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Budget 2019: Govt plans ISRO’s commercial arm to tap huge potential in space industry

Union Budget 2019 India: The enterprise launched in May this year will help private players partner with NSIL at a time when Isro was looking at more private partnerships for the production of its PSLV and Small Satellite Lau

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Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook catastrophe by Roger McNamee

Robert McNamee’s book Zucked is a testament to how big corporations are willfully ignoring responsibility by simply resorting to, “That’s not our mandate”.

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A Secret History of Compassion | A confusing tale of everything

Paul Zacharia presents an exciting yet confounding view of the world

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Democracy Hacked | Growing influence of social media and idea of democracy

As the world turned digital, Indian politics has also taken that turn. Last election, only the incumbent Prime Minister and his party had recognised the importance of social media.

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Evolution| Decoding India’s disruptive tech story

An attempt to decode India’s tech story is far from the unravelling tale it could have been

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Unsocially social: Full lowdown on the dangers of social media

Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life details every aspect of one’s life that social media has touched.

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Integrating Artificial Intelligence for rebooting the future

Government’s efforts in AI augur well; the country needs further consolidation and a similar push in robotics

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Book Review: ‘Game Changers: How a Team of Underdogs and Scientists Discovered What it Takes to Win’ by Joao Medeiros

Game Changers is a look at the effort of analysts who changed sport for good

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Human heroes: What makes some people achieve the impossible? The answer is not about genetics

There is a fascination about superhero movies, not just because these take us to a world where anything is possible, but also because these films help us dream of what we wish to be or what we can be some day.

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Book review: Frederic Martel’s ‘Smart: The Digital Century’

A book talks about the many internets and the change they are bringing to society.

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Power play: An account of the rapidly evolving new world marvels at the ability of social media

Is social media neutral? The answer to the question may depend on who you ask and when you ask the question.

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The art of science: A book that makes compelling case for amalgating humanities and sciences

Scott Hartley, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, is one such person, who believes that the real test of our creation lies not only in advancing techies around the world, but also in bringing in more ‘fuzzies’ (humaniti

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Book Review: You Can’t Go Home Again

In her latest sojourn, You Can’t Go Home Again, she experiments with a new style of storytelling, which evokes more confusion than appreciation.

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Book review: Here’s a good starting point for anybody wanting a peek into the politics of the north-east

If you ask people about the north-east, not many can describe the place. Although very much a part of India, few would be able to tell the states apart on a map, and even fewer would be able to name their capitals.

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Book Review: Miniya Chatterji’s ‘Indian Instincts’ is explains how India is overshadowed by her personal story

What ails India? Is it the institutions, the people, or its history? Sociologists have tried their best to pinpoint and, even if they seldom concur with each other’s views, there is a consensus that it can’t be just one t

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Book Review: Dreamers – How young Indians are changing the world

A story of India can’t be complete without drama and emotions, and even Poonam’s account of India is not devoid of it. Although there is sincerity and brevity, one can’t fault it for being a Bollywood script, and that i

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Crowdsourcing solutions: How governments can replicate Flipkart’s Gridlock initiative

The government can replicate Flipkart’s Gridlock initiative for better council planning

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Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic brings ‘The Talent Delusion’, that highlights why data not intution, is a key to unlock human potential

The author believes that the culture of boasting has led to companies mis-assessing talent. He says psychometric evaluations and scientific tools can deconstruct this phenomenon and help companies differentiate those with or

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Your body may recharge your smartphone in future; here’s how

Alternative sources of energy that power devices may also include humans.

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Niche is our forte, and we would like to keep it that way: Mikael Bisgaard-Bohr, EVP & CBO, Teradata

Software services is a niche market and Teradata is a niche player within that market.

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Know why big data or thin data research is incomplete unless complemented with this data

Big data or thin data research is incomplete unless complemented with thick data

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Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon passe? Offline stores going beyond eretailers; know how

Brick and mortar stores are going beyond e-tailers in recognising what you want

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Aadhaar, PAN, bank account linking: Here is why you must complete the linkage

From PAN to bank accounts and mobile numbers, Aadhaar linkage is now mandatory if you want to continue to avail these services.

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From Calm Radio to Sleep orbit, here are top 4 apps for relaxation

If you are one of those who can sleep to the sound of Sinatra or Coltrane, there are many music apps you can choose from.

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Facebook may not be the only one trying to uncover your emotions

Facebook regulates content based on what you click, but it knows there are times you have a smile when you see a post you like but do not wish to click on. So, ideally, Facebook would know what or, this is more important, who

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Cloud computing looks unbeatable but there is a rival tech that can uproot it

For many, this story would be a spin tale. As for people who do not understand cloud, fog computing can be a foggy affair. For years, we have been relying on hard disks and drives to drive our data consumption, but over the l

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From GoogleKeep to Splendo, here are 4 apps that can help you keep organised

Most would tell you to use your brains if you ask them an easier mechanism to remember tasks, but then there are some who cannot remember all.

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