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Budget 2021 Roadmap: Need for greater choice in tax-saving investment options

Union Budget 2021 India: Budget 2021 should announce steps to improve credit access and enhance financial well-being by offering greater choice in tax saving investment instruments.

Budget 2021-22: The imposition of 10% tax on long term capital gains from equities exceeding Rs 1 lakh in a financial year has placed mutual funds at a disadvantage vis a vis equity oriented schemes offered through ULIPs and NPS.

Your Money: Five credit options to finance your festive spends

However, with multiple credit options available to choose from, selecting the best and most suitable one may prove to be a tedious task.

Credit card issuers offer pre-approved loan to select existing cardholders with consistent bill repayment history.

Retiring soon? 4 financial moves to increase the longevity of your post-retirement kitty

The onset of your retirement life will not reduce the importance of financial planning, and the retirement corpus created by you in your working years through disciplined investments would still be threatened by inflation and

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Covid-19 crisis: Six types of loans you can opt for during hard times

Gold loan allows borrowers to meet their fund requirements by monetising their gold jewellery.

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How to deal with income disruptions due to Covid crisis: 5 ways

If that too proves insufficient or infeasible, then follow these options with a step-by-step approach to deal with income disruptions and liquidity mismatches.

The first logical step would be to take soft loans from friends or relatives.

5 money moves for self employed in times of Covid-19 crisis

While staying physically healthy and preventing the spread of Covid-19 are top priorities for all, managing personal finances is also paramount, especially in case of the self-employed.

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Retirement Planning for Millennials: A step-by-step approach to build a sufficient retirement corpus

Rising life expectancy, increasing healthcare costs and the absence of any social security for the old have increased the need for bigger post-retirement corpuses.

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Income Tax Saving: 6 lesser known tax saving avenues to lower your tax outgo

Here are some of the lesser-known tax-saving tools and expenditures that can help many to plan and reduce their tax liability.

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Income Tax Saving: Want to save tax and create wealth? 4 tax saving mistakes to avoid in 2020

In a rush to reduce and save our income tax outgo, we end up committing numerous mistakes which may have long-term implications on our financial future.

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Budget 2020: Major hits and misses of budget you need to know

Budget 2020: Here are some major takeaways of the Union Budget, which had a fair number of hits and misses.

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Budget 2020 Expectations: FM Sitharaman should improve credit access, incentivise digital payments, housing and financial fitness

Budget 2020 Expectations for Housing, MSME: This year’s budget should announce measures for reviving housing demand, promote digital payments, improve credit access and incentivise taxpayers to focus on their long-term fina

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From NPS to gold, 5 smart investment choices for 2020

Look at your financial goal, the risk you are willing to take, your investment horizon and never make rash decisions, such as stopping mutual fund SIPs due to under-performance

Investors are advised not to hurry and make rash decisions, such as stopping mutual fund SIPs due to under-performance. (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad)

5 credit card tips to increase your credit score

A well-chosen credit card is, in fact, an effective tool to increase your credit score. Here is how.

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5 common credit card mistakes to avoid in 2020

While you step into the New Year, make sure to avoid these common credit card mistakes which can cost you dearly in the long run.

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Seven borrowing rules for financial well-being

Delays or defaults in making loan or credit card repayment not only attract fines and penal interest rates, they also impact your credit score

Loan tenure plays a major role in deciding your monthly EMI outgo. (Illustration: Rohnit Phore)

5 festive season tips for smart spending and healthy financial health

While festive offers can tempt many to spend beyond their means, a prudent credit and payment selection process backed by financial discipline can help save money as well preserve your financial health.

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ITR Filing for AY2019-20: 4 tax filing mistakes which can cost you dearly

If you are amongst the newly-added tax filers during FY 2018-19, make sure you do not commit the following mistakes while filing your ITR for AY2019-20.

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Public Provident Fund rules: Investing in PPF? Check out these 6 little known facts

Despite its acclamation, many investors are not aware of the most important facts associated with the PPF account. Here are some of them.

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Just became an NRI? 6 important finance, tax, deposit and investment decisions to take

Once a person moves abroad, a change in his residential status has direct impact on his financial life. Here is a list of some of the crucial financial steps required on becoming an NRI.

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Budget 2019: Major hits and misses of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s maiden budget

Budget 2019 India: This year’s Budget provided major impetus to the ‘Housing for All’ mission by announcing an additional deduction of Rs 1.5 lakh on interest payments made on home loans availed by March 2020.

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Mutual Funds: Six steps to reduce your investment risk

Higher risk does not necessarily mean higher potential reward, unless you know the tricks to mitigate the risk. Here are some strategies that can help you manage your mutual fund investment risk.

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Fixed income: Know how to pick the right credit risk fund

With the recent credit downgrades/ defaults by several companies adversely hitting the returns from credit risk funds, it is important to take informed decision before investing in these funds.

Mutual Fund Investment: 7 smart tips for women looking to invest in MFs

While mutual funds are a suitable investment tool for making short as well as long-term investments, there are certain factors every prospective women investor must consider.

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Want to make the most of Modi 2.0? This investment strategy will help you maximise your gains

A stable government with absolute majority augers well for the equity markets as policy decisions become more predictable.

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7 smart money moves for working millennials to remain financially fit

As financial decisions taken during the early stage of one's career are very important, here we are taking a look at some financial moves for ensuring the financial fitness of working millennials.

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Top 8 investment options for salaried persons in India

Looking for tax-saving options but unable to decide where to invest? Here are top eight investment options that salaried individuals can consider to meet various life goals.

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Debt funds: Here are five factors you need to consider

The degree of increases or decreases in their NAV would also depend on the maturity of their constituent securities.

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