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Festival shopping: Here is how you can avoid post-festival financial stress

With festivities comes the risk of over-spending. So avoid impulse buying and put your festive bonus to good use even as you enjoy the festivities

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Investing in PPF? Be aware of these lesser-known rules about Public Provident Fund first

Despite its popularity, many investors aren’t fully aware of the various rules and regulations surrounding PPF which can later cause problems.

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Home loans: 6 types of fees charged by your lender that may escape your attention

While we all know about interest rate on home loan, there are several associated charges that may escape our attention.

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How to take a home loan in your 60s? 5 things you must know

It’s never too late to own your dream house. With home loan eligibility criterions getting broader and more flexible, even those nearing retirement or those who have already retired, can avail a home loan.

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Why a top-up home loan may be a better option than gold or personal loan

Sumit, an IT professional, has been working for an MNC since the past 10 years. Thanks to his growing income each year, he has been comfortably servicing his home loan since 5 years.

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Important financial planning tips: Are you self-employed? Get money-savvy with these 4 suggestions

Given that the self-employed have irregular income, it is essential to have adequate emergency funds, life and medical insurance

Irrespective of whether you are a salaried professional or self-employed, insuring yourself should be your top priority. News

What are the loan options for non-salaried persons? Check out these 4

Loans against credit card are pre-approved loans which the bank lends you up to a certain percentage of your credit card limit.

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Borrowings: Got your loan? You must keep these top 6 tips in mind

From never missing an EMI to taking insurance for a big-ticket loan, here are some tips that can help you breathe easy after taking a loan

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How to save income tax? Best tips for young earners

Tax saving should form a part of financial planning aimed at generating wealth and reducing financial risks.

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How to do financial planning? Here are top 6 money habits for healthy finances

From preparing a financial plan to automating bill payments to reducing your debt burden, each plays a big role in ensuring good financial health

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How retail lending is set to scale up in 2018

Decline in lending rates, focus on growth and credit metrics in retail lending, P2P lending norms, increased focus on digitisation and initiatives towards affordable housing are helping set a strong base for retail lending

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Mutual funds investment: How to fund child’s future; 2 steps to great relief

The core of your child’s education corpus should consist of two or three top multi-cap funds as these can invest across all market capitalisation and sectors.

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Spending patterns: 7 charges credit card users must beware of

In order to use a credit card sensibly, it is very important to be aware of the various charges associated with it.

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5 ways to go cashless during the cash crunch

With the cash crunch likely to continue, more and more people have started to use alternate methods of payment. For the still uninitiated, here is how you can go cashless to meet your daily spends:

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Have too many bank accounts? Check out the benefits and disadvantages

Though a sizeable chunk of India’s population remains unbanked, a majority of those living in urban areas and metros, have bank accounts.

Have too many bank accounts? Check out the benefits and disadvantages

Owning a home won’t be a dream for common people now

Cut in home loan interest rates as well as rate cuts by the RBI benefit the end user for sure. If home loan interest rates go down, that benefits and encourages the customers of lower, middle and upper-middle segment to buy a

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Four things to remember while availing a joint home loan

Applying for a joint loan is one of the most convenient ways of increasing your home loan eligibility. However, there are some other points that you need be aware of before applying for such loans.

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How to beat the demonetisation blues: Take to m-wallets, plastic money to overcome cash crunch

With very little usable cash in their pockets, people can minimise their problems by putting debit/credit cards and smartphones to smarter use.

How to beat the demonetisation blues: Take to m-wallets, plastic money to overcome cash crunch

Guard yourself against card frauds

After the recent data theft of debit cards, the banking industry has tightened security aspects of cards and have urged customers to change passwords. Here are different kinds of card frauds and the necessary precautionary st

Guard yourself against card frauds

How to choose the best home loan

CHOOSING a wrong home loan can have massive financial implications. All necessary steps should be taken to choose the best lender for your dream home.

How to choose the best home loan

Are you eligible for a home loan? Top 4 points to know

ACQUIRING a home loan can be an arduous task as each lender has its own criteria for evaluating a loan application. Here are a few factors that almost all lenders consider.

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Seven common mistakes to avoid while applying for personal loans

WHILE taking a personal loan to finance your needs is a good idea, if not handled well, these loans can even land you in a debt trap. Here are some mistakes that borrowers make while applying for personal loans: Loan for buyi

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Five cardinal financial mistakes to avoid in your 40s

While the financial mistakes we tend to make in our 20s and 30s are mostly due to lack of discipline or awareness, the ones we make in the later stage happen mostly due to complacency or sheer inability to learn from past mis

Five cardinal financial mistakes to avoid in your 40s

Credit score: How to give wings to your loan application

Taking home loan might probably be one of the biggest financial decisions in your entire life. Although home loans have several benefits, the entire process of applying for loan can be very stressful, given that lenders have

Credit score: How to give wings to your loan application

Smart ways to finance your travel

Opt for a travel loan which has lower processing fee and interest rate, instead of dipping into your emergency fund or taking personal loan.

Smart ways to finance your travel

Home loan rate reduction, should you opt for balance transfer?

Lower interest rate should not be the only criteria for initiating the transfer of your home loan.

Planning to buy home insurance? Things you should be aware of News

All you want to know to about new MCLR lending regime; should you migrate

While cost of funds of banks have come down owing to lower policy rates, they could not match their lending rates with reduced policy rates as their average cost of borrowing still remained high because of older fixed deposit

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