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Tug of war of markets: Global downward forces slowing activity in China and Europe

The downward forces acting on worldwide markets are the slowing of activity in China and Europe and the divergent beliefs of the Fed and markets when it comes to the Reserve’s rate hikes

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Years of insufficiently inclusive growth has given appeal to unorthodox policy approaches

The appeal of unorthodox policy approaches is the result of years of insufficiently inclusive growth, coupled with mounting concerns about income, wealth and opportunity

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Central banks no longer cushion markets

Draghi emphasised the implicit message that neither governments nor markets can continue to rely on regular, large and predictable liquidity injections to offset their own problems

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Developing countries may not be able to count on some of their basic assumptions about international trade

Developing countries may not be able to count on some of their basic assumptions about international trade, besides having to deal with currency, capital flow and interest rate changes.

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Global finance: Lessons from the global financial crisis

The market structure that emerged from the financial crisis involves significantly larger institutions, particularly US-based ones

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A Reagan moment for international trade

The US, being generally more economically resilient than other countries, would do better than most others in a contracting world economy.

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Four lessons from Egypt’s World Cup exit

Greater efforts are needed to seize international opportunities for human-capital development

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Agnostic markets: Markets and political pundits disagree on the G7

The disparity can be explained by the fact that G7 infighting will have only a narrow impact on growth, especially compared to factors like monetary policy.

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Managing the risks of a rising dollar

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri’s government has asked the International Monetary Fund for a loan that it hopes can stem a peso rout that has driven up interest rates, has slowed the economy, and threatens the reform p

India's 1st line of defence: RBI's $424 bn forex war chest to shield country from global uncertainties News

Tariff war: The global trade game

Supply chains now can have as many significant international links as domestic ones, and a substantial share of internal demand is being met by products partly or wholly produced abroad.

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The World Order: Saving the shrinking middle

There was a time when many regarded being in the middle of the distribution—socially, politically, and in the business world —as a favourable, stabilising and desirable outcome.

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Globalisation blues: Working towards the next economic paradigm

For decades, the Western world put its faith in a well-defined and broadly accepted economic paradigm with applications at both the national and global levels.

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How the downside risks for oil prices have shifted from the demand-side to the supply side

Shale, likely reversal in dollar strength and production indiscipline by Opec members like Venezuela may beat down prices again.

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Threat of financial crisis lower than risk facing growth; no Minsky Moment for China

Zhou Xiaochuan, the long-serving and respected governor of the People's Bank of China, raised eyebrows last week when he cautioned that the country could have a “Minsky Moment” if “we are too optimistic when things go s

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Why YOU are not being clever by washing down oil, grease down kitchen sink; know the threat

They often acted as if the crisis was merely a cyclicalshock, and assumed that the economy would bounce back in a V-like fashion, as it had typically done after a recession. Thus, they did not regard the financial crisis as a

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An IMF bridge to somewhere for Greece?

The International Monetary Fund has resurrected an old technique—commonly used in the 1980s during the Latin American debt crisis—that would allow Greece to avoid a payment default next month on debt owed to European cred

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America’s confidence economy

The economy awaits a solid timeline for policy announcements to evolve into detailed design.

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Toxic politics vs better economics

Anti establishment movements and figures have been quick to seize on this frustration, using inflammatory and even combative rhetoric to win support

Toxic politics vs better economics

Rise of nationalistic politics: Managing the economic fallout

Had Britain’s leaders rushed to dismantle long-standing trading systems and other arrangements with the EU before developing a credible alternative, the situation could have been much more volatile.

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An opportunity for Egypt and IMF

With rapid urbanisation, the demand of potable water in Delhi is increasing at an alarming rate. Available potable water is not sufficient to meet the growing demands of Delhi.

An opportunity for Egypt and IMF

Unburdening the FB generation

Rather than using the 2008 crisis to catalyse change, we rolled over and went back to doing more of the same

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Latin America’s rising right

From changes in government in Argentina and Brazil to mid-course policy corrections in Chile, Latin American politics

Latin America’s rising right

Column: Towards economic diversification

It focuses on enhancing non-oil revenue, reducing spending and increasing national wealth.

Column: Towards economic diversification

Column: Time for debt reduction in Greece

By not acting on the debt overhang, the country and its creditors have created a situation that disappoints everyone

Column: Time for debt reduction in Greece

Column: The Brexit muddle

Many of the issues that should shape the referendum’s outcome are still subject to a high degree of uncertainty

Column: The Brexit muddle

Is the perfect storm over for markets?

While relative calm has returned to financial markets, the three causes of volatility are yet to dissipate

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Column: The end of the new normal?

If policymakers implement a comprehensive response, their economies will be on a more stable & prosperous path.

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