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Secondary market for loans is the right way to go

RBI has mooted the idea of creating a secondary market for bank loans in the latest credit policy. The idea already exists in modified forms for certain categories of loans. Impaired assets were being sold to other takers whi

In order to ensure the orderly development of the secondary market, strict regulation is the order of the day and should be pursued by RBI. News

Lok Sabha elections: Why continuity would resonate better for markets than change

The stock market is known for its idiosyncratic ways, and, hence, it is hard to predict which way it will go. The indices are driven by a variety of factors, and most of the effects are for specific sessions, before it is bus

The BSE Sensex can be tracked for specific months before and after the elections to ascertain any such patterns. (Representational image) News

A blow to the IBC process?

Top this with loan waivers being announced, which give a reason not to pay up, and we are headed for a very different kind of a loan culture.

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Growth targeting: Should the monetary policy framework be reviewed?

Creating a new price index that aligns with the GDP composition is the only way to make monetary policy effective as it can curb excess demand forces across the economy

MPC framework, CPI inflation, MPC, inflation index, monetary policy, monetary policy framework News

Book Review: The Wisdom of Finance by Mihir Desai

Concepts of a dry issue like finance are put forth like stories to make for an interesting read

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Curbing black money, GDP growth don’t solve problems of common man

In this context, the economic indicators that prevailed just prior to the elections can be examined in the last five elections to deduce whether macro indicators matter or not. Hence, for the 1996 elections, the GDP growth of

Curbing black money, GDP growth don't solve problems of common man (Representative image) News

How to Rig an Election| Account of how polls are often a farce

Rigging an election is done broadly in six ways and is an eye-opener, as it can happen even in western countries. The first is ‘gerrymandering’, where the district borders are redrawn, so that there is a mismatch between

An interesting account of how elections are often a farce in many countries News

Banking sector to become less labour-intensive, automation the way forward

Automation in banking has done away with the need to have more people at the service level, and even the skilled manpower requirement will decline over time

bank, banking sector, hsbc News

Bank CEO compensation: Should there be a cap on pay of top bankers?

While all companies follow the practices under corporate governance, the board is often not assertive enough given the stature of the CEO who could be the owner.

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Higher gold prices in India are more a function of exchange rate

Further, trade negotiations over tariffs between the US and China are underway and any movement therein will impact the currencies, which will have an effect on gold.

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Book Review: ‘The Age of Awakening: The story of Indian Economy Since Independence’

Coming out from an era of colonialism, India tended to be statist or socialist in outlook, as capitalism was looked down upon with suspicion and linked with the past.

1947 to 2019 News

RBI transfers are crucial for fiscal management

In the last five years, there has been a sea change in the quantum of transfers. The surpluses have increased manifold and hence resulted in a bounty to the government.

RBI transfers are crucial for fiscal management (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

Fusion: How companies should align their purpose of business with the brand

This book takes readers through how companies should align their purpose of business with that of the brand.

fusion, book review, book reading News

RBI rate cut: Analysing the impact of lowering of the repo rate

Lower rates do not lead to higher investment. This is dependent on the state of the banking system and opportunities for growth.

rbi, rbi repo rate, banking sector News

Mutual funds: Shift towards non-debt asset classes

The share of equity and balanced schemes have increased over the years, which were earlier dominated by debt schemes.

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Budget 2019 is not just about spending, it will strengthen fiscal situation

While Rs 18,500 crore would be lost as tax revenue, it will be made up by higher consumption, leading to increased collections, thus making the fiscal arithmetic strong

budget 2019, Interim Budget, gst rates, demonetisation, tax revenue, NREGA, inflation, income transfer scheme News

Budget 2019: Read between the lines to separate facts from fiction

In a budget speech, one needs to read between the lines to separate the facts from the noise

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Book review: ‘India Unmade: How The Modi Government Broke The Economy’ by Yashwant Sinha and Aditya Sinha

But rather than targeting the PM, they could have generalised their views, as almost all parties have realised that Ayodhya and Sabarimala are potential vote winners and hence a dualistic view has been adopted.

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Modi govt’s push for SME loans, relaxing IBC norms and capital requirements smacks of nationalisation mindset

The govt’s push for SME loans via PSBs, relaxing the IBC norms for NPAs in certain sectors and relaxing the capital conservation requirement for certain banks smacks of the prevalence of the policy mindset that brought abou

bank, Banking Sector, Banking nationalisation, nationalisation of banks News

Book Review: ‘The Big Reverse: How Demonetisation Knocked India Out’ by Meera H Sanyal

The late Meera H Sanyal was not just a cogent banker, but also an advocate of civil society.

demonetisation, noteban, meera sanyal, atm News

Rural distress: Farm sector needs an Amul-like solution

For tackling farm distress efficiently, all links in the value chain—from input procurement to mandis—need to function well. Else, the farm-sector Rut continues.

farm loan, agriculture sector, agriculture industry News

Book Review: ‘The Challenge of Culture: Why the Most Successful Organizations Run on Pushback’ by Nigel Travis

The crux, the author says, is communication and unless organisations have an open culture, this can’t be achieved

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2018 Round-up: Truly, the theatre of the absurd

A lot has been said about tax reforms. Demonetisation has increased the number of taxpayers. GST has increased the number of tax assesses. But where are the collections?

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Book review: ‘Political Risk: How Businesses and Organizations Can Anticipate Global Insecurity’ by Condoleezza Rice and Amy Zegart

A new perspective on politics affecting corporates and businesses and how to tackle it.

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RBI vs Govt of India: RBI autonomy, like FRBM, disciplines the government

We don’t criticise higher taxes as anti-people but justify them on grounds of fiscal discipline, so why are rbi’s rules being attacked as being anti-people?

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Book review: ‘The Jobs Crisis in India’ by Raghavan Jagannathan

Is the job market dead, or are new avenues being created that require reskilling?

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Trouble ahead: Rural demand set to shrink

The post-harvest cum festival season in October and November has been associated with both lower price realisation and slower flow of credit

rural economy, SME sector, GDP, GST, agricultural production, RBI, soybean production News
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