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Popular with millennials, fruit wines are here to stay

What initially started off as a hobby or passion is now turning out to be a major lucrative business for young entrepreneurs who are sourcing local fruits from farmers and converting them into flavourful wines.

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Good year for CCI, cotton farmers have gained: Pradeep Kumar Agrawal, CMD, Cotton Corporation of India

The prices were lower during the last year because of the pandemic, when the mills were closed for almost two- and-a-half months. It was not only in India but across the globe.

Indian cotton is still the most reasonably priced globally, and the industry is also getting good quality cotton at consistent price.

Cotton arrivals rise on fears of fresh Covid-19 wave

This has resulted in cotton prices testing levels of between Rs 5,300 and 5,850 per quintal, from Rs 6,000 in the last week of November.

In Maharashtra, the crop has been hit by pink bollworm, while heavy unseasonal rains affected the crop in Saurashtra as well as Telangana, Agrawal explained.

Maharashtra farmer bodies urge govt to lift ban on onion export

“Prices of onion went up to Rs 5,000 on September 14, and the Centre immediately imposed an export ban. After that, the income tax department raided traders to prevent the price of onion from increasing. The government also

"Around Rs 70,000-75,000 tonnes of onions were imported through private trades in 2020. Nafed also imported around 3,000 tonnes of onions," she said.

Cotton exports likely to jump 40% in 2020-21

Significantly, the share of Vietnam in China’s total imports of cotton yarn has increased from 7.61% in 2009 to 36.66% in 2018, while that of India has increased from 7.75% to 21.74% during the same period, he said.

India had exported nearly 50 lakh bales in the previous season.

Weekly farmers’ markets in Maharashtra to get new lease of life

Farmers markets, however, had struck a chord with consumers who were looking for fresh quality produce and liked the idea of directly being in touch with farmers.

Maharashtra cotton seed companies told to specify production tech of hybrid varieties on packs

Indra Shekhar Singh, director (policy and outreach) of National Seed Association of India, said there is no clarity in how farmers will benefit by such a move.

Cotton procurement begins, CCI hopes prices will improve in due course

Procurement has begun in Punjab, Haryana, Telangana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The CCI has been selling new cotton at Rs 41,500-42,000 per candy.

In Maharashtra, the crop has been hit by pink bollworm, while heavy unseasonal rains affected the crop in Saurashtra as well as Telangana, Agrawal explained.

Cotton prices may remain under pressure on huge carryover stocks

Currently, prices for Shankar-6 ginned variety, the benchmark for exports to the global market, are ruling at Rs 40,200-40,700 a candy (356 kg).

The industry had gone into a shutdown mode that had led to a drop in consumption levels to 250 lakh bales from the previous estimates of 330 lakh bales.

APMC mandis lose grip on Maharashtra FPCs

Direct sales to food processors, retailers on the rise

Onion auctions at Lasalgaon come to a halt after I-T searches on traders

Onion trader Nitin Jain said traders are not keen on participating in the auctions since the searches are still in progress.

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Farm laws: Maharashtra APMCs see 25-30 per cent drop in income

Greenfield Agro Services, which boasts of over 50 farmers from Nashik district, has developed an app and supplies nearly two tonne vegetables per day to 2,000 customers in Thane.

The Maharashtra government has been encouraging alternate markets that have emerged as an attractive option for farmers.

Poultry industry may take 6 months to turn around

Although the demand is gradually picking up, with government agencies encouraging consumers to eat more chicken and eggs to improve immunity, it may take another six months for the industry to get back on its feet, industry p

The association had informed the Maharashtra Animal husbandry ministry that shrinkage in the market would lead to a hike in prices, he said.

Some onion imports on cards as prices soar

Traders at Vashi – one of the largest wholesale markets in the country – said around 20-25 containers from Egypt are expected to arrive in a fortnight at a landed cost of Rs 35-40 per kg. One container is of nearly 29 ton

The Centre has not yet initiated any action on onion imports.

Cane crushing in Maharashtra to begin from October 15

Expecting a bumper crop, Maharashtra is all set to commence the cane-crushing season of 2020-21 from October 15.

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Maharashtra farmers seek removal of ban on onion export

Before the move, prices of the kitchen bulb in Lasalgaon, the country's biggest onion market in Maharashtra, had doubled to Rs 3,000 per quintal since March.

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Nafed intiative: Scores of e-kisan mandis being set up; Pune gets the first one

As for the Pune facility, around 30 FPCs in Pune district are part of the effort. The traders or retail market chains will be registered on the mandi for making online purchases from farmers.

The e-Kisan mandi platform would not compete with but complement the physical markets.

APMCs losing trade share post reforms; crop arrivals fall as traders, farmers kick middlemen out

Signs of a weakening of the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) networks are now evident across major farm production centres in the country.

On the rise again: Onion prices threaten to skyrocket

The unseasonal rains in March and April this year with hailstorms caused rotting in storage. At present, the onion arrivals in the market are not of top quality but are commanding good prices due to the decline in arrivals.

On Friday, onion prices at Lasalgaon touched a minimum of Rs 1,000 a quintal and a maximum of Rs 2,411 per quintal with modal price at Rs 2,000 per quintal.

Pink bollworm attack yet to cross economic threshold limit: CICR

The ETL is the pest population at which control measures need to be initiated to prevent economic loss.

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Maharashtra cattle affected by lumpy skin disease

The virus causes nodules to form on the skin that gradually turns into wounds, with accompanying symptoms such as much lower milk production, but it is rarely fatal, say veterinary doctors.

“If infected livestock is found in a village, all animals within a radius of 5 km should be vaccinated immediately and cattle movement should be restricted,” Gutte said.

As sowing picks up pace, onion seed prices soar in Maharashtra on acute shortage

The shortage is to the extent of 40-45%, officials at the National Horticulture Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF) said.

For the first time, farmers ended up crowding NHRDF centres in Nashik to purchase seeds, and the help of the police had to be sought to prevent crowding, local technical officers at the NHRDF said.

Crushing season: Maharashtra govt in a bind as 37 sugar mills seek Rs 750 crore loan cover

Around 58 cooperative sugar mills in the state with ample cane availability in their area of operation, had expressed their inability to start season operations as banks and financial institutions refused to extend working ca

All these 37 mills have balance sheets hardly credit worthy; in fact, they all have their net worth in the negative territory.

Central law removing mandi tax: Traders, mandi operators spar, call for bandh

Buoyed by the central law, traders are objecting to the mandi impost and say that trade within the confines of the mandi is no longer viable for them.

Presently various taxes/fee/commission in APMCs in various states range from 1% in some states to 8.5% in Punjab.

Maharashtra sugar mills to set up Covid care centres for workers

Confirming the development, Maharashtra sugar commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad said state cooperative minister Balasaheb Patil was expected to make an appeal to sugar mills to set up Covid care centres on their premises.

This is not mandatory, but mills are expected to make efforts voluntarily in this regard, he said.

Centre sets target of 362 crore litres of ethanol for sugar mills in 2020-21

The government has fixed 10% blending targets for mixing ethanol with petrol by 2022 and 20% blending targets by 2030.

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