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Book Review: Wonked! India in Search of an Economic Ideology by Vivan Sharan

At another level, he is critical of the governments, past and present, which have tended to be protectionist at various stages, ensuring that we have not really gained from globalisation.

Rate-cut no cure: Globalisation stands threatened due to Coronavirus outbreak

With monetary and fiscal policy unable to address the economic challenges the corona outbreak poses, globalisation stands threatened.

Book Review: All the Wrong Turns – Perspectives on the Indian Economy

The authors deal with issues in separate chapters, with the six as good as little booklets on the subjects of agriculture, manufacturing, foreign trade, fiscal policy, banking and institutions.

Book Review, All The Wrong Turns, Indian Economy, Green Revolution, RRB, NPA, PSB, jobless growth

Harmonise revisions in GDP estimates

GDP data must not be released in a hurry if so far, significant changes have had to be made, and consistently so.

gdp. gdp growth

Book Review: Who Blunders and How? The Dumb Side of the Corporate World

Over-leveraged companies have had a history, albeit a negative one, with the bankers and shareholders and this has led to their collapse.

The book is in various sections or chapters, with each one talking of a blunder that is committed. (Image: Amazon.in)

Are you paying more? Tax rates across the world and how India taxes

A comparison of India’s corporate tax rates with those of other brics nations and developed economies shows India treads a median path.

tax rate, singular tax rate

Looking beyond repo rate: How RBI made monetary policy more effective

With the repo rate becoming progressively less potent as a tool to influence lending rates, alternative measures have been used to bring down rates through market forces.

rbi, rbi repo rate

LIC disinvestment: Blending ideology with the market and what does it mean for the company

With LIC being out for disinvestment via an IPO, this means the institution would become a company that will require needed regulatory changes.

LIC has as asset base of Rs 36.7 lakh crore, and involves 22 lakh agents and a staff of 2.85 lakh. It has 11,280 branches across the country.

Economic Survey 2020 | Expert Talk: ‘This is a cautious and practical exposition by the government’

Economic Survey 2020: There is definitely some optimism in the numbers which can be justified as coming over a low base in FY20. However, this also means that any unfavourable event can upset fiscal numbers. But this is a ris

Economic Survey 2020, Economic Survey

Has inequality come down? Here’s what data reveals

In the last six years, there has been a rather sticky movement in pay packets for the class earning higher incomes.

Budget 2020: Actual policy announcement to take a back seat for fiscal expectation and direction

Budget 2020 will mostly be a pointer on the fiscal expectation and direction, with any actual policy announcement taking a back seat.

Budget 2020 India, Budget 2020-21

Market Mover | Some trading lessons from the past

According to the author, the lessons learned are that the leader has to take the heat and not hide back, which is what several of them do when there is failure.

In course it won the confidence of companies as well as traders.

Oil price rise: What the oil price spike could mean for India

In FY19, the central government earned around Rs 3 lakh crore and the state government around Rs 2.3 lakh crore. Clearly, such revenue would end in case these products came under the GST, as the highest slab is 28%, which is

RBI’s Financial Stability Report: Be watchful, follow developments in next few quarters

Although RBI’s latest Financial Stability Report says that things have stabilised, one would have to be watchful and follow developments in the next 2-3 quarters, as external economic conditions will not be too ebullient, a

Reserve Bank of India, Financial Stability Report, asset quality review, NPA ratio, NBFC crisis, PSB, NPA accretion

Review 2019: The economist’s year in a lighter vein

Expenditures can be deferred, discretionary expenditure cut, and disinvestment accomplished through inter-company holdings.

Economic slowdown: A long road to recovery

With both fiscal and monetary policy at the end of the road, there is little that can be done in the short run. pvt sector can’t pull all the weight either.

The Economists’ Hour | Book pointing to the damage inflicted by economists

Economists also had their way with corporate policies and the author highlights the anti-trust legislation which was used in the USA to curb monopolistic power. Companies like General Electric, IBM, and Microsoft have all bee

What needs to be done to fix shadow banking

The integration of cooperative banks and NBFCs should happen, and the expertise created with the regulator

public sector banks, NBFC crisis, UCB, PMC Bank scam, RBI regulations, SME segments, NPA issue, SCARDB

Tools and Weapons | Angel or demon?

Let us look at the good part first. It is a leveller and depending on the extent to which countries are open and willing to invest or let the IT firms come in, provides equal opportunity to everyone.

Groupthink approach to policy

There is a big difference in the way in which the Groupthink directs opinion and the MPC considers the same, and the way in which banks and markets react.

While it would be an exaggeration to call it stagflation, it is definitely a sign of low growth and rising inflation. (Illustration: rohnit phore)

RCEP: India won’t get a sweet deal

Under the prevailing conditions, it would be hard to have our way in most trade agreements as every country would be pushing to leverage the deal which increases their exports and limits imports.

Big Billion Startup | An engaging account of genesis and survival of Flipkart

Flipkart started off from a residential flat and expanded to premises in prime areas in Bengaluru.

flipkart, start up sector

Ease of Doing Business rankings: Rising through the ranks

Following the World Bank formula should not end in just bettering the rank but must also ensure that this is translated across all states and cities.

Donald Trump, World Bank, China, economy news

Reset | Rather radical solutions to bring the economy back to shape

Fast forward to the present and Swamy does some straight talking. He calls Manmohan Singh an “accomplished economist but a marginal figure of no consequence in his own government”.

Swamy claims that he got India a $2-billion IMF loan during the Chandrashekhar regime

Expectations, not policy, key to recovery

This is why the upward path will be slow, and more driven by statistical biases than real policy impulses.

The right experiments: India should take pride in the evidence-based policy approach

Poverty is a major issue for a large part of the human geography with over 700 mn people being afflicted in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

nobel prize, Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Michael Kremer, NREGA, Ayushman Bharat, Niti Aayog, Chief economist, CARE Ratings

How safe is your bank deposit?

With an upper limit of Rs 1 lakh for a deposit, intuitively the bank need not take cover for the bulk of the deposits.

The smaller deposits would tend to be repaid without a loss, while the deposit holders with higher savings would be impacted the most
Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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