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Ailing healthcare system needs more healing hands

The fault lines of the Indian healthcare system, especially those of our understaffed and under-skilled health workforce, are in urgent need of repair

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Falling maternal mortality: Mothered by primary care & public financing

Two messages come through from the Indian experience: First, strong primary health care is essential to achieve the maximum impact. Second, public financing is vital for infrastructure development, health workforce skilling,

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India needs to have multi-level response

Effective risk communication to the public is vital, to enable it to adopt preventive personal protection measures, seek timely medical care, and avoid mass panic

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National Health Protection Scheme: Why insurance can’t replace primary healthcare

What’s in a name?”, asked a plaintive Romeo Montague, as he sought to woo Juliet of the Capulets. That question could be repeated as the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) changed name to the National Health Protection

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Budget 2018: National Health Policy provides necessary cues

Budget 2018: The action plan is aimed at reducing the out-of-pocket spending on health to 50% by 2020 from 63.4% at present. For both of these targets to be reached, the Budget had to signal the beginning of a steady annual r

Budget 2018: Expectations of the health sector from the Budget were set by the National Health Policy (NHP) and the three-year action plan of the NITI Aayog released in 2017. News

National medical commission bill: Bridge courses undermine alternative medicine, says K Srinath Reddy

The National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, introduced in the Lok Sabha on December 29, 2017, proposes sweeping changes for medical education and regulation in the country.

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Cut-off values for blood sugar, blood pressure: Why do they keep changing? Here is truth

Lowering of cut-offs represents a recognition of the progressive up-slope of the risk association.

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Gorakhpur tragedy: Here is why this is a symptom of a long neglected malady

Failures in policy, planning and regulation have led to poor performance of health systems. Gorakhpur should spur corrective action.

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How to define public purpose for a PPP to move beyond marriage of convenience; here is what is critically crucial

About eleven years ago, I was challenged about the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) being set up as a public private partnership (PPP) through contributions from the government, charitable foundations and private phil

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Will india make it – 2016? Can health techcelerate?

The Prime Minister’s call for innovative technologies to provide breakthrough solutions is most relevant for the health sector

Will india make it – 2016? Can health techcelerate?