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Between sips: Good old days are back; life is returning to normal, even with masks on

Pumpkin Tales deserves a mention for its laidback yet food-focused brand of F&B which delivers consistently good Asian (and continental) grub every time at a very affordable price point (shout out for their new dim sum menu a

Wine Tasting

A taste of Scotland: Time for some top-notch Scotch whisky experiences

Need advice on what to try for some top-notch Scotch whisky experiences? Then read on

whiskey and natural ice

Special Blends: Good as malts, as well as great in blends, here are some homegrown whiskies hitting the sweet spot

Bottled in India under a brand name exclusively created by Indian entrepreneur Sameer Mahendru, #nso (signifying the circle of life) is a fruity-smokey dram, which works well in long drinks or on ice.

The whiskies are made with premium raw material and yet are priced well—aspirational yet affordable

Food for the soul: From yummy pizzas to flavourful burgers, a pick of places to order from for some indulgence

My Love Triangle Pizza guys have a USP which is truly unique: the pizzas are cooked in their delivery vans

The Love Triangle Pizza guys have a USP which is truly unique: the pizzas are cooked in their delivery vans (they have two at the moment) while it drives to your place.

Between Sips: With World Beer Day approaching, here are some picks of the top Indian beers to try

World Beer Day is on August 7 and, in case you didn't know it, India is making some lovely beers across segments. Here are my picks of the top Indian beers to try. If it ain't here, you aren't missing anything.

The strong beer category is an oxymoron as a beer can be ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ depending on the brewer

Special blend: A whisky made by a master Japanese blender inspired by local bars, ahaatas and chakhnas

The Japanese have a way of elevating every exercise to a level of academia that equals almost devotion

Many come in the gummy bear format, a jiggly candy from yesteryear that came in curious flavours, except that now, they pack in all sorts of nutrients.

Order Delivered: From yummy dim sums to flavourful ice creams, a pick of places to order from for some indulgence

Traceability or provenance is a big factor in fresh food today, something that people happily pay a premium for.

I am always wary of superlative claims on food packaging. Well, Baker’s Dozen Fluffiest Pancake mix has enough going for it to merit the moniker. It's easy to mix and cook, as good as the fresh stuff, and convenient. There's nothing to not like.

Between Sips: Some Father’s Day gifts to make your dad feel special

From nifty coffee-makers to biodegradable grills, invest in some cool gifts that keep on giving

Some Father’s Day gifts to make him feel special

Change of Taste: From alternate milks to delicious diet plans, a pick of places to order for healthy indulgence

We don’t spend the same amount of time preparing or consuming any repast as our ancestors used to.

Order of the Day: Ordering directly from outlets means not shelling out high margins to aggregator services

The range of sauces and dips from Habanero are a great way to spruce up a simple meal, from a bowl of ramen to a quick-toss pasta dish.

They also do deep-fried Snickers bar, which has enough calories to feed a family! Back to the mains. Given how for Indians, non-vegetarian equals chicken, these guys have nailed it spot on.

Flavour Station: Thanks to Covid lockdown, more people now try and mix drinks at home and tinker with flavours

One needn’t study for years to fix a decent one at home. Here are a few quick recipes that come verified by their respective brand ambassadors.

But one needn’t study for years to fix a decent one at home. Here are a few quick recipes that come verified by their respective brand ambassadors.

Between sips: Thanks to Covid’s second wave, we are back to square one – looking up new places to order food from

This time last year, we had just entered the pandemic and F&B outlets were in a state of shock. They didn't know what was happening and how long it would continue to happen. Finally, as time passed, they all learned to pivot,

So guys, if you are in Chennai, make it a must-stop for lunch and/or dinner. With travel curtailed, this is as close to a south-east Asian hawker centre you will ever get.

Bengaluru calling: How this metro’s F&B scene has quality worth envying

The F&B scene in the city might not have quantity, but it certainly has quality worth envying

Next, I was at Araku Coffee and it was love at first whiff not just for the attention they pay to their in-house blends, but also to the way the entire space is slickly curated.

The sweet riddle: Sugar may be the enemy as per many diet fads, but to eschew it entirely is not a good idea

We just need to be mindful of how much we consume. It's worse when people substitute it with alternatives like aspartame and think they are doing their bodies a favour by guzzling cans of zero-cal sodas and drinks.

Sugar may not have many properties when it comes to health, but its one chief property is to convey flavour

The Wine Legend: Steven Spurrier wouldn’t rest on his laurels and never stopped being curious

Wine expert and merchant Steven Spurrier passed on this week and the loss to the industry is insurmountable.

Steven Spurrier

Between sips: The soy sauce express

A natural all-purpose seasoning, soy sauce packs in a heady range of flavours, from mildly spicy to sweet, salty and sour

soy sauce makes for a great marinade and pre-cooking seasoning for raw ingredients

Between sips: Celebrating the good life

Few populations around the world know how to truly enjoy life like the Italians

The traditional Neapolitan pizza is an art, one that was recently recognised by Unesco as a heritage unto itself, so now there are standards to be maintained if you wish to call one so.

Culinary adventures

The F&B community will have to find truly unique ways to entice us to return


Coffee chronicles: Between sips, I finally learned how to enjoy my brew!

When it comes to making coffee, having the right devices enhances the experience and not just marginally

His superpower is possibly planting the seeds of conviction within and then sitting back and sipping his pour-over brew at just the right temperature while he sees you metamorphose into a coffee lover.

Quality bites: Simple living and healthy eating will continue to dominate in the new year

But the one noticeable trend that I could see even as the pandemic spread was a widespread innate desire to live simpler

But the one noticeable trend that I could see even as the pandemic spread was a widespread innate desire to live simpler.

Raise a toast: From Japanese whiskies to homegrown gins, some sips to end the year and beckon 2021 with a bang

Feel free to sprinkle some magic dust from 2019, as saying bye to 2020 will certainly need it. In case there isn't any left, try a selection from below.

A binge fest: Here’s to happy and safe dining, one home delivery at a time

From comfort food to gourmet grub, some joints that you can order from to indulge your tastebuds

The Covid wave is stronger than ever before, which means more home deliveries & stricter hygiene checks

Between Sips: This winter, keep yourself warm with these flavourful brews

Chai for many is the official drink of winters. After all, what is a cold day without a hot drink?

Raising a toast: Here are some exciting new tipples that will infuse some festive joy this Diwali

From Coca Cola signature mixers to Indian gin TERAI, these are some of the options

A perfect party pack, Tilt Wine in a can makes wine feel more approachable and less stuffy

Cloud kitchens: Food from the clouds

Be it menu planning or packaging, cloud kitchens seem to be doing a better job than regular restaurants doing home delivery

Sassy Salmon Poke Bowl

Between sips: For the love of coffee and coffee machines

There’s something to be said about the convenience of those nifty machines, which spew out coffee and don’t leave any residue that needs special cleaning

By all means. I haven't tried other local brands, so can't comment on them.

Between sips: On the coffee trail

Even though most of us were physically 1,000 km apart, the energy in the virtual room was palpable.

The coarser the grain, the longer the steeping time, an adage the Starbucks team reiterated for me.
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