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Life Insurance: Buying a policy? Must understand these important things

The spurt in sale of unit-linked insurance policies (Ulips) after foreign insurers entered the market in 2001 has strengthened the perception that for accumulating fund for long-term needs such as higher education for childre

life insurance, policy buying, Ulips

Embedded value: The new insurance regulator’s to-do list

Doubling the insurance industry’s growth rate and aligning products to the changing demography will be the top priority for TS Vijayan’s successor

TS Vijayan, insurance regulator,  Hari Narayan, Irdai,  insurance professional, new insurance regulator

Embedded value: How pension funds offer long-term solution for elderly

Life insurers can provide cash-flow through annuities for old-age financial requirements. For that, the government should issue very long-term bonds for pension funds to invest

Embedded value, pension funds, Britons, Role of insurers, Long-term bonds, long-term investments, sovereign bonds, mediclaim policy

Why Q4 sees highest insurance policy sales, explains ex MD and CEO of SUD Life Kamalji Sahay

The last quarter is always the most productive for the life insurance sector because during this quarter all concerned work hard to accomplish their respective targets and the potential buyers see long term advantage in the d

life insurance policy, insurance policy sales, Kamalji Sahay, ex MD and CEO of SUD Life, SUD Life, BFSI sector, intense competition 

Life insurance policy warning: 6 sins that may ruin family

Insufficient life insurance cover and mismanagement of a life insurance contract can ruin the future of your dependents

Life insurance policy, Life insurance policy warning, points keep in mind while buying life insurance policy, policyholder, life insurance contract 

Will insurance plans change to better suit buyers’ long term interests? All you want to know

LIC and other major players have to lead insurers in asset management techniques, product development and cater to those who depend on insurance for meeting their long-term needs.

insurance, insurance markets, social security, buyers, life insurance

Life insurance: For insurers, sale and sensibility are a far cry

During the tenure of a life insurance policy, the customer experiences several moments of truth, which must be graced with due empathy. Sadly, the ground reality is far from the desired standards of professional and ethical m

Life insurance, insurers, sale, sensibility

Financial freedom for all: For that to happen, here is what must come to pass first

For financial freedom to be real and meaningful, the tool of insurance needs to be popularised and provided to all citizens with convenience to purchase and maintain.

Financial Freedom, come to pass first, life insurance industry, life free from hunger, uncertainties in life

How to pick the right insurance company: Here are 4 brief points

Life insurance is a long-term contract. Check your insurance company’s reputation, its claim settlement record and whether it has a trained workforce before signing on the dotted line

insurance company, right insurance company, Here are 4 brief points

Lapsed insurance policies: Data analytics to benefit customers

These days storing data is not an issue and the best use of such data is to analyse them for better decision making and strategising leading to more customer satisfaction and faster growth.

Data analytics, Digitalisation, business transactions, online business transactions, product design, product price, business of insurance, motor insurance, data insurance, life insurance, loyalty cards

Life insurance: Insurers also evaluate family health history and that of individual to fix premium

It is necessary for every young person to decide on buying life insurance policies well on time, when he is eligible for maximum life insurance cover on his life.

Insurance: How to get accident benefit rider with life cover

In developed economies individuals tend to be more self-reliant by adopting various financial tools so that they live their life with dignity and comfort.

Family’s financial security: Life insurance is not just for saving tax; here’s what you need

IT is commonly believed that life insurance plans are meant for saving on individual taxes. This belief is further reinforced by reports appearing in the media during the last quarter of the financial year when people start t

Insurance Repository System is a pioneering effort at offering, buying and maintaining policies by individuals

An insurance repository maintains all policies of an individual in a folder making claims settlement process faster

How to optimise tax for best retirement solutions

While I-T Act encourages building a retirement corpus during working life, tax on annuity is a disincentive

PM Narendra Modi’s digitalisation drive can improve insurance penetration; here’s how

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been vigorously pursuing the agenda of converting the country’s socio-economic landscape into a digital highway for faster and more inclusive growth.

Renewal of policies: Demonetisation should motivate people to go for cashless payments

In spite of a long-term contract, the promised services as per the insurance contract are available to policyholders or to their nominees only if the policies are renewed by paying the contracted instalments of premium on or

Gift or collateral: Here’s how to assign a life insurance policy

A life insurance policy can be assigned as a collateral to raise funds or can be given as a gift

Life insurance policy: Check out what magic of final additional bonus is all about

Alife insurance policy is a long-term contract between the policyholder and the insurer for financial protection to the dependents if the policyholder dies during the tenure of the policy.

Financial Planning: Insurance should not be an investment

A life protection cover should never be seen as a means to multiply investment into wealth

Financial Planning: Insurance should not be an investment

Why buying a child insurance policy should never be postponed

As a first stage of financial safety and security, a young couple generally go for an endowment policy for themselves.

Why buying a child insurance policy should never be postponed

How e-commerce in insurance can be a game-changer

According to an estimate by Google India, by 2020 more than 200 million Indians are likely to be make purchases and sales online. This will result in making paperless transactions as high in volume as the cash transactions in

Embedded Value: Only a reasonable insurance cover can provide security to family in distress

The Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) and the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) have been a masterstroke by the NDA government in carrying the benefits of insurance to the common man.

Embedded Value: Only a reasonable insurance cover can provide security to family in distress

The wisest use of endowment policy is to invest maturity amount

The endowment policy sold by life insurance companies is one of the oldest forms of life insurance products globally.

The wisest use of endowment policy is to invest maturity amount

Embedded Value: Govt needs to give incentives to make annuity products popular

The finance minister stirred the hornets’ nest when he announced taxing 60% of total EPF withdrawal at the time of maturity unless it is used to buy an annuity product from an insurer. This was the government’s attempt to

Embedded Value: Govt needs to give incentives to make annuity products popular

Embedded value: Reduce service tax on policies to make the premium attractive

Around the world insurance premium has been attracting some tax relief as a measure of incentive to the general public to voluntarily provide for risk cover on their life, health or property.

Embedded value: Reduce service tax on policies to make the premium attractive

Insurance industry is not showing proportionate growth indications

Every insurer has to introspect whether it has to move faster than the existing pace, whether it has to achieve better service efficiency or whether it has to bring in cheaper and more customer-friendly products

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