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The GDP game: Achieving high growth rate enough? What about factors like inflation and wage growth

There is a wonderful naïveté about the desire to register not just a high growth rate but one higher than the one the previous government achieved

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Bipartosanship calls: What Indian politicians should learn from UK

There are no platforms to debate development or Kashmir or China policy. No debate of national interest and no politics in fact.

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Brexit challenge facing the UK – No deal meant no movement of goods across the EU

No deal meant no movement of goods across the EU. Delays would be endemic. Fruits, vegetables, vital medicines and fuel deliveries would all be delayed as checks would be required.

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RBI vs Government: Quantum of reserves is technical aspect, a referee is needed to resolve the crisis

Since the GOI does not agree with RBI, the only way to answer the question is to consult an outside expert who has done a similar task for another monetary authority.

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India badly needs administrative reforms

The CBI crisis shows you cannot have an institution fighting corruption when it remains under a political system that has been corrupt for ages

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Swadeshi Jagran representative on RBI board & exit of Nachiket Mor; hurting RBI autonomy will impact investment

Investment into the country can only come if the world out there respects its economic policies as rational and prudent

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Why did bitcoin fail?

Bitcoins were launched with an ambitious aim. It was a technological innovation that used blockchain to produce the currency as well as monitor it collectively and anonymously.

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Return of the financial crash?

Even if we go by the history of financial crises happening once every 10 years, the probable impact of the next one will be small, local and limited.

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Internal strife hurting Rupee: If government is forcing RBI to loosen its purse strings, money would leave India faster than light

The rupee would go south and reserves would suffer a huge hit. This is not a matter of Modi or the BJP. Successive RBI Governors have been unhappy with their respective finance ministry bosses.

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New world of Donald Trump: US President wants bilateral agreement with each trading partners to minimise deficit

Donald Trump is consciously engaged, not so much in destroying, but in re-shaping the liberal free trade order.

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Red signals ahead: Pegging the dollar-rupee rate an expensive waste of forex reserves

The outflow of dollars from the financial markets has to be anticipated, not resisted. Any attempt to peg the dollar/rupee rate will be an expensive waste of forex reserves.

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Losses of socialism

The losses of public enterprises fall on the taxpayers, most of whom are not rich. The bulk of tax revenue is derived from indirect taxes and so the poor pay more

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A festival for Karl Marx – The one simple and brilliant idea that he had

The one simple and brilliant idea that Marx had was that the present economic arrangement is a product of the history of several centuries before.

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Reforms are overdue

A bonfire of state ownership will raise money to retire public debt, reduce corruption and enhance efficiency.

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What India needs to do now after four years of Modi government

Much remains to be done: India needs labour market reform, reduction of agriculture dependence, and creation of productive jobs

The challenge for Modi in his second term (assuming he will return with a majority), is to raise that level to 8%. News

Making sense of Donald Trump

The most surprising fact is that while Trump came complaining about the state of the American economy, it is booming like it has not done in more than ten years.

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Cash crunch: Why an urgent reform in India’s monetary and financial regulatory institutions is necessary

Current cash crunch underlines the need for a deeper look at the adequacy of India's monetary and financial regulatory institutions

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How Donald Trump is challenging conventional wisdom with devious ways to achieve goals

US President Donald Trump's tweets and policy moves continue to confound the media as well as the markets. Even Indian stock markets were spooked by his latest moves, which threaten a tariff war with China.

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Artificial Intelligence and the future of work

There are scenarios being painted where no human being may be needed for any paid work and robots will do everything. Of course, a few people will be needed to produce robots and improve their quality.

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Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan

The bold plan offers $200 billion as ‘pump priming’ to incentivise states and municipalities to raise the additional funds that would add up to a $1.5-trillion spending programme.

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Cryptocurrencies: The new frontier

The Financial Services Commission of Mauritius has decided instead to take the bull by the horn. It has decided that it would like to develop a market in these exotic assets and have appointed a committee to set up regulatory

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Budget 2018 is astonishing, says Meghnad Desai, explains why

The creation of a health care system in this ambitious but manageable way opens the way to a much more comprehensive welfare system over the future. It is usual in this sort of schemes that a ratchet effect sets in.

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Budget 2018: Meghnad Desai explains what is on cards

Budget 2018: A Budget is like fast-food. You can discuss it in anticipation, listing the ingredients you would like it to have. Once it is presented, it gets stale very quickly. You can talk about it on the day it is presente

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People will stay ahead of AI, says Meghnad Desai, explains why

As the year ended, I was invited to an opening of Imaginarium/Aligunjan, a research and blue-skies thinking facility set up by Nishith Desai Associates in Alibag.

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2G scam: Centre must spell out whether sale of public assets is maximisiation of revenue or welfare, says Meghnad Desai

In the sale of public assets or goods, the govt must spell out whether the principle underlying is maximisation of revenue or welfare

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India, China rising even as West slows down; Meghnad Desai explains why this great transformation happened

India has not reached its Lewis moment yet (thanks to bad labour legislation). It can absorb capital looking for higher yield

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Western economies to soon have mass unemployment; Meghnad Desai explains looming crisis

Western economies are expected to have slow growth, but stagnant real wages and, very soon, mass unemployment

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