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Taxpayer’s charter brings focus on taxpayers’ rights: what it must include

It is paramount that the charter enumerates fundamental rights of taxpayers and basic standards of service, and includes an efficient grievance redressal system

Public Provident Fund Scheme 2019, Public Provident Fund Account, PPF balance, court order, PPF subscriber

Budget 2020: Income tax rationalisation, and tax charter will enable Vivad Se Vishwas

Budget 2020 India: It is now up to the government to ensure that the small islands they have created are subsumed into larger administrative reforms.

Pushing exports: India must rethink trade policy

While the trade policy mandarins of the GoI will look for solutions, the message is clear—time is up for dole-outs for promoting exports, and competitiveness of exports must be driven by quality.

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Budget 2019: In an election year, it’s fair to lay out stretched targets

There was limited guidance in the speech on how the growth engine of the economy shall propel, nevertheless it laid an ambitious vision for India becoming $5-10 trillion economy in 5-8 years, respectively.

GST Council’s bitter sugar cess

The sugar industry is in the middle of a severe crisis. The surplus production of sugarcane has led to a downward spiral in the price of sugar. Mill owners are in need of financial assistance, causing them to default on dues

Black money crackdown: Linking offshore structures to tax evasion is case of mistaken identity

Frictions between the two are bound to arise and sensationalism of the likes of “Panama and Paradise Papers” will accentuate challenges for legitimate tax-compliant investors and tax administrators.

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Budget 2017 confers unfettered powers on taxman at the cost of taxpayers; here’s how

Budget 2017 confers unfettered powers on the taxman at the cost of taxpayer rights.

Union Budget 2017: Phasing out of FIPB will cut a layer of red tape

Phasing out of the FIPB which over a period of time has lost its relevance, will cut a layer of red tape

Budget 2017: Why vicious cycle of over-estimation of tax collections, subsequent steps to achieve this must be broken

Window dressing by holding back refunds, appeal effects, etc, in the last quarter of the fiscal to achieve budgeted figures and postponing them to the first quarter of next fiscal are symptoms of the malady of unrealistic tax

Budget 2017: How to capitalise on capital gains taxation

The present regime is competitive and levels the playing field

Budget 2017: PM Narendra Modi government is duty bound to stop political parties from using black money

Govt is duty-bound to discourage political parties from accessing and spending unaccounted income

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Tax reforms in 2016: Tectonic changes in global, local environment

The year 2016 will undoubtedly be commemorated for tectonic changes in the global and domestic environment, including Brexit, election of Donald Trump as the US president, and closer home.

Demonetisation decoded: Time to embrace a cashless economy; global trend moving that way Demonetisation, GDP, Cashless Economy, Indian economy

India is not the only country with rising anti-cash movement as the fight against a cash-dominated economy is here to stay and could well intensify.

Taxing entry

The decision of the nine-judge SC bench on entry taxes doesn’t address trade nuances

Apple-Ireland tax issue: a case of complex tax diplomacy

The European Commission’s ruling in the Apple-Ireland matter locks horns with multilateral tax diplomacy under BEPS

GST Bill 2016 carries significant insights; check out what

The 2016 Bill, viewed in the light of earlier versions, carries significant insights in so far as the future of dispute settlement is concerned

August 31 FATCA, CRS deadline approaching; 5 things you should know to avoid trouble

Stage set for next-gen tax reforms; will India move with the times?

It remains to be seen if India will reconsider its stand on international arbitration in tax treaties

Stage set for next-gen tax reforms; will India move with the times?

2 years of Modi: Visible change in tax administration, but still a long way to go says Mukesh Bhutani

A question tax professionals are often asked is: Has the government done enough to address the situation on tax? Several negative catchphrase...

Income tax returns filing

Visible change in tax administration, but still a long way to go

The Delhi HC has delivered path-breaking and bold verdicts, quashing proceedings initiated by CBDT and CBEC administrative guidance for assessments and subsequent denial of benefits.

Budget 2016: An unorthodox budget

Corporate tax for start-ups and MSMEs have been rationalised to 25% and 29%, respectively. an across-the-board cut in the tax rate will need to wait, given compulsions on the revenue side

Arun Jaitley- Union Budget 2016

Column: Implications of doing away with tax exemptions

Most tax incentive provisions in the I-T Act are intended to catalyse investments in sectors focal to achieving socio-economic growth targets. Eliminating all extant tax incentives could prove counterproductive. It is imperat

Column: A misdirected tax missile

This will discourage MNCs from locating their headquarters or regional functions in India

Column: A misdirected tax missile

Column: Labour reforms in the pipeline?

While labour has been a key competitive advantage, we need to simplify laws to maintain the edge.

Column: Labour reforms in the pipeline?

The tax rate reduction versus incentives conundrum

An implementable roadmap to realign tax rates and incentives, without disrupting the investment cycle, is going to be a tightrope walk

Column: Going beyond MAT on FIIs

The MAT controversy is a good reason for the govt to review taxation of capital markets transactions

foreign companies MAT

Column: Par value of shares – An outdated concept

Company Law must replace it with a simplified disclosure and a modern regime

Column: Par value of shares – An outdated concept

Column: Clarification raj

The regulators’ wide discretionary powers and ambiguous legislation are hurdles for a stable legal framework.

Column: Clarification raj
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