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Time for a big bang: Rupee needs to be made convertible on capital account

RBI, of course, has been steadily buying dollars—its reserves have risen by over $1 billion for seven straight weeks—no doubt aware that a stronger rupee would be disastrous for both the export sector, and local manufactu

Dr Rajan, who had just come in as RBI Governor, launched his rescue effort, which helped the rupee recover to 58 in about a year. News

AAP has arrived: Delhi govt has been delivering the goods over last 5 years

Its approach to governance is systematic, which means changes are likely to be sustainable.

aap, aam admi party News

Weak Rupee: Will it boost exports?

Indeed, the sudden outflow of about $2 bn in August did push the rupee quickly through 70 to 72+, but it has recovered since then, despite continuing FPI selling in the equity markets.

It does seem that India’s government yield of 6-6.5% could continue to draw investment interest, despite the fumbling economy and nervous rupee News

Jalan panel’s recommendations represent a possible silver lining

Given that the global growth environment is also turning more difficult, the government needs to wake up and build on its lone expert-driven success.

Jalan Committee, RBI, India economic growth, india fiscal deficit target, india GDP, Modi government economy, india policy frameworks, GST reforms, GDP growth fall News

To generate growth with equity, the driving principal should be to make labour-earned income tax free

To regenerate growth with equity, the driving principle should be to make labour-earned income tax-free; only money earned from money should be taxable.

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Can Mumbai be the next international centre like Istanbul?

Today, Istanbul is an amazing place, a wonderful blend of khandani and hip, reflected in the extraordinary traditional architecture sitting side by side with very sophisticated contemporary art; in sync, the people live a sen

Mumbai, international centre, Istanbul, financial express, financiale xpress opinion, turkey,  News

Budget 2019: Sovereign borrowing plan and its likely impact on local FX and interest rate market

Budget 2019: A prudent, if a bit aggressive, first-time borrower in foreign exchange would likely try and raise about 15-20% of its requirement in the global market

Budget 2019, budget, startups,budget highlights, budget 2019 date, budget 2019 PDF, budget 2019 highlights, budget 2019 income tax, budget highlights 2019 india News

How this model can significantly reduce risk of companies by identifying rupee’s behaviour in advance

On balance, the model produces significant savings in cost with contained risk; importantly, it can also enable companies to increase their tenor of risk identification

Digging deeper into the averages, we found that on a 6-month basis, the ` fell less than the premium (including appreciating significantly many times) as often as 58% of the time News

Modi must eliminate polarisation to make India truly great

Modi can focus his attention on turning India into a truly great country. And the first thing that he needs to do is to eliminate the polarisation.

pm modi, pm narendra modi, narendra modi, iftaar News

India needs fresh political blood, seeing small amounts of it already

There is a need for fresh political blood, and the good news is that we are seeing small amounts of it already.

India needs fresh political blood, seeing small amounts of it already

Patriotism will always trump nationalism

In the end, nationalism will always fail both because it is antithetical to the human spirit and also because, being inward-looking and exclusive, it leads to poor—and, sometimes, disastrous—economic outcomes.

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What will the rupee do now

After every sharp decline, there is a reaction; and, after the reaction runs its course, the rupee continues back down—usually below the previous all-time low but, at the very least, back to that level.

What will the rupee do now News

Socialism is coming to America! Little doubt that tax rates on wealthy in US are going to rise

Clearly, socialism is coming to America even though an extraordinary number of people in the US (and, to be sure, other countries) are extremely touchy about the word

Socialism is coming to America! Little doubt that tax rates on wealthy in US are going to rise News

Artificially low inflation has hurt farmers, solution lies in balancing consumer-farmer interests

One of them was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.

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Remembering Meera Sanyal: Never stop dancing, never give up

She taught us that we have to stand up and ‘demand’ quality candidates from every political party

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Rupee vs Dollar in 2019: Volatility to remain high, will increase going forward

From a technical standpoint, too, it appears that volatility will remain high and/or increase going forward.

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The billion-dollar question on rupee: Is it going back to 69?

It is now necessary to monitor kurtosis to assess whether there may be a threat of another rupee dive some time over the next six months

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Gender equality is an idea whose time has come: Jamal Mecklai, CEO, Mecklai Financial

The real reason #MeToo has caught fire now is because the global political landscape is increasingly barren and is crying out for change.

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Is the Rupee’s sudden steadiness real?

Brace for continued volatility. Exporters should reduce their tenor of risk identification

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Forecasting: A chanawala’s guess is as good as an expert’s when markets go crazy and are volatile

In any market at any time, nobody knows what is going to happen the next second, the next minute, the next hour, leave alone the next three months or a year.

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Fall in Rupee not a problem, but, a symptom. How about an IL&FS-like panel to tackle the real issue?

Our fundamental ailment is weak exports, and the current negative sentiment surrounding the rupee is only a symptom. Any measure to alleviate the same would only be buying time

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Flirting with danger: If the rupee touches 73 again, RBI should push the off-meeting button

If the rupee touches 73 again, RBI should push the off-meeting button—rather than creating panic as had been feared, this will signal that RBI is engaged and recognises the `trauma'.

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Falling Rupee: How to ease importers’ trauma

Learning from the market is very expensive; but not learning from the market can be disastrous

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Exchange risk: Expert advice for companies which use ladder strategy

Many companies use a ladder strategy, which means the near term is hedged (close to 100%) with reducing hedge percentages as you go out in tenor.

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Is the USD ready to turn lower?

The trade war rhetoric may result in the dollar weakening to address Trump’s focus on bilateral trade deficits and there is talk about the US Treasury intervening in currency markets for the first time since 1985.

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Staring at another crisis: There is increasing nervousness about inflation that Trump’s trade wars could exacerbate

It is the nature of the beast that we use events—like the day you were born—to define nodal points, even though the actual starting point was likely much earlier, when your mother and father met, for instance.

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The (un)Sacred Games of lynchings

It is blindingly obvious that there is nobody in charge, or that those in charge really don’t give a shit, or that local hoodlums persist in such activities because they are encouraged by those in charge.

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