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Eavesdropper: Tracing consumer preferences

Companies are finding new ways to figure what a consumer wants; sampling subscriptions are one way to go

Rural India: Covid deaths rising faster than cases

One reason for the higher share of deaths in rural areas could be the limited availability of medical facilities. There is just one functioning primary healthcare centre (PHC) for every 64,800 persons and one PHC doctor for e

Eavesdropper: RISC and how it delivers on efficiency gains

Apple’s success will spell trouble for Intel. It would also force others to adopt ARM for laptops.

Covid: Infections fall on lower testing, death toll rising

Given how social distancing norms were flouted during election rallies, one would have expected Bihar to be the corona hotspot by now but cases in the state have come down drastically; it is now recoding an average of 600 inf

Coronavirus in Delhi: Large hospitals barely have spare capacity to fight rising infections

The occupancy rates of hospitals beds, ICUs and ventilators across the capital have been steadily increasing.

For the 13 hospitals, which account for 663 ICU beds, the occupancy was 95%. (Representative image)

Covid-19 update: Infections in Gurgaon rising faster than Delhi

While Delhi certainly has a larger number of infections than its adjoining regions, the rate of growth is lower than that in Gurgaon.

Eavesdropper: Getting two-factor authentication right

As smartphone adoption picks up, banks need to look for other methods for multi-factor authentication

There is little doubt that given the increasing bouts of attacks, companies need to spend more on cybersecurity, and this cannot be achieved until they are asked to commit a certain percentage of expenditure.

Delhi’s Covid crisis worsens, officials predict shortage of beds, ventilators

And this is after a Central government panel had advised Delhi to prepare for 15,000 fresh cases every day; right now, the city has half that number of daily cases.

Coronavirus: Not just cases, in Delhi deaths too are rising

At one point Delhi accounted for just 3.6% of the country’s daily deaths but that has now jumped to 14%. In terms of cases, Delhi’s share has gone up from 3.7% to 15.2% during this period.

The occupancy rate in the case of non-Covid ICU beds was 77%.

COVID-19: In Bihar, less people are getting infected, but more are dying

An analysis of the ratio of recent deaths to daily infections shows that there has been a nearly three times increase in the proportion of deaths to cases.

Covid: Despite muted Durga Puja celebrations, cases in Kolkata rising

Moreover, West Bengal on Thursday had a positivity of 8.8% higher than the 7.9% that it recorded on October 5.

Moreover, West Bengal on Thursday had a positivity of 8.8% higher than the 7.9% that it recorded on October 5.

Covid-19: Cities getting worse as winter approaches

On September 14, 2.6% of active cases in the city were on ventilators, and another 2.7% were in the ICU. But on October 31, this proportion had increased, as Delhi recorded 2.7% people on ventilators and 4.3% in ICUs.

However, Delhi is not the only city to experience this trend. Despite active cases falling from 30,271 on September 14 to 18,438 on October 31, the proportion of serious cases in Mumbai has also increased.

Election fever: Bihar reduces Covid-19 testing rate

The analysis of testing data over the last two months reveals that as elections approached, instead of increasing its testing numbers, Bihar reduced its testing.

This is also the reason for its low positivity rate.

Eavesdropper: The games we play

NTT’s application of sensors and use of data for Tour de France shows how far we can take technology in sports

The extent of innovations is limited, but Formula 1 racing has converted every aspect of the sport into a technology-driven experience.

Covid concern: Amid Durga puja celebrations, hospitalisations in Kolkata are rising

As of October 25, cases in the city were growing by 1.2% daily, higher than 1.1% growth witnessed in September.

covid 19

Covid-19: India may run out of ventilator beds if active infections go up sharply in winter or festive season

A recent study called “National Supermodel of Covid-19” indicated active cases could spike to 13 lakh if the precautions are inadequate and 26 lakh if none are taken.

Medical marvel: IBM, Pfizer studies may help detect onset of Alzheimer’s and delay the the disease

Although such tests lack accuracy, they do help in early detection or even nudging people to get themselves tested.

But such technological breakthroughs are not only limited to finding solutions to tackle Sars-Cov-2

Eavesdropper: You can takeout the data anytime, but can you leave?

Google and others allow you to take out the data, but portability is still a problem

Similarly, while Google allows a takeout of data from its 47 services via its website takeout.google.com, portability with other services is still an issue.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G: Will the new Fold unfold a new era for Samsung phones?

A massive improvement over last year’s iteration, Galaxy Z Fold2 has to now get the price and the ecosystem right

Coronavirus in India: Festivals are super spreaders

West Bengal is already showing a spike in infections—the state recorded its highest daily addition of 3,677 cases on Friday. If the situation is not to deteriorate, the state administration needs to be strict with devotees

Book Review| A World Without Work: Technology, Automation and How We Should Respond by Daniel Susskind

Not everyone will agree with Daniel Susskind’s vision of the future, but it is surely something to deliberate about

A file photo of an attendee playing a game of Scrabble against a robot at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, US (Bloomberg)

Correct auction design can yield some noble results

Too much emphasis is put on maximizing revenues; for govt services, emphasis must be on raising societal welfare

One possibility is to use the ‘second-price’ auction theory of another economics Nobel, William Vickrey, to avoid the winner’s curse; in this case, allow the winning bidder to pay what the second-highest bidder offered.

Eavesdropper: The world from above: Musk, Bezos, and Zuckerberg have their eyes set on the sky

While Musk is still far away from his ambitious plan to put 40,000 satellites in the lower earth orbit, till now, he has only 770 satellites floating in the sky. However, the announcement assumes importance because of his pro

Musk claims he seems to have breached the first barrier at least.

India’s COVID-19 recovery conundrum: High recovery rate indicate the worst is over but data look dodgy

Corona cases recovery in India: A major reason for this may be the states not testing coronavirus infected individuals again to confirm that they have fully recovered.

Although a high recovery rate and more recoveries than infections indicate that the worst is over, in India’s case the data on coronavirus recoveries look dodgy.

COVID-19 cases in India: Is the Coronavirus curve over? Here’s what Covid-19 data shows

Covid-19 Tally in India: While this may indicate a slowing down of infection in the country, as India prepares for its second wave, careful analysis of testing data across states shows otherwise.

The government does not provide a breakup between RT-PCR and RAT tests, but this can be gauged from the share of states that rely on RAT tests increasing overtime.

Bengaluru COVID-19 update: Karnataka capital to soon become India’s top corona city

The city is also running short of hospital infrastructure

PayTM has a long way to go before weaning users off Google’s platform

A key factor is that stakeholders like users, OEMs, developers, and government have to come together to create such a store.

PayTM has since been able to convince 300 creators to list their apps.
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