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Between Sips: This winter, keep yourself warm with these flavourful brews

Chai for many is the official drink of winters. After all, what is a cold day without a hot drink?

Raising a toast: Here are some exciting new tipples that will infuse some festive joy this Diwali

From Coca Cola signature mixers to Indian gin TERAI, these are some of the options

A perfect party pack, Tilt Wine in a can makes wine feel more approachable and less stuffy

Cloud kitchens: Food from the clouds

Be it menu planning or packaging, cloud kitchens seem to be doing a better job than regular restaurants doing home delivery

Sassy Salmon Poke Bowl

Between sips: For the love of coffee and coffee machines

There’s something to be said about the convenience of those nifty machines, which spew out coffee and don’t leave any residue that needs special cleaning

By all means. I haven't tried other local brands, so can't comment on them.

Between sips: On the coffee trail

Even though most of us were physically 1,000 km apart, the energy in the virtual room was palpable.

The coarser the grain, the longer the steeping time, an adage the Starbucks team reiterated for me.

Between sips: The diner’s dilemma in the time of Covid

The government, realising that the damage to the economy might prove to be more deadly than even the virus, finally relented to a phased opening of services.

The year 2020 is about survival and not profits, so outlets, I am sure, won’t push anything into the beyond manageable zone.

Between sips: The lockdown menu

The habit of having a good meal at restaurants stands changed thanks to home delivery

Let me take you through the two kinds and which I have thoroughly relished.

A royal vacation! Lockdown has made us feel grateful for many things. A simple gateway could as well top the chart

Well, also the elder sister property Suryagarh, considering how I have seen three generations of retrievers grow and flourish there since the first time I visited them.

NB is a veritable haveli of royal pedigree, now beefed up and turned into a hotel.

A case for alcohol amid Covid restriction 

At a time when liquor stores are not allowed to deliver alcohol and restaurants can’t serve it, here’s what can be done to improve the general state of things

I have found no reason that can be considered rational or sensible and yet we remain subservient to the word of the law.

Naga food: A culinary revelation from north-east

There are alterations in the same recipe as one travels through the state simply because the various tribes may have evolved it differently.

So when the team behind Nagaland's Kitchen at Green Park Market offered to serve me lunch, I more than imposed on them by asking them to feed not just my hunger, but also my ignorance.

Lockdown launches: Unlike reviving an existing operation, launching new brand is much tougher

Unlike reviving an existing long-standing operation, launching a new brand in these times is much tougher

Pandemic pondering: Whole eating out experience might feel different the next time you step out

The whole eating out experience might feel different the next time you finally decide to step out.

Why alcohol needs to be regulated, not regimented

Alcohol has been the unfailing social ointment for civilisation for millennia. To try and confine its potential is short-sightedness on our part.

COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Human element’ and the future of fine dining

From chefs and sommeliers to mixologists and servers, a large part of the fine dining experience is the human element. Remove that and what is left behind is barely a reflection of its grander stately version.

Keeping up the spirit: Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on industries – a look at where F&B industry stands

In other words, we can speculate, but frankly, we don’t have much to go by till we know that work can be resumed to some extent.

In other words, we can speculate, but frankly, we don’t have much to go by till we know that work can be resumed to some extent.

Lockdown essentials: Drinks for a rainy day

Both these elements have been able to ease the pain and despair of social separation by their ubiquitous yet inconspicuous nature.

Internet and alcohol have made this period not so detestable and I am grateful that my privileged life allows me such a first-world notion of niggles.

Fine dining in quarantine

In the face of the lockdown, restaurants and hotels are going the takeaway and delivery route

But, and with no disrespect towards home food, I do miss a good meal outing every now and then.

The viral effect: A self-imposed quarantine throws up some curious and nostalgic finds

Being home for such a long period in a long time, however, has opened up a whole new way to approach my food and beverage requirements.

viral effect, coronavirus, self imposed quarantine, Coronavirus scare, Tarhana, Mason & Co chocolate, Italian reds

Food Paradise: Turkey has a history that goes back millennia

The country has a history that goes back millennia and a geography that makes it crucial to the exchange of ideas and cultures between the east and the West.

The Tarhana soup was the world’s first instant soup (around 100 years ago) and this restaurant does a really good version of it. (Representative image/ Reuters File photo)

The master winemaker: Egon Müller’s wines are a true coming together of nature and man

Recently, Delhi’s self-confessed bon vivant, Rajiv Kehr, invited us for a very special dinner. It was a dinner with a very special winemaker visiting India.

master winemaker, Egon Müller,  The Leela , Le Cirque, Egon Müller wines, Rocche Costamagna, Germany, Mosel

No room for mediocrity in event endorsing luxury

An event endorsing luxury has no room for mediocrity. It requires all involved to be commonly passionate about the things that really matter

BMW, The Leela Palace, New Delhi, Winston Churchill, luxury

The virtues of excluding alcohol for January

The virtues of excluding alcohol for the month, and why it’s a lame tried-and-failed recipe.

alcohol, wine

Don’t give in to dry January or any nefarious regime, look forward to more tasting

Quitting anything cold turkey for me has never had the desired outcome. By contrast, indulging in anything heavily and sporadically has been equally of disservice.

Indian wine, whiskies, Tequila, Mezcal, old monk, KRSMA Cabernet Sauvignon, BeeYoung, American style whiskies

Corn is not a replacement for staple, but it does provide a viable alternative

Corn is not entirely a replacement for staple cereals, but it does provide a viable alternative

us, scotch

Champagnes are really well-made wines but often get relegated only as celebration pops

As all people wish to do is flaunt social status, now when it happens with a garment or an accessory, it is still bearable, but it truly irks me when it happens to an alimentary product.

Champagnes, Gucci, Dom Perignon, Nicholas Lane, F&B, Dom, Chardonnay white wine, red wine, world of champagnes

A tale of two beers: Taste that will make a product memorable

In fact, while conducting a dinner for a select few for a luxury client, I recently used these beers in the mix and they went down extremely well.

Even abroad, few beers dare to change the standard packaging format from 330ml and in India we have the odd 650ml bottle too.

India’s bar scene is truly exploding

In the last few years, the bar scene heated up so much that it began to be seen separately from the restaurant and nightclub business.

bar scene, bar scene in India, Bloody Mary, cocktail bars, The Oberoi New Delhi, ulleeho drinks portal, Taj Mahal hotel 
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