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Before antibiotics, try these home remedies for the flu

The medical term for flu comes from the Italian phrase “Influenza di freddo” or the “the influence of cold”...

Flu, Influenza, infection, cold, bad cold, cough, antibiotics, flu home remedies

Eating healthy and fighting cancer go hand in hand

Include colourful vegetables in your diet and aim to have at least half of them uncooked...

Vegetables, eating healthy

Cured meats like sausages, the new favourite, aren’t most healthy

With westernisation of diets, cured meats are becoming increasingly popular and people travel distances...

Cured meats like sausages, the new favourite, aren’t most healthy

Wake up to the benefits of drinking coffee

If you thought your favourite cup of coffee was unhealthy, think again!!

Festival cheer marred by nasty hangover? 7 tips on how to avoid it

Research shows that gin and vodka, beverages that contain less of the biologically active compounds cause fewer headaches.

Spice up your diet to care for the heart

Spices were some of the most valuable items of trade in the ancient and medieval world as they have been a part of healing remedies for centuries.

8 tips on how you can switch to sugar-free diet

If you decide to eat a sugar-free diet, whether due to medical reasons or personal preferences, you need to get 'sugar-wise'.

sugar import

Dietary tips for the wedding season

Weddings are significant life events when brides and grooms want to look their best...

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