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Between sips: Top brands in India making conscientious effort to set themselves apart

Alcohol industry is maturing at both ends, both the manufacturer and the consumer.

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White Walker — the whisky that needs no ice!

We have more events around the drinks space in the span of a few wintery months than we do the rest of the year. Here is what has been keeping my liver busy.

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Between Sips: The uniqueness of dry Italian wine

The future for Italian sparkling wines promises to be sweet as long as the wines are dry.

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Between Sips: The diverse range of Spanish wines

Spanish wines are so diverse and distinct that they have managed to command a presence alongside the best in the world

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New liquors launched in India: here is a full list

The past few weeks have been particularly rich when it comes to new beverages being launched in the country.

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French Wine is passion imbibed in countrymen’s DNA

How does one define Frenchness? A survey long ago listed these as the top three factors: to speak French; to believe in ‘Liberty, Equality & Fraternity’; and, finally, to know how to appreciate good food and wine. Tha

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Between the sips: What Indian hospitality institutes can learn from France

Recently, I was in France, invited by the President. And if it hadn’t been for Brexit, we would have had a fabulous time together. Not holding-hands-and-singing-songs kinda fabulous, but the let’s-drink-and-talk-food-and-

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What you need know before taking a sip of Australian Wine

Well—and especially since I’m making a case for Australian wines here today—for a country/continent/island that is many times bigger than western and central Europe combined, it is quite a poor show to club its wines un

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Indians should change the way they serve, sip and study Wine in India

For starters, I realised that the western wine courses, which I had been running for more than a decade were a complete waste of time in the Indian context.

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11th Indian Sommelier Championship: Beverage competition keep dialogue alive

In a country plagued with high taxes and other barriers, beverage competitions go a long way in keeping the dialogue alive.

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Trouble with pursuing a profession you love is it doesn’t free you from the shackles of work, says Magandeep Singh

When a restaurant gives you the luxury to ‘switch off’, it’s time to sit back and relax .

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Taxing issues: High duties, higher taxes and related costs are crippling alcohol culture in the country

Recently, the registration fee for imported wines in Delhi was revised from R10,000 to R60,000, a six-fold jump with no explanations whatsoever.

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Between SIPS: The magic of the sparkle

Wine houses in Champagne consider the art of making sparkling wine not just one of skill and science, but also of patience.

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Between sips: The beverage quotient

While good food can draw the crowd in and make them keep coming back, it’s the beverage sales that really bring up the bottomline.

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World Class cocktail competition is not just about juggling flaming bottles

For all those who think a cocktail competition is just about juggling flaming bottles, the World Class competition comes as a refreshing reminder

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Unique materials, constant innovation, and an inclusive approach make Austria a great place for wines

Since the mid 80s, Austria has been restructuring and repositioning their wines.

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Between sips: Here are five basic caveats while pairing Indian food and wine

The way one eats Indian food can also influence the pairing. The ideal way is to eat everything with either rice or some sort of bread.

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The right balance: Indian eateries have shown that food is all about flavours and all wine is fair field to deploy alongside

The West made us believe that there is an entity called ‘Asian food’. So ridiculous is the idea for this notion to exist even as a collective noun, and yet it reigns on.

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The tonic trials: A blind tasting of Indian tonic waters throws up some surprises

The panel of 13 tasters comprised both professionals from the wine and bar trade as also gin enthusiasts.

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Between Sips: The crazy gin

Gin is a competitive, tough and currently heated-up space in the spirits market

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Between Sips: Raising a toast

Unlike its sibling Carmenere, Malbec grape has managed to retain its identity, even though it was still stuck playing second fiddle to big brother Cabernet.

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Between Sips: A glass tasting

Other brands, if I may add, have also developed similar glass ranges to address different types of wines (or wines from different grapes) and have their own ritual method to demonstrate it.

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Between Sips: The conundrum of big brands

The biggest challenge sommeliers face is to come up with a wine list that is unique and yet recognisable, a list that has unknown brands aplenty and, at the same time, is familiar enough for a guest to be tempted to order.

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Between Sips: The Gin Game

Narendra Bhawan was then the perfect choice of venue for the world’s number one gin, Bombay Sapphire, when they decided to launch their new uber-premium gin variant, Star of Bombay.

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That French wine is among the best in the world can’t be re-emphasised enough, says Magandeep Singh

The one thing that has always benefitted the wines of France is consistent marketing—200 years of it to be precise.

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The right balance: Pointers to a successful restaurant

But frankly, five-star hotels could take a page out of Balcon’s logbook and stand to gain immensely from it. He takes painstaking measures while putting together his restaurants and then in their daily running.

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The Old Monk Story: Why India’s most famous rum is more than just a spirit

Old Monk is a drink that invigorates and also revives youth. Truly then, it is elixir.

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