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With COVID-19 cases rising, what can those with comorbidities do to stay safe?

Diabetes is a chronic ailment and has to be managed lifelong and if properly monitored then apparently there is nothing to worry about, but then connect with the doctor and regular checkups are critical.

With COVID-19 cases rising, what can those with comorbidities do to stay safe?

Vaccine registration opens for all adults at 4 PM on Co-Win app: What to expect from May 1?

The vaccines are all also still under emergency use authorization and therefore clarity on their supplies is crucial.

This is apart from many unanswered questions on the issues around final pricing and actual share of supplies and the exact modalities to execute the expanded vaccination drive.

Molnupiravir approval sought to target early stage COVID-19 cases: Natco vice chairman

Natco Pharma’s involvement with Molnupiravir and its relation with the US pharma giant Merck (MSD), which is behind the development of this drug, is however not clear and also not spelt out in the note to the bourses.


Can cryptocurrency bulls provide relief to India’s COVID-19 crisis?

In a sense, as one expert who has looked at this subject closely but does not wish to be identified, says, “it is viewed as any venture capital (VC) or private equity (OE) supporting Covid cause but in this case, stands out


COVID-19: Can India salvage the situation? Here’s what it is doing

At a time when those who are involved with mathematical modelling of the COVID situation and giving projections of the likely peak that India can expect in May, there is a view that a lot could be done to save the situation.

One way, to check the sliding of the moderately sick into serious illness is by focusing on the role that oxygen concentrators or mini oxygen generators can play.

Why is Covaxin’s final safety and efficacy report coming only in June? Bharat Biotech clarifies

The Phase 3 study enrolled 25,800 participants between 18 and 98 years of age, including 10 percent over the age of 60, with analysis conducted 14 days post 2nd dose.

Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin

World Innovation Day: How a healthcare crisis is fostering new ideas and forcing research-culture change

From new vaccines that were made in a matter of months to new technology platforms to the sheer creativity, India has become hub of path-breaking innovation.

World Innovation Day, World Innovation Day 2021, India, coronavirus, covid19, India healthcare

M Narasimham, who set the intellectual framework for banking reforms in India, passes away

Born on June 3, 1927 and residing in Hyderabad, Narasimham was soon to turn 94.


India’s COVID-19 battle: Why is there an outcry for Remdesivir and concerns over the effectiveness of vaccines on the virus

If the goal is to check the transmission then 45 years and above is not the target population because transmission is more through younger people.

Talk to patients getting treated for COVID and in fact, a colleague of this writer is currently in a hospital in Delhi coping with COVID and desperately in need of Remdesivir.

Where did the govt’s Rs 900 crore R&D grant for COVID vaccine development go?

Today, almost all the possible technology platforms deployed globally are also being worked upon in India and it is not as if factories are to be found to make them. There are at least half a dozen leading Indian vaccine make

covid 19 vaccine development

Sputnik V approved: But can it resolve the COVID19 vaccine supply shortage in India?

Experts don't see a quick change in vaccine supply scene, but the approval is a good sign for Dr Reddy's labs.

It has also allowed citizens over the age of 18 years to receive Covid-19 vaccinations beginning May 1.

How the global vaccine hub – India is left scrambling for ways to ramp up vaccine capacities

Most experts have maintained that getting as many people inoculated as possible is the only defense available under the current circumstances and if 70 per cent of India is to be inoculated there is no denying that the demand

covid 19

Face-masks, social distancing & ramped up vaccinations at 10 million doses a day crucial now: Dr Gagandeep Kang

What has complicated matters apparently is that this has happened at a time when the new variants have entered India and local variants are emerging leading to a further spiralling of the viral caseload.


There is more to DMart Founder Damani than his newly acquired Rs 1,000 crore home in Mumbai

Kishore Biyani, the trail blazer in Indian retail who has experimented with a range of formats and exited, sees Damani as “a simple, humble person who works with limited number of variables and is highly focussed.”

Radhakishan Damani, Dmart

New ISB dean designate Madan Pillutla on B-schools in the new pandemic reality

Currently, an incredibly busy professor of organizational behaviour, a department that he chaired in the past at the London Business School, managed to take time out to speak exclusively to Financial Express online.

Professor Madan Pillutla

What to look out for in the Supreme Court judgement in the Tata-Mistry case

Corporate India would be keen to read the Supreme Court judgement today and absorb the flavour and thinking of the court for future matters.

ratan tata cyrus mistry

Double mutation concerns: COVID-19 vaccines working but studies on to assess potential resistance

Speaking to Financial Express Online, he says, these mutations need to be watched closely and studied because they are in the region of the spike protein of the virus, which is also the location that is targeted by most of th

Double mutation concerns: Vaccines working but studies on to assess potential resistance

World TB day: A grim reminder on urgent steps to reverse the setback for India’s major killer disease care

TB has always been an area of concern for India, not just for the sheer numbers involved but also because of the nature of disease, which is contagious and left untreated can lead to serious illness and death.

World TB day

Janata Curfew Anniversary: Experts say get back to basics with COVID testing, tracing, isolation & vaccines for the young

The India numbers become important at a time when there is a rising COVID-19 caseload in the country.

India's total active cases have reached 4,52,647 and currently comprise 3.8 per cent of the country's total infections, it said.

Sebi’s ‘Accredited Investors’ note reaction: Networth not a surrogate for financial acumen

The intention is laudable though the timing may be debatable. Market regulator, Securities Exchange Board of India (Sebi), will today, Thursday, March 18 th , close the window on receiving the views on its consultation paper


India’s National Vaccination Day: Prickly questions that still confront the vaccine hub of the world

Today, 16 March, is National Vaccination day, which some have traditionally also referred to as the national immunisation day.

vaccination in india

Quad Summit: Fillip to Biological E with a huge endorsement for India on the global vaccine map

Now, the Quad summit adds a new dimension. It will help support the creation of capacity at Biological E to make and supply 1 billion doses by 2022 in the Indo-Pacific region.


How 3 hours & 10 experts finally got indigenous Covaxin its safety and efficacy tag

The company had claimed an interim clinical efficacy of 81 percent in its announcement on March 3rd and had got favourable reactions from experts.


Pandemic made women redefine entrepreneurship: SEWA Bank MD Jayshree Vyas

The pandemic-ravaged months have taken a heavy toll on everyone and especially on women, who sadly were the first set of people in many households to take a hit on their careers - either due to a job loss or by opting out to


Interview: Muhammad Yunus on micro-credit & social impact models for a changed world

Microcredit programmes must learn to survive under all disaster situations. Giving up is not an option. One has to be innovative. Complaining about one thing or other for failure will not get microcredit anywhere, he said.

Muhammad Yunus

Solar-powered COVID-19 vaccines storage market sees new player with hybrid offering

Companies in India have not been new to solar-powered solutions in healthcare with some deploying off-grid solutions for a long time now.


Covaxin interim efficacy very good, awaiting more data and full results: Dr Gagandeep Kang

“Interim efficacy results are a planned analysis and are showing very good results for Covaxin. This is excellent news,” says Dr Gagandeep Kang, a highly regarded medical scientist and professor at the Christian Medical C

covaxin news
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