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Theory of anything and everything

Perspectives from a tech angle—some novel, some oversimplified or overoptimistic

A file photo of humanoid robots being mass-produced in Turkey (Reuters)

Covid-19: Death rate higher in rich, urbanised states

In contrast, Bihar (11.3% urban population) and Odisha (16.7% urban population) have seen a much lower death ratio; on March 14, Odisha had only 41.38 deaths per million. India has 116 deaths per million.

The share of urban infections has risen from 62% in October to 65.1% currently.

Eavesdropper – AR/VR push: Time is right for new tech to enter mass market, but pricing has to play its part

While AR/VR have been in parlay for long now, especially as gaming devices or for business and research applications, a significant problem hindering mass-market adoption has been the price. Until the prices of products crash

While AR/VR have been in parlay for long now, especially as gaming devices or for business and research applications, a significant problem hindering mass-market adoption has been the price.

Formula ahead: Will new teams and new faces infuse new energy?

There are plenty of goodies this year, but it would all depend on the top 3 positions and how other teams start the year. A one-two for Mercedes would be all too boring.

Govt says laxity, not new strains, is reason for surge; vaccine pace slow

The presentation by the ministry also showed that the number of active infections in the state have nearly tripled in the last month from 36,917 on February 11 to 1,00,240 on March 11.

While Amravati saw a lockdown last month, another was announced on Thursday for the Nagpur Police Commissionerate limits from March 15 to 21.

Covid-19: Low testing contributed to rising infections

Testing has fallen a third from October levels

Two examples of states that contribute the most to India’s infections, but followed different paths, may help illustrate the issue better.

Eavesdropper: Birds of a feather, FLoC together

Does user privacy mean more power for Google?

While Google had announced a similar initiative in 2019 under its privacy sandbox, it will be fully deploying its solution in 2022.

The man who moved mountains and charts: Hans Rosling’s tales and experience bring his story alive

How I Learned to Understand the World details Rosling's journey in seven succinct chapters, detailing events of his life from Mozambique to Davos.

The book details events of Rosling’s life from Mozambique to Davos (Image: Reuters)

Eavesdropper: Finding new roads

New spatial norms bring endless possibilities for Jio, Facebook and Google

This is also one reason why Google could not collate ground data regarding blockades and one-way roads with its satellite navigation systems.

Eavesdropper- Locking a problem: Digilocker can stem KYC leaks

Although none of the Indian banks have reported a leak, it is surprising most companies are not using the solution provided by the government and the government is not pushing for it either.

KYC verification has been made mandatory for cryptocurrency platforms to make tracking money easier and avoid it being used for illegal means.

Spelling out a new world

Typewise’s focus is on recreating a keyboard and, more importantly, redefining privacy

On the privacy front, transgressions from big tech have shown that they are ready to permeate all aspects of our lives.

Covid-19: India’s daily case count down 40% in a month, testing down by a fourth

Infections have been relatively high in states like Maharashtra and Kerala — which account for 72% of the country’s infections — and also in Punjab and Bihar.

The story of WeWork: When excesses defined a multi-billion dollar startup

Weideman’s book carefully and succinctly details the rise and fall of Adam Neumann

While one can read a million articles about it and the story is well documented, the author still does justice in bringing out the details of the company (Image:Reuters)

Sero survey: A fifth of Indians infected, a third in urban slums

The last sero survey, conducted between August and September 2020, had put the ratio at 6.6%, and the very first one, in June last year, had put the number at 0.7%.

This number has now come down to 0.05% with 29.5 crore infected persons and 1.5 lakh deaths.

Eavesdropper: Tested development

MD & CEO, Hemogenomics Sumit Bagaria, company involved in getting diagnostic solutions to India explains how Hologic system machines are being used in India and their cost and safety aspect.

In October 2020, the FDA authorised Aptima SARS-CoV-2 assay to test individuals without symptoms given the sensitivity and accuracy.

Looking for new solutions: Pairing traditional gadgets with new algorithms

Companies like Staqu are changing how we interact with cameras and showing how AI can help streamline processes

For this, Amazon uses artificial intelligence to create a 6 feet radius around every employee.

Book Review – Outraged: Why Everyone is Shouting and No One is Talking by Ashley ‘Dotty’ Charles

Ashley Charles details the history of outrage and how it is getting diluted in today’s rather over-sensitive times, sometimes obscuring reality

A file photo of a demonstration in Ottawa, Canada (Reuters)

Eavesdropper: A signal for others

Users want more features, but do not wish to forego privacy either. Is the market ready for paid messengers?

A week after WhatsApp announced that it would be changing its terms and conditions, creating a huge furore in India and across the world, on Saturday, the company said that it was postponing its policy roll out to May 15.

Covid Paradox: Poor hygiene equals less Covid deaths

It wasn’t as if India handled the Covid pandemic better than OECD countries or that it had a less virulent strain, a CSIR study found that countries with better hygiene and sanitation standards tended to have higher deaths.

covid 19 cases in india, covid 19

Making skilling more participative: Praveen Kumar, Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

While the edifice of short-term skilling system stands on public-private sector partnership, even the long-term training system has seen increasing partnership with the private sector.

Praveen Kumar, Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

Eavesdropper: Internet factionalism

There are talks of a conservative internet, but should we alienate those many people

However, there is also a fear that its ban may be otiose, given many more Parlers may crop up and the anti-internet and established social media sentiment may become stronger in the coming years.

Vax Populi: Coronavirus vaccine truths and untruths

Bharat Biotech (BB) founder and chairman Dr Krishna Ella, on Monday, said that the approval for BB’s Covaxin was being dragged into a political controversy and that it was within the rules laid down by the government in 201

I’m not a vaccine nationalist: Bharat Biotech founder and chairman Dr Krishna Ella

The thrust of his arguments, however, was that some other vaccines had been given similar treatment, in India as well as overseas.

Ella countered this saying that as per the clearance Bharat Biotech would monitor each person getting the vaccine — as they would in a clinical trial.

A strong ARM: Apple changed 2020, will the laptop industry change in 2021

Later in November, when the company did launch its new M1 silicon Macs, they exhibited exceptional efficiency and power gains.

Mail sent to Pegatron seeking comments on the development did not elicit any response till the time of going to the press.

Record caFE: Need to invest more in antivirals, says vaccine expert Dr Gagandeep Kang

Similarly, if we have a situation where there is a vaccine that works, then the virus will try to evolve so that the vaccine does not prevent it from getting in.

Dr Gagandeep Kang

Covid-19 vaccine: ‘Unless Coronavirus changes a lot, we can manage,’ says vaccine expert Dr Gagandeep Kang

“The virus will not magically stop circulating the minute you get 60% of the population infected or vaccinated. A reduction in transmission is going to come from vaccinating young people. It's not going to come from vaccina

“It’s feasible that we might not need new vaccine shots unless the virus changes a lot. But I don’t think that it is going to be an annual shot, based on what we currently know,” she said.

Hacks, innovations and all on video: 2020 in review

Cybersecurity remained the main concern throughout the year with even the mighty US government falling prey to a hack. Although video conference platforms gained notoriety, there were more meaningful tech innovations in healt

Long-drawn battles are expected to be a hallmark of the Big Tech industry.
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