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Apple launch FAQs: All your doubts about new iPhone cleared

Here we try to demystify everything that happened at the Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park.

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India fastest-growing market for Uber Eats with 12000 restaurants

Uber Eats, which already has a $6-billion run rate, is by now in markets like Japan where the rides business has had issues getting off the blocks because of regulation or policy hurdles.

Uber pushes for short urban flights to cut commute time and pollution, but is this a daydream?

Flying car concepts are not new, but Uber Elevate seems to be the only one that thinks in terms of the ecosystem, economics & policy.

Sony MP-CD1 mobile projector has a perfect size, good battery life and a price that you won’t mind

Now, Sony has brought in a new mobile projector, the MP-CD1, upgrading from its earlier model by making operations a bit more simple.

Flight of fancy: Indian among five countries shortlisted for Uber’s air mobility concept

Uber is envisioning for urban transport in the coming years with UberAir, its concept for urban air mobility.

Microsoft Surface Laptop: The best Windows PC money can buy

The Surface Laptop offers enough for you to really enjoy working or just consuming content on this device.

The right notes and a stylus: Samsung hopes the S Pen will help shore up sales

It’s not a 4000mAh battery or the stunning screen; it’s the S Pen which is the top selling point of the Note9.

Sony Alpha a7 III can take care of all your photography needs and aspirations

The Sony Alpha a7 III is a 35mm full frame camera.

Facebook’s watch platform to be new destination for news

Facebook’s newly launched Watch video platform will become the destination for news on the social network, something it has never had.

Zebronics Closic Mirror is a good gadget to buy for your house or as a gift for someone

Zebronics Closic Mirror is a Bluetooth speaker, it has an inbuilt FM radio, it can play music from USB drives and SD cards, has a Line In option and shows weather and time on its glossy mirror-like front face.

Leica’s marketing strategy is as different as its cameras. Will it work in India?

Selling premium in India is tough. Leica makes its own task tougher by filtering out buyers who it thinks won’t help the brand much

Let robots do the cleaning: iRobot Roomba 966 is a good option for those who like their house to be spotlessly clean

Priced at Rs 54,900, the iRobot Roomba 966 is a good option for those who like their house to be spotlessly clean, even in a city like Delhi. But at this price, the robot is not for everyone. Also, it is not for every home.

Sennheiser CX Sport: Sporty with all the right notes

Sennheiser’s latest of the CX Sport in-ear wireless earphones come with a very compact neckband design. The neckband design has over the past few months gained popularity with both manufacturers and users.

WhatsApp is trying to fix its issue, but are we all missing the actual problem

WhatsApp’s issue is its scale, and not technology. This scale comes from the people who use it. And that is the real problem, not the platform, not its technology, not its encryption.

Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro is a great option for those looking for professional headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro is a great option for those looking for professional headphones.

earphone, technology

The reinvention of the personal computer

Smartphone-heavy users are changing the way PCs are being made and used.

The reinvention of the personal computer

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Earphones review: Practical tech, with good audio

OnePlus has tried its hand at accessories over the years. Whether finally successful or not, you can be sure that a headphone or a drone that comes from the OnePlus stable will be a design success.

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Sony MHC-V81D review: Strictly for the party animals

Music is subject to individual tastes. So is the audio equipment used to recreate and replay music. There are a lot of users out there who have specific needs and uses related to their lifestyle.

Sony MHC-V81D, sony, DVD player, music

Developing new apps, and ideas: Indian developers come in for critical acclaim at the Apple WWDC

Apple’s accelerator in Bangalore is working towards helping Indian developers find success on the global stage. Now, let’s wait for the first big app unicorn out of India.

Selling a smartphone at a time, start-up OnePlus becomes a major player in India

One of the biggest success stories of the Indian smartphone market is an untold one.

smartphone, smartphone technology

RHA MA650 Earphones: Great for those on the move

The rubber finish on the MA650 makes it ideal for listening to music while working out or commuting.

RHA MA650 Earphones, RHA, RHA earphones

Apple iPad 2018: A learning tool worth the investment

The 9.7-inch Retina display has eye-popping colours though the audio, coming out of the speakers at the bottom, is not that loud when you compare with what the iPad Pro has got us used to.

apple, apple ipad 2018, new ipad, ipad specifications

Lenovo Thinkpad L380 Yoga: This Yoga is thin & lightweight

The Yoga series of devices from Lenovo has been the most innovative and versatile of Windows devices. Now, the Yoga concept is making its presence felt in the work-oriented Lenovo ThinkPad range too.

yoga, lenovo, Lenovo Thinkpad L380, Lenovo Thinkpad, thinkpad, ipad, tablet

Education for all: A virtual classroom

How much can technology aid in education? This is a question that has been regularly asked for the past many decades. But the context changes every few years with relation to what is the technology and what needs to be taught

online education, onilne education app, eucation app, virtual classroom, technology, digital education, education

Call drops in India: Here is how telecos can solve the issue

Long telephone conversations have become longer as it is a struggle to first connect the call, and then to sustain it for any duration, especially when you are on the move—even within your home.

call drops, telecom sector, telephone conversation

Sony Alpha A7R review: Mirrorless, but certainly not pointless

Mirrorless cameras are supposed to be really good with the low light, given their extremely high ISO ranges.

Sony Alpha A7R, Sony Alpha A7R  review, sony, sony DSLR camera

Audio Technica Ath-Anc40bt headphones: Crisp, rich and deep sound

Audio-technica started taking the Indian market seriously a couple of years back. The latest from the ATH stables is the QuietPoint wireless in-ear headphones with the now-popular neckband design.

ATH, ATH stables,  QuietPoint, wireless headphones, technology news
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