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Remembering Meera Sanyal: Never stop dancing, never give up

She taught us that we have to stand up and ‘demand’ quality candidates from every political party

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Rupee vs Dollar in 2019: Volatility to remain high, will increase going forward

From a technical standpoint, too, it appears that volatility will remain high and/or increase going forward.

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The billion-dollar question on rupee: Is it going back to 69?

It is now necessary to monitor kurtosis to assess whether there may be a threat of another rupee dive some time over the next six months

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Gender equality is an idea whose time has come: Jamal Mecklai, CEO, Mecklai Financial

The real reason #MeToo has caught fire now is because the global political landscape is increasingly barren and is crying out for change.

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Is the Rupee’s sudden steadiness real?

Brace for continued volatility. Exporters should reduce their tenor of risk identification

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Forecasting: A chanawala’s guess is as good as an expert’s when markets go crazy and are volatile

In any market at any time, nobody knows what is going to happen the next second, the next minute, the next hour, leave alone the next three months or a year.

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Fall in Rupee not a problem, but, a symptom. How about an IL&FS-like panel to tackle the real issue?

Our fundamental ailment is weak exports, and the current negative sentiment surrounding the rupee is only a symptom. Any measure to alleviate the same would only be buying time

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Flirting with danger: If the rupee touches 73 again, RBI should push the off-meeting button

If the rupee touches 73 again, RBI should push the off-meeting button—rather than creating panic as had been feared, this will signal that RBI is engaged and recognises the `trauma'.

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Falling Rupee: How to ease importers’ trauma

Learning from the market is very expensive; but not learning from the market can be disastrous

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Exchange risk: Expert advice for companies which use ladder strategy

Many companies use a ladder strategy, which means the near term is hedged (close to 100%) with reducing hedge percentages as you go out in tenor.

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Is the USD ready to turn lower?

The trade war rhetoric may result in the dollar weakening to address Trump’s focus on bilateral trade deficits and there is talk about the US Treasury intervening in currency markets for the first time since 1985.

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Staring at another crisis: There is increasing nervousness about inflation that Trump’s trade wars could exacerbate

It is the nature of the beast that we use events—like the day you were born—to define nodal points, even though the actual starting point was likely much earlier, when your mother and father met, for instance.

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The (un)Sacred Games of lynchings

It is blindingly obvious that there is nobody in charge, or that those in charge really don’t give a shit, or that local hoodlums persist in such activities because they are encouraged by those in charge.

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The run on rupee may be ending

Total portfolio outflows from India since May this year were a huge $9.5 billion, and given that Indian interest rates remain reasonably attractive, it is hard to see outflows accelerating from this level.

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A turning point in upon us – Technology will drive decentralisation

A turning point is upon us—technology will drive decentralisation and the sharing of assets and experiences, as will the vast armies of people who are working towards a shared future.

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Monetary tightening – more to come

In particular, as already explained, global borrowing costs are set to go up, as a result of which this week’s monetary action by RBI is likely to be merely a beginning.

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RBI shows who’s the boss

Since 2013, the rupee has fallen as sharply as it has recently twice, and both times, the rupee returned to a steady state within weeks

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Is the rupee headed to a 68 to a dollar?

One way to balance out risks is to simply recognises the obvious fact that if you hedge, you are paying premium, and every day you don’t hedge, you are saving money

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How a 100% hedge would produce a better return

Increasingly, even companies who have business contracts of shorter horizons, but who have longstanding customer relationships, so they are able to estimate their sales into the future, are looking to shift their risk horizon

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The march of a new party: AAP is making strides in Madhya Pradesh

That the people are fed up with the BJP is obvious, not just locally, where there has been no meaningful development, but nationally as well, where in its desperation, the party seems to be ever more aggressively trying to sh

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Privacy doesn’t exist in a global village

Technology, by its very nature, simply keeps evolving. Existing structures that sustain themselves on control of information will steadily dwindle—open source is the imminent future.

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Rupee’s tightrope walk: There is increase dollar demand – Know why

There is increased dollar demand, on the one side, and RBI’s obeisance to volatility control, on the other.

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How markets are seeing a shift in sentiment

Over the past couple of years, the market has been in a mood to take all news as good news. Today, it may well be the reverse

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Why #MeToo is just the beginning

Love and joy, more than money and power, will be the most valuable tradables in the new world

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Equity Rhapsody: For 7 trading session, markets everywhere have been throwing rocks at investors

For seven trading sessions, markets everywhere have been throwing rocks at investors and nobody can say when it will end.

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Think about Dollar: If the Fed changes rate more often than anticipated, India could see a bolus of outflows

There are many analysts who are saying (hoping) that the Fed will not raise rates three times in 2018, as it has said it will. If it does raise rates more sharply and/or more often—given the US economy is as close to full e

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Indian rupee in 2018: Jamal Mecklai says currency to be valued in 61.5-70 range to US dollar

There will be higher rupee volatility than what prevailed in 2017—it will be valued within the range of 61.5-70 to the dollar.

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