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FDI rules in India: A need for clarity

The norms governing investments in India by entities/citizens of countries with which India shares a land-border need clearer definitions of ‘beneficial ownership’

The notification doesn't mention any country and covers all countries sharing land-border with India, but China is furious as this adversely affects its commercial relations with India.

Making sense of the new FDI norms

The recent revisions made to the FDI policy need more clarity for the benefit of investors and companies that are getting lost in its ambiguity.

Independent Directors: A test of competence?

Anything that can add value, build trust and confidence and enhance corporate governance should be welcomed

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E-commerce vs brick-and-mortar: Govt’s intentions to ensure level playing field good, but may impact foreign entities

Govt’s intentions seem good to ensure a level playing field for the brick-and-mortar retail shops, but the impact that this may have on foreign entities is concerning.

New law on differential voting rights required

Differential voting rights (DVR) can help founders/promoters retain control over the company they create and grow and serve as a defence mechanism against any hostile bid for acquisition of a company.

Indian E-commerce is structured to operate as marketplace model, but there’s more than what meets the eye

Most e-commerce players, if not all of them, function as inventory-based models, with smoke and mirrors to disguise the actual structure.

Beneficial ownership of shares

The real issue creating problems is whether the chain of ownership needs to be seen only one level above or if it needs to go right up to the top to find an individual or a natural person really owning the shares.

A good whistleblower policy must encourage employees to openly and anonymously report concerns

Yet another controversial whistle blower’s case in Infosys has brought the subject back in discussion.


Companies Amendment Act: What is in store for mergers and acquisitions?

With the recent enactment of the Companies Amendment Act, 2017, the legislature’s attempt to clean up the provisions of the existing company law and to facilitate easy business for companies will get mixed reactions.

Companies Amendment Act, merger and acquisition laws, new laws for merger and acquisitions

IBC ordinance, Uday Kotak panel recommendations are constraints on business; all promoters are not evil

Promoters, supposedly the founders and creators of corporations and wealth for other stakeholders, can't always be termed as destroyers of the wealth they create, even when their corporations or businesses become NPAs.

Uday Kotak, IBC ordinance, NPAs

Uday Kotak panel report is more disruptor than game-changer? Corporate governance norms may be obeyed in name only

“Not again!”—could be the reaction of the corporate sector on seeing the new proposals for corporate governance, made by the Uday Kotak committee that was constituted by Sebi.

seeing the new proposals for corporate governance, made by the Uday Kotak committee that was constituted by Sebi. Uday Kotak panel, Uday Kotak, Sebi

Sebi on takeover regulations: How veto rights are back to square one

Readers may recall that last year in March Sebi had floated a discussion paper for public consultation intending to comprehensively change the concept of control in a listed company.

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Tata-DoCoMo verdict: Here’s what it really means

It flows from the judgment that indemnity payments, too, may not need RBI permission though the bank insists on this at present.

Tata Sons, NTT Docomo, Fema, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Reserve Bank of India, SHA, Tata, Tata-Docomo agreement

The learnings from Stayzilla CEO Yogendra Vasupal case

What could have driven the creditor in Stayzilla’s case to file a criminal complaint alleging cheating by the start-up and its founders for non-payment of the dues?

Mergers and acquisitions: No need to regulate the non-compete fee

Unlike in a takeover, in mergers, non-compete fee provided in the scheme is approved by majority shareholders

Class action now in force; shareholders, depositors stand empowered; learn how

The government must keep a low threshold of shareholders or depositors needed to initiate class-action

Column: Expand the companies law tribunals’ ambit

This will speed up resolution of issues outside the companies Act and make doing business in India easier

Column: Expand the companies law tribunals’ ambit

Column: Too little for private companies

The clamour of private firms seeking more exemptions should not be left unheard

Column: Too little for private companies
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