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‘India’s F&B segment is plagued by a gross misunderstanding of luxury’

Long flights are great for epiphanies, as you have all the time and none of the quotidian distractions.

Wines: The sweet scale

When it comes to wines, we need to define what is ‘dry’ and ‘sweet’. German winemakers can show the way

Losing spirit: Liquor industry on threshold of serious self inflicated wound

Last time around, I had written about the highway liquor ban and even before the ink had dried on it, another state (proudly) claimed to be on the path to implementing complete prohibition while another tried to outdo it by c

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Liquor ban: Fatal blow dealt to the hospitality industry

YES, WE ALL know this is a hot time to write about the liquor ban. India, I feel, has finally mastered time travel, for, in the last year, we have clearly regressed to the Eighties—as in, 80 BC.

From cocktails to spiced drinks, distinct spirits for distinct cultures

DO YOU know that saying, "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are?" It was proudly uttered by Frenchman Brillat Savarin, the famous gastronome.

We are fast losing our appreciation for tastes like sour and bitter; sugar to blame

In a world increasingly dominated by sugar, we are fast losing our appreciation for tastes like sour and bitter

Sign of the times: Carpene Malvolti’s Prosecco shows wine can be serious and fun at the same time

THE SHORTEST month of the year has been so power-packed with happenings I wonder if any other month will be able to match up to it. It’s been one extremely heady fortnight.

Glenmorangie’s limited-edition Bacalta is the whisky of the hour

Finished in Madeira casks, the notes and flavours of the whisky are reminiscent of the ‘cooked’ wine from Portugal. Bacalta is ripe, powerful, creamy, unctuous and lasting

Blue wine takes the world by storm, but time will tell the impact

RECENTLY, I tried some blue wine, the same blue-coloured wine that has taken western Europe by storm. Vinos of all qualities, shapes and sizes are being swept away by it voluntarily or otherwise.

The recent brouhaha over abolishing service charge at restaurants is ill-founded, says Magandeep Singh

It is the restaurant that’s in the conceptual stage—not the smartness, just to be clear. The cuisine isn’t important.

The sugar sabotage

This year, don’t resolve to give up sugar; we all know how long that will last. Instead, try and see if you can find a way to appreciate beverages with reduced amount of it

Wine & dine: Most Super Tuscan wines impress when young, but few manage to keep up that level of richness as they age, says Magandeep Singh

Any tasting of Super Tuscans is a magnificent experience by any stretch, but to be able to compare it to older vintages to better understand how they evolve on keeping is a rare privilege.

Five things for the December bar

The festive season is upon us and it’s time to truly indulge

Five things for the December bar

Wines of change

The introduction of some new wines in the country has come as a breath of fresh air


Diwali detox: If you are feeling guilty, here’s what you can do

Feeling guilty after all that Diwali bingeing? Try detoxing by eliminating salt and sugar, and increasing fibre intake

Here’s how Indian spirits can make foreign impact; but first get rid of laws that shakle imagination

India stands to make a considerable international impact with its unique spirits, but only if aided by the law

If you want beer that engulfs you in taste, try a micro brewery

THE PUN might be old, but there is certainly a revolution brewing in the beer industry. For far too long, we have been served beers with as much character as our politicians.

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House Spirit: Drinking in India – A Book Review

A breezy, unputdownable book on drinking in India that doesn’t preach

House Spirit: Drinking in India – A Book Review

Don’t eschew a Scotch or any other spirit just because it’s a blend

The real exercise isn’t in ageing a cask for a definite time before bottling it, but to take samples from various casks and to blend them in a specific manner

Food startups: Does it make sense to buy pricey packaged juices?

Many food start-ups today claim to offer ‘fresh’ fruit juice. But does it really make sense to buy these expensive packaged juices when you could just hop over to your local juice-wallahs?

Winemakers and creative labels: What’s in a name

To boot, the wine didn’t taste bad at all. In fact, it was very ‘drink-worthy’, save for the issue that it didn’t show complexity for all that ageing—it still showed freshness. For R1,500, this could be the much-nee

The perfect pair

Pairing food and wine is an intuitive art

The perfect pair

Does India have a wine culture? No, says this expert

Till we have people who actually enjoy wine and revel in it, we will never have a wine culture

Chocolate, the devil’s advocate: Top 6 you must get up close & personal with

CHOCOLATE IS quite the potent ingredient, posing as the good boy from down the road when it’s pretty much the devil’s advocate. No, I am not talking calorie woes.

Beverage professionals’ ‘antics’ that have been done to death

Beverage professionals try a lot of tricks in an effort to induce awe. While many antics are successful, here are a few that have now been done to death

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Hangover hassles

Mixologists know the right bitter for every cocktail and yet draw a blank when it comes to a hangover cure

Hangover hassles

The perfect cocktail

Making cocktails isn’t about throwing together a few ingredients. It’s about understanding how different liquids taste on their own

The perfect cocktail
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