revenues for developmental purposes.

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Can’t carry forward losses due to late filing of return? Apply to local tax authority for relief

The Income Tax Act provides that losses can be carried forward only if the return has been filed within the time prescribed under the Act.

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Rs 2 lakh cash transactions ban: Here is all you need to know about the move against black money

In order to address the issue of black money, the government banned cash transactions of Rs 2 lakh and above starting April 1, 2017. Any amount over Rs 2 lakh will have to be paid by account payee cheque, bank draft or electr

Rs 2 lakh cash transactions ban: Here is all you need to know about the move against black money News

Income tax returns: Here’s how to use tax sops optimally

One should put the various tax deductions, benefits and exemptions to best use to minimise tax liability. Year-end tax planning strains finances if decisions are made in a hurry.

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Unable to pay your debt? How bankruptcy code gives faster resolution for creditors

Insolvency is a state or condition of a person who is unable to pay his debts.

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Income tax: Here are investment options that can lighten your burden

The financial year is almost coming to its end and many investors will seek various avenues in order to save taxes.

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Union Budget 2017 caps large cash transactions; here’s how it impacts you

DEMONETISATION of high-value currency notes was done to clamp down on black money, among other things. As a fallout of this decision, focus also shifted to urging people to move towards cashless transactions.

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Union Budget 2017 has made investing in second house tax inefficient; check out the home truths

While finance minister Arun Jaitley duly recognised the contribution of the salaried class to tax revenues in his Budget speech, he did not do much to meet their expectations.

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Budget 2017 and black money: Arun Jaitley set to tighten screws on tax evaders

The income tax department is sitting on voluminous data collected by banks and financial institutions after the demoneti- sation drive.

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Will Budget 2017 be feel good for the common man? 3 points to know

Demonetisation will have its share of benefits for the economy, apart from boosting government coffers.

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Planning to revise last year’s Income-Tax return? Think again

TAX smart cash hoarders may feel that there are ways and means of playing around with the provision of law to evade taxes and go scot free even after demonetisation.

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Black Money Act: Benami property holders now have reasons to worry; all you want to know

The government passed the Black Money Act to nab those with undisclosed foreign income, then offered income declaration schemes, and then demonetisation.

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Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana: How to decode changes in black money law

With a huge amount of money flowing into the banking system after demonetisation, the government has tightened its grip on tax evaders. It has now given people with black money a last chance to come clean by availing the Prad

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How demonetisation of Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes impacts Income-Tax returns

Impact of demonetisation shall be different for those with tax-paid cash savings and those dealing in black money

How demonetisation of Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes impacts Income-Tax returns

Tax Collected at Source (TCS): Bringing expensive transactions under tax net

In order to reduce the quantum of cash transaction in any goods and services, the Finance Act 2016 expanded the scope of section 206C to provide that a seller shall collect tax at the rate of 1% from the purchaser on sale in

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No tax liability: Check if you are still liable to file return

Over the years, the format of the income-tax return has evolved and the forms available today provide for declaration of exempt income, foreign assets, foreign tax credits etc.

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Making investment declaration: Now, fill a new form

Taxes withheld on salaries is based on the investment declaration filed by the employee at the start of the year.

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Got an appraisal hike? How to plan your tax savings in a better way

It would be worthwhile to look at the list of possible tax-saving avenues which could be resorted to by the salaried class to minimise the tax outflow.

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Budget 2016: What’s your age? How EPF tax will impact your retirement savings

Budget 2016 proposal on EPF withdrawl tax will affect the youth most and may discourage them to save for their retirement.

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