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The virtues of excluding alcohol for January

The virtues of excluding alcohol for the month, and why it’s a lame tried-and-failed recipe.

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Don’t give in to dry January or any nefarious regime, look forward to more tasting

Quitting anything cold turkey for me has never had the desired outcome. By contrast, indulging in anything heavily and sporadically has been equally of disservice.

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Corn is not a replacement for staple, but it does provide a viable alternative

Corn is not entirely a replacement for staple cereals, but it does provide a viable alternative

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Champagnes are really well-made wines but often get relegated only as celebration pops

As all people wish to do is flaunt social status, now when it happens with a garment or an accessory, it is still bearable, but it truly irks me when it happens to an alimentary product.

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A tale of two beers: Taste that will make a product memorable

In fact, while conducting a dinner for a select few for a luxury client, I recently used these beers in the mix and they went down extremely well.

Even abroad, few beers dare to change the standard packaging format from 330ml and in India we have the odd 650ml bottle too. News

India’s bar scene is truly exploding

In the last few years, the bar scene heated up so much that it began to be seen separately from the restaurant and nightclub business.

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Who is India’s beverage master?

They need to know their wines but also their whiskies, beers and non-alcoholic beverages. Be it serving up an aperitif of pairing one with food, the job description of a sommelier goes much beyond knowing the appellations of

As the world of fine beverages has expanded, the need for knowledge that is more comprehensive has become the need of the hour. News

Indians are great at being dichotomous — unruly at home, law-abiding abroad

There is something to be said about South East Asian hospitality that even at their angriest, the average person is still mighty polite.

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Can we change mocktail scene and ostracised treatment it currently receives?

Let’s change the mocktail scene and not mete out the ostracised treatment it currently receives.

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There is more to modern Indian cuisine than western plating

Post a year-long refurbishment when they reopened, the much lauded 360 was flocked by patrons who had missed it like oxygen for the last 365 days or so.

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Zomato case: Is the guest always right?

Educating the consumer helps to build brand loyalty and authority that doesn’t push them away

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Indian brands that are heralding beer revolution

If ever there was a drinks prom, beer would be the undisputed king (and queen) of the evening!

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The Delhi-Bombay divide: Two unrelated yet affable dining experiences

Two unrelated yet very affable dining experiences that I have been privy to—one in each city.

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Between sips: The tea and coffee divide

Coffee is friendly and hip like beer, tea is more akin to wine — old-school and snooty.

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World Cognac Day: Celebrating an artistic expression of man and nature

Cognac is an artistic expression of man and nature, carefully crafted and patiently honed over time

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The best restaurant in the world

So if you have any favourite home delivery places in your city, please send in the names: I’d be happy to populate a list, purely crowd-sourced, and share it forth.

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Happy hour: Top 10 beers to help you cool down this summer

With the mercury rising steadily, it’s time to sit back with a glass of chilled beer in hand. Here’s our list of the top 10 beers to help you cool down this summer...

Here is a list of top 10 beers that will help you cool down this summer News

The Malbec grape — Argentina’s wine superstar

Among these many days, there is a relatively young one which celebrates the wines from the Malbec grape. It falls on April 17 and is celebrated worldwide in an effort to garner attention towards Argentina’s wine superstar.

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Standing the test of time: Some restaurants in Delhi have consistently been serving up great meals

The world of restaurants today is as fleeting and ephemeral as smoke patterns, or ripples in water—they come and go with changing winds and tides.

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Rooh: A restaurant that will serve in a fixed-menu-style format

A new beginning: A restaurant that tries to bring about a shift in the existing paradigm of how things are perceived is always a welcome endeavour

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Raising a Toast! Celebration of whisky and French food throws up some delectable surprises

The idea is to dispel the myth that French food is fussy, snooty or bland. It can be fun, casual and very social.

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Traditional tea ceremony in Japan brings out versatility of this popular beverage

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony brings out the versatility and flavour profiles of Japanese teas.

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It’s not just eyes and nose that constitute taste, but also ears, says Magandeep Singh

The secret to furthering your enjoyment of a beverage is to listen. Tune in and pick up all the little facts on file that you can about the product and you will instantly find your understanding of the product (if not also it

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Wine club: A healthy wine market should always try to be democratic

Chapoutier from Rhone valley in France is a similarly well-placed and respected brand and they, too, are on the local shelf, testimony again to the fact that we are surely drinking better.

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This restaurant in Gurugram does a deft job of sitting solidly in space that is cognisant yet curious

In that sense, it is less diamond and more dad-bod shaped, but let’s not get caught up in semantics.

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Between sips: Top brands in India making conscientious effort to set themselves apart

Alcohol industry is maturing at both ends, both the manufacturer and the consumer.

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White Walker — the whisky that needs no ice!

We have more events around the drinks space in the span of a few wintery months than we do the rest of the year. Here is what has been keeping my liver busy.

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