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The Fast Lane: How intermittent fasting is slowly becoming new wellness rage

Move over Atkins, keto and paleo. Intermittent fasting, which has long been practised in India and was devised as a way to cleanse the body, is slowly becoming the new wellness rage, with nutritionists and dietitians swearing

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Say not to food dumping! A look at the organisations working to ensure zero food wastage in India

In a country where around 196 million people remain undernourished, the issue of food wastage is a grave one. But there is hope in the form of a few startups and organisations that are working towards ensuring a ‘no-food-wa

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Tasting India Symposium: An attempt to promote sustainable consumption and production of food

There has been a substantial rise in the number of farm protests in the country in the last couple of months. Scores of farmers have hit the road demanding fair price of their produce and freedom from mounting debt and povert

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Hockey World Cup gives new hopes to Bhubaneshwar – know what Odisha capital is doing to attract tourism

While the tournament will be over soon, Odisha’s capital is working hard to make the city a tourist magnet with improved infrastructure and amenities

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How Hockey World Cup rejuvenated Bhubaneshwar’s cultural fest

The dot fest as it is called is on till December 16 and has a segment showcasing the city’s rich storytelling heritage.

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A green union: Couples paving way for green weddings

Flamboyant and ostentatious weddings are slowly being given a passover by young couples in favour of green weddings. From opting for natural decor and biodegradable cutlery to sending e-invites and giving seeds as return gift

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The heat is for real! From health to wealth – here’s how air pollution affecting common men’s life

The phenomenon of rising temperatures as a result of climate change is not stuff of documentaries or resolutions any more. The common man is already feeling the heat of the change, be it in health, food security, water resour

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New generation doesn’t bother much about traditional recipes; here’s why & how old delicacies should be preserved

In this age of convenience and fusion food, time-consuming traditional recipes seem to be slowly losing their appeal.

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Pizza delight: Uno Chicago Bar & Grill brings its deep-dish pizza to India

Indians craving some authentic deep-dish pizzas have reason to celebrate now as the iconic Uno Chicago Bar & Grill has set foot in the Indian market.

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Changing face of Diwali: Less crackers, lesser sweets – how the mega Indian festival is changing

From healthier indulgences and green crackers to innovative lights and a surge in vacations, the festivities have undergone a quiet metamorphosis over the years.

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The Beauty of All My Days: Ruskin Bond’s memoir is a beautiful amalgamation

With this book, Bond also debunks the myth that memory begins to fail one with advancing age, as he presents in vivid detail every life-altering experience he has had.

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World Heritage Cuisine Summit and Food Festival 2018: Cultures, delicacies brought together from across the world

Cultures from around the world converged on a plate at the recently-concluded World Heritage Cuisine Summit and Food Festival 2018 in Amritsar.

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Call of Beauty: Cosmetic market is getting a makeover – know about brands bringing revolution in your vanity case

Indian consumers no longer need to look at foreign cosmetic brands, as a slew of Indian companies are changing the rules of the game with their unique and innovative offerings. From crowdsourced products, customised offerings

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