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Boult Audio Tru5ive: A bit buggy, but good audio makes up for that

The Boult Audio Tru5ive has a very sporty design with ear loops that keep the earphones in place whatever you do.


Powered by unprecedented levels of data, AI is changing our lives like never before

Access to big data will give us insights about health. For example, Fitbit could have huge amounts of data on sleep patterns.

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Anker soundore flare: Clean music, some fun with colours

A decent Bluetooth speaker for those who want to enjoy music at home or on the move

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Tech in 2019: Automation to see massive surge

Ericsson ConsumerLab trend report for 2018 has a very interesting warning for humans.

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Best gadgets of 2018: Smartphones grab consumer attention

2018 was another year in which smartphones took centre stage to beat all gadgets. While they became more powerful, some of them also started doing better than laptops and other computing devices.

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The year of churn, and clarity – 2018 put a lot of companies in the doldrums

During a recent interaction, Micromax co-founder Vikas Jain told me that the Indian consumer has come a long way in the past year. And he credits Reliance Jio for whetting the appetite of millions of Indian consumers for data

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Saregama Carvaan Gold: Nostalgia now comes with clearer audio

Saragema has partnered with Harman Kardon to enhance the audio quality on this juke box.

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Apple Watch Series 4: The best smartwatch just got much better

Apple Watch Series 4 is powered by the new S4 processor and is much faster than the earlier version

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Amazon Echo Plus (2018) Review: An upgrade we never knew we needed

The latest Amazon Echo Plus is a far better option for those considering it as a gift option this festival season.

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Sony WH-1000X M3: Noise canceling where the user is in charge

Sturdily built, the Sony WH-1000X M3 is great for all kinds of music

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Google Pixel 3 is an epitome of software enhancement

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will come with the kind of integration that will let Google predict what the user is up to and suggest answers before a query has been entered.

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Now an Indian internet: Regional languages are the next big area for growth

Across India, multiple associations, groups and companies are working on everything from Indian search engines to domain names in Indian languages and better fonts.

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Apple iPhone XS Max: Power comes at a price

The Apple iPhone XS Max is an S year iPhone, which means it’s an upgrade on a model that is already there and you should not expect much.

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Apple shows the world it can push up price and still ensure demand

There is no other smartphone brand that plays only premium; the average selling price of Apple phones is over $700.

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Leica C-Lux: Who said this was a point-and-shoot?

This is no ordinary point-and-shoot, even if it looks like one. The capabilities of C-Lux makes it more akin to a mirrorless camera and not a compact.

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Apple launch FAQs: All your doubts about new iPhone cleared

Here we try to demystify everything that happened at the Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park.

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India fastest-growing market for Uber Eats with 12000 restaurants

Uber Eats, which already has a $6-billion run rate, is by now in markets like Japan where the rides business has had issues getting off the blocks because of regulation or policy hurdles.

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Uber pushes for short urban flights to cut commute time and pollution, but is this a daydream?

Flying car concepts are not new, but Uber Elevate seems to be the only one that thinks in terms of the ecosystem, economics & policy.

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Sony MP-CD1 mobile projector has a perfect size, good battery life and a price that you won’t mind

Now, Sony has brought in a new mobile projector, the MP-CD1, upgrading from its earlier model by making operations a bit more simple.

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Flight of fancy: Indian among five countries shortlisted for Uber’s air mobility concept

Uber is envisioning for urban transport in the coming years with UberAir, its concept for urban air mobility.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop: The best Windows PC money can buy

The Surface Laptop offers enough for you to really enjoy working or just consuming content on this device.

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The right notes and a stylus: Samsung hopes the S Pen will help shore up sales

It’s not a 4000mAh battery or the stunning screen; it’s the S Pen which is the top selling point of the Note9.

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Sony Alpha a7 III can take care of all your photography needs and aspirations

The Sony Alpha a7 III is a 35mm full frame camera.

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Facebook’s watch platform to be new destination for news

Facebook’s newly launched Watch video platform will become the destination for news on the social network, something it has never had.

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Zebronics Closic Mirror is a good gadget to buy for your house or as a gift for someone

Zebronics Closic Mirror is a Bluetooth speaker, it has an inbuilt FM radio, it can play music from USB drives and SD cards, has a Line In option and shows weather and time on its glossy mirror-like front face.

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Leica’s marketing strategy is as different as its cameras. Will it work in India?

Selling premium in India is tough. Leica makes its own task tougher by filtering out buyers who it thinks won’t help the brand much

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Let robots do the cleaning: iRobot Roomba 966 is a good option for those who like their house to be spotlessly clean

Priced at Rs 54,900, the iRobot Roomba 966 is a good option for those who like their house to be spotlessly clean, even in a city like Delhi. But at this price, the robot is not for everyone. Also, it is not for every home.

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