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Techsplained: How Alexa, Siri, Google listen you to provide search results

As IBM Watson has been able to achieve some scale, the company believes that by putting the NLP technology in commercial use it will be able to expand its capabilities much further.

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Covid-19: Want contactless payments? Go digital

Payment modes like UPI, IMPS, RTGS, mobile wallets and netbanking can contribute effectively in reducing human interactions in the time of coronavirus.

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Book Review: Kochland – The Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America

The story of Ewings was the story of America’s elite, more importantly, the story of oil in the US and the rise of a new class.

The story starts with Fred Koch, the founder of Koch Industries, with focus on his second-eldest son, Charles, who would go on to expand the empire. News

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Can Samsung flip the competition?

The phone has the right amount of sheen, and while it does look like a compact mirror, the design makes it easy to carry.

The Flip is not S20, so there are no zoom or quad cameras. News

Apps that can help India tackle coronavirus

Google has also been sending its “do the five” updates to android users and recently released “do the five” campaign on its search engine.

But Indian apps are still playing catch-up to the likes of what tech companies are doing in Singapore. News

Techplained: What is Voice over WiFi calling and how does it work?

Struggling with connection quality and call drops, some operators rolled out voice over WiFi features.

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The innovation conundrum: The next spate of innovations won’t be visible, but we will still feel them

In the last decade, we have seen phones with more RAM, better processors and more battery life, but many complain that the industry has stopped innovating.

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Samsung Galaxy M31: This is Samsung’s near perfect mid-range phone

M31 has the juice, screen and camera, but lacks a good sound system and processor.

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Growing portfolio: Dassault Systemes moves closer to its goal of health research

Dassault Systemes is betting big on platform, even as it moves closer to its goal of health research with the recent acquisition of Medidata Solutions

Bernard Charles, CEO, Dassault Systemes, News

Techplained: Trade in virtual currencies to pick up after SC verdict

While cryptocurrency exchanges were under RBIs radar for long, in the initial years the central bank did not initiate any enquiry or action against them.

Virtual currency exchanges work like any stock exchange. News

Telecom Man | Book detailing story of India’s internet revolution and the man behind it

While some do go on to draw from personal experiences, rare is the case when an autobiography can also relate to the development of the sector the author was involved with.

The rest of the parts are more mundane, with the author admitting his mistakes and counting the glorious moments that changed his life. News

Out of the slipstream: Why F1 fans unhappy with FIA’s decision

FIA’s settlement with Ferrari just at the start of the season doesn’t bode well for the sport.

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Booster dose: Using tech power for better health

Innovative diagnostic tools from med-tech firms are ensuring better healthcare outcomes in smaller hospitals in tier 2/3 cities

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Design Thinking: How Dassault Systemes is expanding its community involvement in India

Dassault Systèmes is expanding its community involvement in India, and has the tools ready

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EXPLAINED: Tale of two moons

Coming back to the Galileo point, 2020 CD3 is not really unique, but we have been limited by our technology and rarely know when we get such occurences.

While earth is surrounded by quasi moons or asteroids, these usually follow U-shape orbit around the sun. News

Apple may be losing out on smartphone sales, but Airpods have become a rage

Sale of Airpods doubled to $6 billion last year, and is expected to touch $15 billion in 2020. The company is expected to sell 85 million Airpods this year, it sold 60 million last year.

With the streaming market expected to grow to $15 billion by 2024, and the global hearable market to hit $24 billion by 2023, Apple has a lot of wiggle room to get out of the iPhone sales slump. News

Jabra Elite 75T Review: Lot of features, but still has a long way to go

Jabra is not known for noise cancellation or great sound. But the earphones do a good job as far as fitness training is concerned. For everyday use, Jabra does not disappoint.

The best part about Jabra was its app. News

Eavesdropper: Tech perpetrating monoculture will also provide a break from it

Technologies perpetrating monoculture will also provide a break from it.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 LTE: This smartphone hits all the right notes

Samsung’s lite version hits the right notes and is the perfect thing for business users. OnePlus, though, is still better in performance

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Techsplained: Chatbots need more data to become smarter, but who’s sharing?

IBM’sWatson became the first machine to beat a human in Go, a game that requires reasoning as well as strategy. Earlier, chatbots could only curate a few words to answer questions, but use of machine learning or artificial

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Explained: What is message encryption and how it works

End-to-end encryption is the best companies can offer at present, but they do not offer a complete solution

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KYC over video? Yes, RBI makes it possible with tweaks in rules

The new mandate to conduct KYC over video helps bring down costs for digital wallets and banks provided they are able to use it well

KYC, Reserve Bank of India, wallet companies, India Transact Services Ltd, DigiLocker account, DigiLocker, Google Duo News

Healthy gains: Microsoft, Google going big on medical research

While Microsoft will be emulating Google's work on diabetic retinopathy, the company plans to do much more than that.

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Budget 2020: Education gets higher impetus, but lower allocation of funds

Budget 2020 India: Unless the government allows institutes freedom over control of their funds, they will not be able to raise money from the market.

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Budget 2020: Govt digs into deep tech, plans to push data perks

Budget 2020-21: A leap in the area would mean more applications for the technology and development of native quantum machines.

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Ashoka University takes its Project Nobel ahead with donation for Centre of Biosciences

Ashoka takes its Project Nobel ahead with a Rs 100 crore donation for Trivedi Centre of Biosciences.

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