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RBI vs Govt: Is centre’s ‘nudge’ a precursor to legislative action or the exercise of its legitimate power?

Can a ‘nudge’ be treated as a precursor to legislative action or the exercise of legitimate power that one entity has over the other?

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Banks’ NPA and RBI: Are regulators responsible for the (non) performance of the regulated?

It cannot be argued that the regulator should dictate the activities of the regulated. If that happens, then the regulator becomes responsible for the performance of the regulated, which should not be the case. No regulator e

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Book Review: India Ahead: 2025 and Beyond by Bimal Jalan

An expert’s guide on what changes can be effected in politics and economy to take India forward in the coming years.

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NBFCs carrying higher risk perception and 11 banks under PCA; Will NBFC liquidity squeeze snowball into a crisis?

A liquidity issue has surfaced in the financial market given the challenge faced by NBFCs in raising funds.

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Book review: The Aadhaar Effect by NS Ramnath, Charles Assisi

An evaluation of the unique identity scheme that falls just short of critically examining the necessity of the exercise.

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Is there space for more commodity exchanges?

Traders would prefer to trade on a single exchange as this lowers the bid-ask spread and impact costs, making the existence of another exchange unviable.

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Why banks don’t need to worry about deposits despite ostensibly higher post office small saving rates

With digitisation catching on and the India Post possibly becoming a successful payments bank, the concept of small savings may narrow down to those which exclude deposits.

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Why the ideas of Nobel prize winners Nordhaus and Romer are relevant for India

Nordhaus’ work is more on the ‘negative spillover’ of emissions and damage to the environment as a result of growth. Romer’s is on the ‘positive spillovers’ of knowledge and technology.

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Here’s a Book review on ‘Lying for Money: How Legendary Frauds Reveal the Workings of Our World’ by Dan Davies Hachette

A book underlines what we already know but are afraid to face: that frauds are integral to most systems and companies

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Banking reforms: Why BOB, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank merger will have a little effect

When the policy is to retain the headcount, accommodating them in a smaller set of branches will not be possible.

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External factors: Import curbs to stabilise rupee may not work

Export incentives are not likely to increase exports as they have tended to depend on demand conditions in importing countries and not the price.

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A decade after Lehman Brothers

The dominance of the Big 3 ratings agencies and the Big 5 investment banks continues

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There’s need to allow futures trading for fuel and pulses; here’s why

There is very little scope for rigging spot prices for both commodities and such a step will lead to efficient price-discovery.

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Gauging the industrial environment is not easy

Is there a leading indicator for industrial growth? Not really. A part of the reason is that industry has been subject to significant disruptions like policy upheaval, stalled projects, volatile consumer demand, global influe

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The money trilogy: Everything about money and finance explained in a set of three books

The author has put in a lot of work to get this project right. It is based on wholesome research of many events, which makes it a good academic collection.

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Challenges before India’s growth story

Manufacturing’s contribution to GDP needs to get improve, and capital formation in the economy and the savings situation must get better.

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Draft e-commerce Bill gets it wrong

The e-commerce model serves the same function as the current efforts to bring farmers closer to the consumers by linking them digitally. Also, e-tail discounts bring down prices for consumers.

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How Democracy Ends: A hard-hitting book explains why leaders like Trump may not mean the end of democracy

In this rather engaging discourse, Runciman showcases how democracies ended in the earlier days, which is quite different from what happens today.

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Whose wealth is it anyway, has inequality increased in India?

Both ownership of gross fixed assets created and share in market value of companies point to a lower share of wealth transferred to the ‘people’ as against family-owned or private business.

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New bond market framework: A big push for corporate borrowings

While SEBI has done its bit, it is necessary to get in more investors and this is where other regulators need to build their framework. A one-year tenure bond would appeal to mutual funds, but probably not insurance companies

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Book Review: Linda Yueh’s The Great Economists explains the key thoughts of history’s greatest economists

If you want to return to your economics classroom to get a refresher on macro-economic theory or want to know what all these theories are about, you should pick up Linda Yueh’s book The Great Economists.

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Let’s not overstate the case of MSP

MSP is an indicative price that works when the government steps in to buy the product. It does not necessarily lead to farmers being better off all the time, as the final price is still driven by the market.

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Conspiracy: A thrilling story of a PayPal founder

The storyline is simple and could have been from the pen of Jeffrey Archer. Gawker used to make a profit by bringing out scandals about any celebrity—that’s why advertisers liked it because it got viewership and, hence, w

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GST may have had an inflationary push

A year after GST, The core CPI index increased by around 200 bps; the fact that all the non-food components rose indicates that there was an upward bias.

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It’s hard being a banker: The Indian banking system is probably the most pressurised system

The Indian banking system—especially with regards to the public sector banks—is probably the most pressurised system where politics and commerce score over economics.

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States’ Fiscal Care: Ratings route to make states fiscally disciplined

RBI incentivising banks to invest in rated sdls should prod states to get their bonds rated; the more fiscally disciplined the state, the better the rating.

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Selling a story: An engaging narrative makes all the difference in this book on sales

Sales is probably the most important function of any business, because it is the front end of the company and generates revenue, which is the raison d’être of any commercial activity.

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