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The Things We Do | Book Review: Things Are Against Us by Lucy Ellmann

A call to be angry, very very angry, with the way the world is taking shape around us

Anti-American sentiment rules in Lucy Ellmann's book, and the Afghan crisis just drives the point home (Verified UGC via AP)

Homestays to see strong growth in coming decade: Puneet Chhatwal, CEO, IHCL

"The homestay segment will experience strong growth in the coming decade as India’s infrastructure of roads and highways is further developed and amã is well poised to participate in that growth journey," Chhatwal says.

Homestay, Travel

Budget 2021: Time has come to give tourism the importance it deserves, says MD & CEO Puneet Chhatwal of IHCL

Union Budget 2021 India: Says Budget is an opportunity for the government to support sector that is largest multiplicator of jobs

Budget 2021-22, Union Budget 2021

Socially-distanced events, contactless stays and the new rules of hospitality

As hotels reopen across the country, we check out how things have changed in a sector that relies heavily on a personalised experience and how the industry is adapting to offer the same services, but without a ‘personal tou

While all these changes might seem cosmetic for guests, the pandemic has meant an entire paradigm change for the hotel management and staff.

Pandemic changes nothing on its head; will have no enduring impact: Ruchir Sharma

"India has to think about its self-interest before banning something from China. We cannot do anything just because it satisfies our ego. Trade with neighbours needs to grow."

The idea is to show to India and the world, based on the research we have done, what other nations have done better over a period of time to achieve high growth, that these are the 10 things that matter to increase prosperity in a world that is deglobalising.

Life in times of a pandemic: Some good,temporary or permanent, might come out

Technology surely trumps many other things we have come to appreciate, as easy and instant communication is not merely convenient, but a lifesaver.

Coronavirus insurance DBS bank india offer

Temple within oneself: What matters is inwards, not outwards, says artist Ghiora Aharoni

A religious structure at the heart of a conflict seems a bit too familiar. But for a globetrotting artist, it is a universal issue, mirroring conflict globally. Sadly, art only offers a message, and no resolution

Ghiora Aharoni, India Art Fair, Hebrabic, artwork, Hebrabic, Amsterdam, Buddhist shrines, femininity, Amsterdam

Untouchable art: Can English become a Dalit deity? Read this to know

Can hunger get poetic? Can English become a Dalit deity? Can a menial job become a fashion enterprise? Works by Dalit artists could have some answers

art, gallery

Culture can be India’s most powerful strategic weapon: Sunil Munjal

The idea of creating this arts festival was also to expose the younger generation to the diverse cultural heritage of our nation, which roots from this part of our nation that we refer to as rural.

Culture, India, powerful, strategic weapon, Sunil Munjal, Serendipity Arts Festival, Bihar, Bengal, Odisha

The Testaments | History does not repeat itself, but rhymes

Nothing in the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale feels dystopian as Margaret Atwood seamlessly picks up the threads 35 years later

The Testaments book review, Republic of Gilead, Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale, Greta Thunberg, Mexico-US borders, ISIS, north korea

SodaBottleOpenerWala: The nostalgiawala place

A niche regional cuisine gets a quirky revival, and five years down memory lane, is still going strong.

Why Indian food is so special for celebrated chef Christine Manfield

In the national capital to collaborate with another acclaimed chef, Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent, Manfield presented a series of recipes from her book Tasting India: Heirloom Family Recipes.

The chef’s recipes include banana flower dal; jalebi-rabdi; and whole eggplants with tomato

Pie in the sky: No regional leader can break state borders and claim PM post, says Ruchir Sharma

Drawing from his travels in the past 20 years, global investor and author Ruchir Sharma, in his new book, Democracy on The Road, forecasts the Lok Sabha election of 2019 to be an unpredictable, super-competitive one.

Interview with Martin Gelin, Swedish Author: Crisis of information on net as big and urgent as climate change

Gelin tells about the gigantic role the internet and its tools play in our lives and what needs to be done to optimise its use

Christmas in Milan: Witness the elegance with which world’s fashion capital celebrates Jesus Christ’s birthday

The fashion capital of the world wears the Christmas festivity with an understated grace but full-on style.

Christmas, Christmas in milan, Christmas in paris, milan, fashion capital

We are breaking the norms of traditional hotel chains: Kapil Chopra, founder & chief executive officer, The Postcard Hotel

The Postcard, as a brand, is more than just a chain of small hotels. It is a movement to bring back the old way to holiday, where you awaken to a new way of seeing with gimmick-free holidays that are effortlessly merged with

We are breaking the norms of traditional hotel chains: Kapil Chopra, founder & chief executive officer, The Postcard Hotel

Auction house Sotheby’s set to test India market, eyes Rs 63 crore in Mumbai sales

l Set for first auction in India; attracted by ‘inherent stability’ in the market.

sotheby, art exhibition

A Madras affair: South India’s oldest hotel reopens in modern avatar

South India’s oldest hotel, Taj Connemara, reopens in a modern avatar, but with all the nostalgia intact.

Book review: Stephen Hawking’s Brief Answers to the Big Questions

Celebrity scientist Stephen Hawking does it again. In his final book—in development while he was alive and completed later—he gives us an addictive manual on our origins, our present and our possible future. We distill hi

Stephen Hawking , Stephen Hawking book

Why are luxury brands attracted to India? Top executive of Emporio, India’s first luxe retail destination, explains

Each mall develops its own persona and morphs over the years, but Emporio has been able to sustain its luxury, look, ambience, feel and brands the way we envisaged it.

Call of Beauty: Cosmetic market is getting a makeover – know about brands bringing revolution in your vanity case

Indian consumers no longer need to look at foreign cosmetic brands, as a slew of Indian companies are changing the rules of the game with their unique and innovative offerings. From crowdsourced products, customised offerings

vanity, cosmetic market

Chocolate in curry, onions in desserts—Mexican food beyond tacos and salsa

Considering the sweetness of the chile pasilla stuffed with goat’s cheese served by chef Alondra Maldonado Rodriguera, at an ongoing Mexican food festival organised by the country’s embassy in Delhi, she is gentleness per

The story of Suhring brothers: How chefs from Germany elevated a plebeian cuisine to an award-winning one

In the national capital recently, cooking at the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Suhring brothers admitted that the Germans were not so proud of their cuisine like the Japanese, Italians or Indians

Gen Y checks in: How is the hospitality industry tailoring its offerings for millennials

The absence of the colour beige is the most noticeable as you walk into Aloft, Marriott’s brand for millennials, in the national capital.

industry, hospitality industry

Book review: James Crabtree’s The Billionaire Raj talks of India’s new gilded age

Tracing the stories of India’s billionaires, often termed the ‘Bollygarchs’, in his book, The Billionaire Raj, James Crabtree talks with Sunday FE about the inequality of wealth in India, crony capitalism and the challe

The Billionaire Raj, The Billionaire Raj book review, The Billionaire Raj author, James Crabtree, Billionaire 

‘Indian art market’s modern, inherent stability a strength’

As Sotheby’s prepares to hold its first auction in India in Mumbai later this year, Yamini Mehta, international head of department, Indian, Himalayan and south-east Asian art/modern and contemporary south Asian art, tells u

Here is a peek into ITC’s newest property Kohenur, symbolic of the shift Hyderabad city is witnessing

ITC has invested Rs 775 crore in Kohenur, a luxury business hotel that is its 12th luxury property

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