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Trump has to learn that the US prez’s Budget message does not weigh heavily on the Congress, even when it is controlled by his party

No one expects an incoming president to know anything about nuclear physics though the decision to push the button is the most serious one an American president has to make.

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How great economists failed Indian economy; Meghnad Desai explains

Despite the frequent assertion of unity, when it comes to rational economic decisions, the most divisive local interests are given front-stage.

With Donald Trump as president and US Fed chairman Janet Yellen set to retire, we may need new thinking about monetary policy: Meghnad Desai

With a new president in town and only a year left in the first term of the Fed chairman Janet Yellen, speculation is mounting about the future of the Fed.

Paying for Brexit: Opposing sides had no idea what move would entail, says Meghnad Desai

The most unusual aspect of Brexit is that both sides in the referendum only barely understood what it would entail

Brexit to demonetisation, why is economic forecasting so difficult, asks Meghnad Desai

A debate has broken out in British Press about the quality of economic forecasting. When the Brexit referendum voted to leave by a majority of 52% to 48%, there was a shock.

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Union Budget 2017: How Arun Jaitley could revolutionise Indian society by empowering women through Universal Basic Income

If the date of budget presentation is to be February 1 from now on, the finance ministry will gave to develop a procedure or at least some explanatory note on the likely income and the growth rate, plus the variation which wo

Budget 2017: No reason why tax changes need to be announced only on Budget day

By the time the public and the commentariat talk about the Budget, it has been finalised, printed and gone beyond changes.

Donald Trump & US economy: No incoming president could have asked for a better situation

On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the president of the US. He has already surprised the global economy since his election on November 9 last year.

Impact of demonetisation: Income effect of move is negligible

The negative income effect should reverse as and when new currency flows back into circulation. There is some evidence that the emission of new currency is increasing

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Can Donald Trump deliver on 4% growth rate promise? If Congress complies, new president may set off boom

He has promised a growth rate of 4%, but it remains to be seen whether he achieves that

Can Donald Trump deliver on 4% growth rate promise? If Congress complies, new president may set off boom

Demonetisation cost: GDP growth rate should be as predicted or even better

Banks are flush with deposits of the old money, and that will lower lending costs, boosting investment and consumption. The effect from the shortage of new cash will be negative in just the very short run

Could Modi have done it better?

The demonetisation exercise is much more drastic and healthy for the economy than seizing black money

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? A Trump presidency would be just like any other

The last debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is history. As of today—Monday, October 24—only a fortnight is left before the Americans begin voting at their polling booths,(postal votes are already coming in).

Brexit : Here’s how difficult the disengagement will be

Extricating the UK from its 43-year association with the EU will prove difficult from a trade point of view

Brexit : Here’s how difficult the disengagement will be

What can be done to revive growth?

Another autumn beckons another IMF Summit. The problems are still the same, only getting worse. Across the developed countries, income growth is sluggish and inflation rate is low.

Time for helicopter money?

We may have turned a corner from fiscal and monetary orthodoxy to a more innovative approach

Monetary policy is not everything

The new Governor would be successful if there are no headlines about RBI by the end of his term

The unfinished agenda of reform

In India, where every six months, there is an election somewhere, the central leadership loses heart with the first reversal in a state election. The courage to face unpopularity and think in five-year cycles is rare

The unfinished agenda of reform

Fear of foreign competition grips USA; bodes ill for global economy

We may return to the global economy as it was in the inter-war period, except that there are no empires any longer. It is a dismal prospect

Lack of trust keeping home buyers away from residential real estate market

Post Brexit, what is UK’s best bet for trade with EU? Meghnad Desai explains

For trade with the EU, working under the WTO framework seems to be the UK’s best bet at the moment

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Is globalisation over? Free movement of labour is last frontier

Free movement of labour is the last frontier which globalisation has to guarantee

Column: Making the big decision on Brexit

The British public are faced with the most momentous decision about their constitutional relations with the European Union, to be taken on Thursday, June 23.

Column: Making the big decision on Brexit

Column: How to use wealth of any kind to cure poverty

Just a few years ago, South America seemed to be the hope of the Left. Brazil had the Workers Party in power with the popular trade Union leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as president.

Narendra Modi govt: The next thousand days

Having lost Delhi in overconfidence and Bihar in a tactically bad campaign, Assam has restored the nerves. Modi is a winner.

Meghnad Desai column: How emerging economies can lessen corruption

Citizens may or may not lose personally, but they resent the betrayal of trust by the ruling classes

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Donald Trump & ‘deglobalisation’: Difficult for rich country to show protectionism can bring prosperity

When Trump began, people shook their heads in disbelief and shock that someone with such a mixture of opinions could aspire to be the President. Incredulity has now turned to a fearful realisation that the impossible is about

donald trump

Column: Will politics challenge economic orthodoxies?

The global economy is in a dormant but dangerous state. Not much is happening. The Eurozone continues to be stagnant despite aggressive money creation by the ECB.

Column: Will politics challenge economic orthodoxies?
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