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India Budget 2020: Financial accounts in dire state! Attempts to recovery by fiscal stimulus will not help

Union Budget 2020 India: As and when credit conditions improve, the economy will revive. Attempts to accelerate the recovery by fiscal stimulus when financial accounts are in a dire state will not help.

Budget 2020 India, Budget 2020-21

Is it time for Uddhav Thackerey to go national?

Whatever the current fortunes of the BJP and Shiv Sena, it was the Shiv Sena which succeeded politically in launching Hindutva (with a Marathi angle) as a viable political brand.

Maharashtra govt, think tank, improve quality of education, education news,  Shiv Sena, NCP 

Lack of innovation, no credible response: Reasons why socialism failed

Capitalism has marginalised socialism by its capacity for innovation. Socialism as an ideology has to master the new forces of capitalism to fashion a credible response, or perish

socialism, Reasons why socialism failed, why socialism failed, British Labour Party, Conservative Party,

Citizenship Act protests: Crack in the hard shell of majority govt?

Granting the Assamese what they want — a cultural definition of citizenship — will incite similar revolts in every linguistic ‘nation’.

CAA protests: Student troubles and political ripples

The urgent need is not to alienate anyone further. The country is perplexed as to why it is urgent to solve the refugee citizenship issue now.

assam, assam protests

Myanmar has othered Rohingya just because they are Muslims: Meghnad Desai 

Suu Kyi, the granddaughter of former Burmese prime minister Aung San, suffered house arrest for many years as she fought the military rulers of Burma, and won the battle for restoration of democracy in the country

Citizenship Act, CAB protest,National Register of Citizens, NRC, Chidambaram Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, bangladesh, pakistan, afghanistan

Economic slowdown: If a country records slow growth, it has only immediate policy failures to blame

If a country records slow or retarding growth, it has only immediate policy failures to blame, not the deep unchangeable past or religion/culture

Hindu nationalists, Hindu rate of growth, economic growth, Hinduism, Human Development Index, income growth, unemployment

In Modi 2.0, there’s a glaring lack of interest in fortunes of the economy

In Maharashtra, however, Sonia Gandhi was happy to play the No. 3 role and waited astutely to secure what she wanted. It could herald the new, modest Congress.

Bold monetary policy key to turning the Indian economy around

The Indian economy has matured beyond the days when the government policy had to move the economy directly... the initiative of growing should be with the private sector

monetary policy, MPC meet, RBI, reserve bank of india, interest rates

Ayodhya verdict: Now, VHP should say sorry for the destruction of Babri mosque

The Supreme Court bench was aware of the political minefield it was treading. Hence, the unanimity as well as the anonymity, both devices preserving the names of individual justices from appearing in public. But there have be

Ayodhya verdict, VHP, Babri mosque, ram temple, ram mandir, meghnad desai, Ayodhya 

The last chapter of Brexit

All complications of mature political democracies come together in Brexit, crippling the political system’s ability to make a decision with long-term economic impacts.

Modi govt’s dozen own goals on Jammu and Kashmir

It has been obvious for some time that there is a serious dearth of talent in political personnel below the top two.

modi government, jammu and kashmir

To counter India’s economic slowdown, a drastic reconstruction of credit markets needed

In mature phases, the state is also part of the economy. It is also a borrower, and an investor. This way of thinking about policy has not yet become common in India

GDP growth averages 8% (new series) for 2005-11, and then 6.8% for 2012-19.

Indira or Kashmir: Why politicians are so sensitive to what Western world thinks  

Historically, Indians have never looked Eastwards. They do not think they are Asians. Sir William Jones discovered in the late Eighteenth century (while he was the judge for East India Company’s Law Courts) that Sanskrit ha

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Govt must nudge farmers towards non-farm jobs for higher growth

The govt must nudge small farmers towards better-paying, non-farm jobs, and junk the thinking that prized state-ownership

economy, slowdown, recession, low gdp growth, economic development

Corporate tax cut fulfils BJP’s promise but won’t fix slowdown

In the short run, the government must re-examine whether its revenue projections for GST make sense given the many effective cuts in the rates paid either due to consolidation of categories, which is an effective tax rate cu

Fear to tread: No winners in the NRC exercise

Let us look at the numbers at stake. In any such statistical exercise, it is routine to say plus, minus 5%. The number excluded is 5% of the total. Statisticians would dismiss these numbers as random measurement errors.

 winners, NRC, Assam, BJP, NRC full form, NRC bill, NRC assam, NRC west bengal, NRC bill

Vikram and Vikaas: Where will the economy go next?

Economic data are subject to large measurement errors. So, 5% is really somewhere between 4% and 6%. Those who fancy they are driving the economy have fuzzy, steamed-up front-view, but even their rear-view mirror is hazy.

Vikram, Vikaas, Chandrayaan-2, Sensex, Nifty, Indian economy, opinion news

Kashmir: No longer a bilateral issue, but a global concern

After 1989, when the Taliban and related Islamist terror organisations poured in from across the border, J&K was ethnically cleansed of Pandits as New Delhi watched.

Security personnel divert traffic during restrictions in Srinagar. Normal life remains affected since August 5 due to restrictions and shutdown after Centre abrogated Article 370 (PTI)

Indian economy: Growth and cycles

Concurring with the view that the economic slowdown was cyclical, the recent Reserve Bank of India analysis called the three-quarter slide a down phase, but not a trend reversal

Indian economy, GDP growth, FDI, NDA government, Reserve Bank of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, economy policy, Shaktikanta Das 

Mohan Bhagwat’s reservation poser needs a debate

Bhagwat wishes all reservations would wither away and Hindus could be a single people.

Economic slowdown: Back to Hindu rate of growth?

The ideological core of the BJP cares nothing about economics. It wants to build a Hindu Rashtra and along that path, they have marked goals such as Ram Mandir, Gau Raksha, Hinduisation of the education curriculum, putting Hi

Economic slowdown, Hindu, rate of growth, growth rate, financial express editorial, financial express, Narendra Modi, BJP

Lok Sabha election results have established BJP as party of the 21st century

The Modi-Shah team obtained a two-thirds majority in the Rajya Sabha and a better than 5:1 majority in the Lok Sabha, which would suffice for a constitutional amendment.

Lok Sabha, Lok Sabha election, Lok Sabha election results, BJP, Modi 2.0, Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir

Brexit and Boris Johnson: How to create a crisis to solve another

The real danger of Brexit is uncertainty. Is Boris Johnson bluffing just to make the EU give him a better deal or is he serious?

boris johnson, european union, Theresa May, UK Lawmakers, United Kingdom, British, Brexit, Brexit deal,

Air India, PSU banks, any enterprise wasting public money should be sold off

With the mandate Modi has received, he must deliver on his promise of cutting govt presence in business. Air India, PSU banks, hotels—any enterprise wasting taxpayer money should be sold off.

Budget 2019: Nirmala Sitharaman’s focus was on long-run developmental goals, not short-run political gains

Union Budget 2019: The Budget was for the long term and concerned with growth. Issues of water, energy, and environment (e-vehicles) were put in the front.

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Budget blues: Why govt isn’t the sole determinant of economic growth

Budget 2019-20: Indian politicians and economic commentators put too much faith in the idea that the government is the sole determinant of growth or stagnation.

Union Budget 2019 India, Budget 2019 India, Budget 2019-20
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