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Rajasthan political crisis: Need for citizen campaign, writes Meghnad Desai

As I have remarked before, it was Jawaharlal Nehru who drafted and piloted the First Amendment in May 1951, 15 months into the life of the young Republic, and modified or negated every fundamental right created in the Constit

The current dispute in Rajasthan is a legacy partly of Schedule 10, which wanted to discourage defections.

What to make of the Covid-19 deaths?

Deaths per case is 0.05 for the US, 0.025 for India, 0.04 for Brazil, while it stands at 0.15 for the UK, 0.14 for Italy and 0.045 for Germany

PM Modi can learn from Jawaharlal Nehru what not to do, writes Meghnad Desai

Nehru ordered the Army to throw the Chinese out. India was humiliated. No NAM nation came to help India; only the US and Israel did. India forgave him. Modi can learn from Nehru what not to do.

The economics of Covid-19

An unanticipated shock compelling physical distancing is a rare phenomenon, especially at a global scale. When it all ends, the global economy would have recovered to get back to its status quo ante.

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Why it’s time for post-Covid world

Rich or poor, a 50% cut in income hurts. Governments around the world began to underplay the novelty of the pandemic. Yes, there were deaths but people died anyway in winter in the Northern Hemisphere. They were just dying o

Why India should not chase old shibboleths like swadeshi and socialism

This time, without chasing old shibboleths such as swadeshi and socialism, India must focus relentlessly on economic growth in an open economy environment

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George Floyd protests: Holding Gandhi to sensibilities of today

His critics expect Gandhi to have behaved like we would today, and combine the struggles of all oppressed groups against whoever the oppressor power is. To expect a person fighting for rights of a section of people a hundred

Building a better India: Sell public assets to fund national version of MGNREGA for urban workers

Just compare India with East Asia, which neither interpreted self-sufficiency as rejection of trade nor capitalism as an alien Western ideology.

China-India conflict this time will be part of global Cold War

This time the China-India confrontation will not be an isolated affair with India friendless as in 1962. It will be part of a global (hopefully) Cold War.

He has effectively abrogated the treaty with the United Kingdom wherein China had promised to maintain a special status for Hong Kong under the 'one country, two systems' principle.

The big growth leap: Covid gives India the opportunity to get growth without massive investment

Covid gives India the opportunity to remove a 70-year incubus and get growth without having to invest massively.

Covid-19 has been a totally unanticipated shock—a black swan for all countries in the world.

Coronavirus crisis offers Narendra Modi an opportunity, writes Meghnad Desai

There may be skittish debates among the retired economists as to whether the latest package is really 10% of GDP or only 8.25%, but its boldness is welcome.

It has taken the coronavirus crisis to bring out the radical in Modi.

Covid crisis: What next after the pandemic?

When the corona crisis ends, a return to the old normal is likely. To aid economic recovery, economic policy gaps revealed during the crisis must be addressed.

Need to renew industrial growth: Modi 1.0 launched Make in India, now is the chance for renewal

The need is for a temporary unemployment benefit scheme for up to 100 days a year similar to the MNREGS so that urban workers do not suffer during short periods of unemployment.

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Post-pandemic economics: The new normal will not be very different from the old one

Idealist notions of the State overtaking the Market as the one in charge are unfounded.

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COVID-19 crisis: India needs a plan to help migrant workers

MGNREGA extends the idea beyond famine conditions to relieve chronic rural underemployment by providing for 100 days of work for someone in a rural family.

No one — no party, no leader, no community, no other country — can be blamed for its occurrence.

What after the coronavirus pandemic?

The recovery will be geographically uneven. It may follow the path of the virus’s spread.

Amid Coronavirus pandemic, race for the ‘best’

Number of hospital beds per capita, number of qualified health professionals, availability of testing equipment are what counts rather than Dow Jones or Sensex.

French President Emmanuel Macron (right), French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian at the Crisis & Support Centre, France (PTI)

Time for a New Economics

Countries breaking the rules of economic prudence to deal with coronavirus shatters the monetarist view that economic policy must be independent of politics.

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British plan for judges way to go for Rajya Sabha?

After Partition, the new Constitution and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel got rid of princely states. What we have instead are elections in state Assemblies where the electorate is small, with their choice predictable by their party

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Rethink financial regulation

India can’t rely only on RBI to regulate the credit market; there have to be clean lines of responsibility as to who regulates which sector

India has many histories, not one

The incursions of Muhammad Bin Qasim were confined to Sindh, and Mahmud of Ghazni raided Gujarat and Punjab but did not stay to rule.

People take part in a protest against NRC and CAA in Delhi (express photo)

Random economic shocks: There are no rational ways of making accurate long-run predictions

The fall in stock prices is cautionary, not necessarily calculated; there is no reliable way of calculating. Faced with the unknown, all you can do is to go into cash.

OPINION | Don’t need a single story of nationhood

Bhagwatji says that he was warned against using the word nationalism while in the UK, as this was an unwelcome word for the locals.

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With swadeshi back in fashion, who needs economic growth

Nationalism, respect of foreigners, and ambition to see India as a moral leader of the world are much more satisfying to the ego of the elite than roti, kapda, makaan.

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Anti-CAA protests: Govt needs to break silence, talk to protesters

In my view whatever you may think of the CAA, it is hard to call it unconstitutional.

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Budget 2020: Why tax rate cuts won’t have much impact

Union Budget 2020 India; The FM needed to have measures that would have fuelled the revival of private investment.

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Why has the 21st century become so blatantly anti-Muslims?

Islamism is the political movement which was born as a response to the crisis, but it is Janus-faced. Islamist political movement has fought to disestablish Muslim governments across the Middle East.

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