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Budget 2019 recognises private sector’s role in bringing prosperity

Budget 2019 India: The innovative interchangeability of Aadhaar and PAN numbers for filing income tax for individuals points to a recognition of the costs of duplication.

Budget 2019-20: An important signal in this Budget was the upfront and overdue recognition of job creators and the private sector as a partner in creating prosperity. News

5 steps that could help freshers bag jobs in greater numbers

increasing formalisation, giving apprenticeship a push, and leveraging aadhaar for background checks could help freshers bag jobs in greater numbers

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Budget 2018: Fixing the original breeder of informal employment

Budget 2018: The Health Insurance scheme is important because it offers a rational counter to the irresponsible demand for universal basic income, provides a solution to one of the biggest reasons people fall back into povert

Budget 2018: At a recent job fair when we offered a 21 year old a salary of R20,000, she turned around and asked “Haath Waali ya Chitthi waali salary?” News

HR profession bitten by the data bug, but here’s why it must be handled with care

The HR profession has been bitten by a bug; using big data, analytics and numbers to predict organisational and individual behaviour.

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Provident Fund withdrawal row: Here is why the chaos is likely to continue

Provident Fund chaos will continue until we deal with five birth-defects

Indian rupee vs US dollar: 7 global, domestic factors that will drive the local currency News

Column: Chitthiwaali vs haathwaali salary

The huge gap between gross and net salary that is murdering formal employment needs three employee choices.

Column: Chitthiwaali vs haathwaali salary

Column: Fixing labour plumbing

Provident Fund reforms must not ignore the budget speech

Column: Fixing labour plumbing