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Your Money: How to evaluate cash flow management efficiency

A firm should have positive figure for cash from operations to attract the attention of investors

Your Money: Relation between return on capital and return on equity

A firm should earn an ROE which is higher than its ROC to make its stock worth buying

While assessing the economic attractiveness of a target stock, young equity investors must ensure that the target firm earns an ROE which is higher than that of its ROC.

Your Money: What profit before and after tax tells about a firm

PBT & PAT are the line items of interest for equity investors to assess the attractiveness of the stocks

Total revenue is the sum of operating revenue and other income and is Rs 3,000 crore for HL.

Your Money: What EBITDA and EBIT tell about a firm’s performance

We need to know the application of EBITDA & EBIT to arrive at a correct valuation of firms

The operating revenue for TL is Rs 1,500 crore.

Your Money: What gross profit margin tells about a firm

Higher the gross profit margin, better the firm’s efficiency in managing its production expenses

Let us look at the computation of gross profit margin and its uses.

Your Money: Know the determinants of growth rate?

Growth rate is an important input in the processes of valuing a stock

The fundamental growth rate in EPS is the output obtained by multiplying the return on equity (ROE) with the retention rate.

Know how to use Piotroski’s F score for investments

Piotroski’s F score looks at profitability, leverage liquidity and source of funding, and operating efficiency

Financial Planning: 6 tips from the IPL season to win the wealth game

The ongoing cricket tournament has lessons for young investors on making every rupee count

Financial Planning, IPL season, investment rules, wealth game, Cricket, IPL 2019 season,  investments tips

A trust in the name of the People’s President

We must create a fund in APJ Abdul Kalam’s name and use the money earned for economic and social growth

A trust in the name of the People’s President
Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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