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Things you must check while going for an endowment plan

Endowment plan is a life insurance policy which helps accumulate wealth besides covering the insured’s life. This policy helps in obtaining a lump sum amount on maturity if the insured person survives through the term of th

Insurance options to consider before your retirement

It is your duty to make sure that your family maintains the same quality of life before and after your retirement. Thankfully, doing that is not the hardest task in the world.

Remodelling your house? Take home insurance into consideration

Planning to remodel your house? Moving or remodelling is a huge task. One needs to take into account a lot more factors than the furniture and flooring.

Here’s all you need to know about the taxability of life insurance policy payouts

The general public has a common notion that the premium paid towards life insurance policies is entirely free of tax.

Why you need to avoid these investment mistakes

Investing and then earning returns is sheer bliss. But most of the time, the money that has been put in might not bear the sweetest of fruits. This is because the root of the investment tree is rather weak. Many people invest

5 ways to reduce your health insurance costs

Health insurance is one of the best gifts we can give to our family. It might come with a cost, but it is actually a lifesaver in emergency situations. It acts as a backup plan too. However, with a drawback of huge investment

Here’s all you need to know about high deductible health plans

If you have been keeping yourself abreast of the happenings in the insurance sector, you must have come across the term called ‘high deductible health plans’. Today, we are going to learn all about it right from the conce

Impact of demonetisation on the Indian insurance sector

Even after the passage of two months since the government withdrew high value currency notes from the market, dust is yet to settle down on the issue, with both support and opposition stacked up in equal measure.

Retirement planning: Start saving early and consistently to create a large corpus

Retirement is a tough time for anyone. It brings a number of lifestyle changes.

Does a great claim settlement ratio guarantee claim payment?

Assume a scenario where due to an unfortunate incident, your spouse, who has been the sole bread-winner for the family, expires and the insurance company refuses to pay you any claim on certain technical grounds. Scary as thi

In your 20s? Here’s why you should invest in life insurance

Life Insurance: the first image that comes to most people’s minds upon hearing this phrase is some variation of an old couple playing with their grandkid.

Health insurance: Here are some common myths and how to overcome them 

It is not only about today, we always want to secure ourselves and our loved ones from every problem always. We want to secure them in every possible way and health and related issues are one of them.

We are considering insurance products focussed on condition-management: Cigna TTK Health

Health insurance portability: Ways to switch insurer

Similar to the bank account and the mobile number portability, the health insurance portability is an option provided to you by the health insurance provider.

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Buy health insurance not just for saving tax; 5 basics you should know

Health insurance plans help in meeting your financial goals with a tax saving process. Accidents and the exigencies can be easily covered with health insurance plans.

five things about health insurance that you should know

Retirement planning: Why you should buy insurance as you approach 60s

Insurance is something each of us needs like an umbrella you always carry for that one day when rainfall strikes. But senior citizens need insurance more than others.

Are you in your 30s? Here’s how to start planning for retirement
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