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The right experiments: India should take pride in the evidence-based policy approach

Poverty is a major issue for a large part of the human geography with over 700 mn people being afflicted in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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How safe is your bank deposit?

With an upper limit of Rs 1 lakh for a deposit, intuitively the bank need not take cover for the bulk of the deposits.

The smaller deposits would tend to be repaid without a loss, while the deposit holders with higher savings would be impacted the most News

Talking to strangers | Decoding strangers and how we can get it horribly wrong

Malcolm Gladwell writes about the mystique of decoding strangers and how we can get it horribly wrong

Talking to strangers book review, Malcom Gladwell, Adolf Hitler, Germany, Nevile Henderson, Bernie Madoff, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad News

Realistic teist: Getting a grip on the new liquidity framework

The framework now has given a realistic twist to managing liquidity. If RBI feels at any time that liquidity is getting tighter, it can go in for longer tenure repos of maybe even up to one year, which is more durable than th

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Transforming Systems | Tools for a better society of Britishers in India

To begin with, one needs to redefine our goals in life to improve the world. This is necessary as a starting point and Maira narrates a different kind of fiction, where he gives examples of how some people decided to change t

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Understanding the investment slowdown

The pace of growth in investment would be slow as far as the private sector is concerned. There will be pressure on the government to provide a fiscal stimulus by expanding the fiscal deficit and enabling additional investmen

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Why linking deposit rate to external benchmark has to be considered

Today, while the MPC is happy that inflation is down, the income of farmers has been affected, which has affected spending. The reverse of the two can cause political upheaval.

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Pivot to the future | How firms should evolve to keep up with changing trends

How companies should continuously evolve to keep up with changing trends and technology.

Indra Nooyi played a key role in changing Pepsico’s strategic direction to help it keep growing News

Will bank mergers make a difference?

From an economic point of view, the MOVE serves no immediate purpose, and could have been implemented in phases to avoid disruptions

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Why transfer from RBI reserves to the Centre is a non-issue

Practically speaking, the debate over transfers from RBI’s reserves to the centre is a non-issue

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Difficult to sync lending rates with repo rate

The 10-years GSec has moved down by 110 bps between August 10, 2018, and August 9, 2019, 364-days Tbill by 143 bps, 91-days Tbill by 124 bps, and call rate by 90 bps.

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Financing budget expenditure through RBI surplus is novel financial engineering

The currency revaluation reserve has been more volatile—Rs 5.3-6.9 lakh crore in the last five years, with the lower end being reached in 2017 and a low of Rs 1.2 lakh crore in 2010.

RBI has a balance sheet size of Rs 36.3 lakh crore. News

It’s the manager: Here’s how will offices operate in coming years

It's the Manager: This book focuses a lot on what employees want and how managers have to work to ensure that the best is gotten from employees.

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HDFC 2.0 | The story of how HDFC has adapted to remain a frontrunner

The story of how HDFC Bank has adapted to remain a frontrunner

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The Space Barons | Big men, big money

A compelling profile and stories of private ventures involving space travel and exploration

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Sovereign bonds arrive, but will these conquer?

We do not really require forex reserves badly enough to justify such borrowings from the currency standpoint. Also, the cost factor has to be examined in greater detail before launching such issues

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Silicon States | How tech firms influence politics and what it means for future

Greene refers to Silicon Valley as the Fifth Estate as it has come to replace also the media (which is referred to as the fourth estate) as the main source of information

The UK government has turned to Google for machine learning for health services. News

Budget 2019: What you may have missed

Budget 2019 India: The size of the Budget is now Rs 27.86 lakh crore, compared with the Rs 27.84 lakh crore in the Interim document. There has been no change in overall budget allocation compared with the earlier one. This sh

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Economic survey 2019: Focus on investment and sharpening the edges

The question really is whether these green shoots blossom or not. At present, the picture on farming does not look comfortable with a delayed monsoon. Industrial output will have to be watched and the base effect can tend to

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Calls for reduction of interest rate- here are pros and cons

Interest rates have been looked at normally from the corporate lens, and hence the view is these should be lowered to spur investment.

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Book Review: Firefighting The Financial Crisis And Its Lessons

The attraction in reading the book titled Firefighting is that it is like hearing things straight from the horse’s mouth, as the three authors had worked with relevant authorities during this phase and got the system back o

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India 2030: How would the Indian economy look like in 10 years?

India 2030 is a kind of omnibus on the visualisation of experts of how the Indian economy would look like in 2030, and the action points required to be taken for getting us there.

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GDP calculation: Is the CSO right in its approach?

Academic papers have their own charm, as in economics, and once the assumptions are stated and the models run, there is nothing amiss if all the tests are performed and are shown to work.

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NPA crisis: Why RBI’s new framework on bad loans is interesting

It is not quite sure as to how this will work out in the times to come. But the RBI has plugged this gap in a very innovative way.

The replacement of RBI February 12, 2018 circular on insolvency was long awaited and the new guidelines released on June 7, 2019 are interesting. News

What The Economy Needs Now | A succinct examination of economic issues facing the country

This is important because several solutions take decades to work out, and a start made in the right direction has to be appreciated.

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Verdict 2019: Little to do with economic issues

It is possible that the farmers are more discerning and do distinguish between the states and the Centre when it comes to evaluating performance.

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Explained: How banks have been transmitting rate cuts by RBI

Are we being unfair when we constantly fret over the slow transmission of interest rates by banks when the repo rate is cut? This has become a habit of late, one where there is a lot of concern raised on the slow transmission

From January 2015 to June 2018, there were seven reductions in the repo rate, amounting to 200 bps, and banks' WALR changed by 205 bps during the period News