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Covid-19 surge: Number of districts with over 1,000 cases double in a month

Covid-19 cases in India: Nearly one-third of infections are now coming from rural and semi-urban areas, and if this trend continues then by the month-end rural and semi-urban districts will account for half of India’s total

In terms of the number of districts with 20 deaths, this has nearly tripled from 35 to 91.

Cornavirus cases: India overtakes US! Records highest single-day cases in the world

This, however, is just a one-time event since the US usually adds around 65,000-70,000 per day, with the figure dipping every 5-7 days.

India crossed Brazil four days ago, taking the second slot, in terms of fresh daily infections.

Explained: What is natural language processing GPT-3, and how it works

GPT-3 is like any artificial intelligence programme, just with a more extensive database.

While GPT-3 has a better AI, no doubt, what differentiates it, is the vast database and high-level processing.

Quantum leap? US plans for unhackable internet may not fructify within a decade, but India is far behind

While the government announced a plan to invest Rs 8,000 crore over the next five years in the National Mission on quantum technology in the Budget, no disbursement has been made till now.

The success, in this case, is dependent on a property of quantum particles called entanglement.

Covid-19: Semi-urban areas could become the next hotspots

Till even a fortnight ago, four of every five infections were detected in India’s urban centres. However, that share is now down to below 70%, having fallen by 11%. They may still account for the majority of infections but

Why India’s Covid recoveries look dodgy

Around a third of Indian states and UTs had a recovery time of fewer than 10 days. In the case of Andhra Pradesh, the recovery time was 14 days on June 29, and this has fallen to just eight days now.

The Room Where It Happened: Former US NSA exposes the frailties of the Trump administration

Former US national security adviser exposes the frailties of the Trump administration, but falls woefully short in providing an analysis of backroom dealings and policy decisions

US President Donald Trump. White House has lately seen numerous exits on the whims and fancies of the chair and those closest to it (Bloomberg Image)

Covid-19: India to have highest daily Coronavirus cases in world! To surpass US in two weeks, data suggests

Coronavirus cases in India: What is worrying is that as India’s testing levels have risen, so have positivity levels; positivity is defined as the number of new infections as a share of the number of new tests.

Covid-19 cases: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh lead Southern surge; Record one-lakh infections

Covid cases in South India: What’s worrying is that most of the infections in AP and Karnataka have been detected in the last one month, 85% of them since early July.

Serological-survey, antibodies and Elisa tests: What they mean in Covid-19 diagnosis

Coronavirus test: A serological survey is an antibody test conducted on a sample of the population to assess how many people have been affected.

The body’s usual response is to create antibodies to fight the infection.

All in the name of science – firms using data for research, but should users have control

Google and Amazon may have to share more data than they would like to, otherwise, the government would be breathing down their necks.

Zoom vs JioMeet vs Google Meet: Battle of the video-conferencing apps for virtual meetings

India’s new entrant, BlueJeans, may give others a run for the money. JioMeet will have to be redesigned

There are two new entrants —two telecom companies—in the Indian market trying to upend video-conferencing.

Coronavirus cases in Bengaluru rising at rapid rate; To overtake Mumbai in three weeks

Bangalore Coronavirus cases: While Mumbai’s infections were growing at 2% per day a month ago and Bengaluru at 10%, Mumbai’s infection growth has fallen to 1.3% while Bengaluru’s is still 8.7%.

Bengaluru’s infections, however, will continue to rise as, unlike Mumbai, it’s positivity —new infections as a share of new tests — is still rising, from 5.5% a month ago to 14.4% on July 18.

Formula Ahead: With equal footing, races more about driver than the car itself

If this season is any indication, in 2022, teams will be on somewhat of an equal footing. With all due respect to Ferrari, both its drivers and team manager have failed on these fronts. LeClerc has still shown some mettle, bu

What are business communication platforms and how do they work – Explained

Instead of allowing everything on mail, these platforms allow companies to create groups and communicate in real-time, while also sharing files and messages over the service.

Google, which has its suite of products, does not wish to lose out in the race.

Jio Glass: Reliance better placed than Google and Facebook to make mixed reality a reality

If Jio Glass is successful, Reliance would have succeeded where both its investors Google and Facebook have failed

With a Rs 5,000 price tag Jio Glass will capture the market.

Over one million coronavirus cases in India: Covid19 tally could surpass Brazil within a week!

India Covid19 Tally: Positivity has been high in the initial stages of the pandemic because primarily those with systems and persons known to be in contact with them are being tested.

On the contrary, positivity has risen to 10% from 9.3% in July 9.

Tracking Covid: Kolkata infections double, a lot more to go

What is worrying, however, is that with the city not reporting any data on testing, there is no way to ascertain whether infections are still rising or not.

At any time, increasing the number of tests done is important, at a time when positivity is rising, it is even more critical.

Breathing new life into healthcare: How a company producing solar panels started manufacturing ventilators

There have been no recalls. Our ventilators have run 24/7 for over 25 days and, in some cases, more than that. We have kept everything under our control.

Nikhil Kurele, Co-founder & CEO, Nocca Robotics

Eavesdropper: If govt is serious about creating Indian apps, then it needs to look at comparative advantage

As one-fourth of TikTok’s downloads come from India, and some of the products like Helo were focused entirely on the Indian market, the move is certainly expected to hurt the Chinese.

A Goldsmith in his Shop (1449) Petrus Christus

Teaming with AI: How Microsoft is taking on Zoom on ‘virtual background’ front

Microsoft last week announced features that will help users enable team mode, where they can sit together in a different environment.

But as work from home becomes a norm, and people get attuned to living with video calling apps, companies are incorporating more features to keep their userbase.

Galileo And the Science Deniers: Story of science of denial and how, centuries later, things are still the same

Cloaked in the story of Galileo Galilei is the story of science deniers, and how, centuries later, things are still the same

Covid-19: Here’s how increased testing is reducing Coronavirus deaths in India

In the case of Mumbai, death rates rose from 5.3% on June 17 to 5.8% on July 9, probably because the city’s testing levels have remained constant in the 4,000-5,000 range for some time now.

The per day testing capacity, which was around 1.5 lakh on May 25, is nearly four lakh per day now, Sharma informed.

Tracking Covid: Bengaluru infections rise 24 times in 30 days!

Bengaluru was reporting just about six new cases per day in May – by the end of May, it had 291 cases.

While they accounted for 3.2% of India’s infections a month ago, this is now up to 8.8%.

App Wars: Desi TikToks – Roposo, Mitron, Chingari – have a long way to go

After the ban, TikTok usage fell to 6.8 minutes a day while Roposo rose to 14.5 minutes, Sharechat to 22.1 minutes, Mitron to 7.7 minutes and 5.3 minutes for Chingari.

TikTok, TikTok US, TikTok China, TikTok ban

Coronavirus cases surge in India! Two-third cases added in just one month

State-wise Covid19 cases in India: Among the states whose share has gone up dramatically are Telangana; it was 1.2% a month ago and is 4.7% today. Tamil Nadu has gone up from 13% to 18%, Karnataka from 2.2% to 4.1% and Andhra

In the case of Delhi, 70% of today’s infected were added in the last month.

India now ahead of Brazil in daily Covid-19 cases; takes second spot behind the US

This could, however, just be a one-time event for the time being. An analysis of data trends shows that Brazil’s daily additions dip every 4-5 days before picking up again.

This could, however, just be a one-time event for the time being.
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