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Right deal: Defence procurement delays hurt national interest

The CAG’s Observations, in its Audit report on Capital Acquisition by IAF, should have been integrated in the defence procurement process.

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Crackdown against shell companies: Why must directors stay when they presided over non-compliance as new normal

Why must they continue as directors when they presided over non-compliance as the new normal?

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Universal basic income for Artificial Intelligence caused job loss pain? How it may build a meaningful life

A universal basic income may not be the be-all, end-all for dealing with artificial intelligence and resulting joblessness, but it provides a foundation to build a meaningful life

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Going cashless: Bitcoin and blockchain why we have to swim in the cyber ocean

The entire money is now perched back safely in the cages of RBI as new notes. The so-called drive against corruption, black money, counterfeiting, terrorism and money laundering made us suffer.

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Doklam standoff: How to safeguard borders; here is where India stands

What do reports on India’s defence preparedness say?

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Bank NPA crisis: Here’s what is crucially missing

Proper medicine is prescribed for chronic NPA infection, but what is missing is strict implementation

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Towards a grassroots democracy

The nation-building process must begin at the bottom of the pyramid; to transform rural India, people at the grassroots must be empowered

Towards a grassroots democracy
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