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Business schools: Future-proofing students

Pandemic-led economic crisis means we’ve to train future managers differently

A career in machine learning: hype or real?

Machine learning is a subset of a broad area known as Big Data Analytics.

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Why business school must focus on data science and machine learning

With integration of data science and machine learning in regular courses, business schools can deliver most relevant education to tomorrow’s leaders.

How private sector can play a bigger role in higher education

If only a tax rebate incentive is given to private funding for not-for-profit institutions, the govt can mobilise three times the money it has forgone as tax revenue, into the education system.

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Why it is important to fast-track higher education reform

The drive to attain the label of ‘world-class institution’ is becoming stronger by the day, particularly as a credibility measure, considering the relatively poor image of Indian institutions in the international arena.

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Reforming higher education: Let’s not do a half-baked job this time

The finest we have is IISc Bangalore at 152 and IIT Delhi next at 185, in QS Rankings. With financial support and almost full autonomy, this is the best we have attained in 60 years!

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US H1B visa: From brain drain to brain gain, but it will require building an Indian Silicon Valley

A recent Bill by the US Congress aims to tighten the existing H-1B visa norms that have shaken the Indian IT industry.

Role of research in an academic institution is significant, here’s why

In a globalised world, the role of research in an academic institution is significant for its sustainability and development, and it is imperative to have knowledge-driven growth based on innovation.

Why private participation in higher education must be incentivised

Private sector participation in higher education must not only be encouraged, but rather be incentivised

Why India needs education reforms now

We have to revive the very thinking of parity in rules and regulations governing both the public and private sector higher educational institutions

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