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Infra spending is good, but what is needed to mitigate the pandemic’s impact is spending to support income

Policies need to focus on minimising this massive income loss from the pandemic’s permanent scarring.


Budget 2021: Constructive, but not enough

Budget allays fears of excessive tightening; tail risk remains

Union Budget 2021

Budget 2018: Spend priorities and revenue sources could have been restructured to meet challenges

Budget 2018: The budget ignored these facts, instead choosing to justify accommodating a 0.3% of GDP breach of the FY18 deficit target and postponing the commitment made in the last budget to a 3% of GDP deficit target for F

Budget 2018: Turning to India, much has been blamed on demonetisation, GST, and bad debt as the culprits behind the slowdown. While it is undeniable that they have been disruptive, perhaps even more than appreciated today, it is hard to pin all the blame on them

Union Budget 2017: On a wing and a prayer, says JP Morgan Chase Bank’s Jahangir Aziz

One can pray the world turns out to be as benign as anticipated. Otherwise, policies could well have to be altered dramatically

Public banks: Critical debt problem calls for deep surgery, not more band aid

The critical debt problem calls for deep surgery, not more band aid.

PSU banks - bad loans
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