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How micro-stay hotel segment has evolved to become most lucrative spaces in hospitality industry

Some compassionate souls might have felt the urge to ask these helpless lovers to get a room for themselves and safeguard their private moments.

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Erasing barriers: Bringing art closer to people with disabilities

How a 28-year-old heritage architect & access consultant from Mumbai has taken on the mammoth task of making art and heritage accessible to people with disabilities

infrastructural barriers, Siddhant Shah, National Museum, National Museum, India Art Fair, Delhi Art Gallery, 3D printer,Goldman Sachs

Naked: Full of ‘dear diary’ moments

Naked is full of ‘dear diary’ moments by way of exposing the comedian’s vulnerability

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Digital detox! Many are moving from screen to board for entertainment

In the age of digital detox, many are moving away from screens to boards for entertainment. As these communities grow, board games are also no more about ludo and monopoly.

board game, board love

Roti by rote: Now, it’s time for bots to invade the kitchens

Bengaluru-based Mukunda Foods came up with the idea of creating automated machines to make up for incompetence in our kitchens.

Mukunda Foods, artificial intelligence

India gets high on Chinese Baijiu

Largest selling alcoholic drink Baijiu is here to disrupt the Indian market.

alcohol, drink

The comedy industry needs all kinds of voices: Abish Mathew

"If I am true to myself and not trying to be like someone, whatever I do will be unique. I think the comedy industry needs different kinds of comedy voices," said Mathew.

Abish Mathew, stand-up comedian, performer, television show host

What is artificial intelligence’s future in healthcare

Robot-led surgeries are not where it stops. In the times to come, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be deployed to create intelligent, accurate, and more efficient technologies

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Problems we face in chess mirror problems in life: Viswanathan Anand | Interview

India’s first grand master and former World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand has penned an inspirational book, Mind Master, on his metamorphosis from a chess enthusiast to one of the finest players the world has ever s

Viswanathan Anand, World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand autobiography, Mind Master, India first grand master, sports news

Do you have food allergies? Here’s an alternative for you

Clinical nutritionist Ishi Khosla, who is also founder of Whole Foods, adds that while there is a genuine increase in cost, a rise in demand would help.

It is important for corporates to give back to society: Jay Shah

We first try to identify art forms or themes that need support — areas where there is a significant void and sizeable progress can be made with our participation.

Jay Shah, vice-president and head of cultural outreach at the Mahindra Group

How dynamics of fashion industry are changing and empowering artisans

As part of Antaran’s first phase, Gautam and his team have targeted six clusters or communities — two in Odisha and Assam, respectively, and one in Nagaland — whose craft is not just peculiar, but also on the verge of e

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Air pollution: As humans choke, brands make a killing

l Not only are anti-pollution products selling fast, brands are pegging products as anti-pollution

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Assistive technology for persons with disabilities

Artificial intelligence & machine learning can be deployed to create products for enhanced productivity among the differently-abled

Assistive technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Exoskeletons, IIT Delhi, Microsoft India

Diwali 2019: In Odisha, Kauriya Kathi is practised on this day

Kali Puja pandals brimming with festivities come up across Odisha in the week leading to Diwali. In the city of Cuttack, pandals showcase tableaux made with silver.

Odias worship not just Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, but also follow the Bengali-ritual of Kali Puja.

Diwali 2019: How Sindhis celebrate the festival of lights

During this ritual, the phrase “Lakshmi aayi, Danat vaai”is said, which loosely translates into Goddess Lakshmi's arrival signifies the removal of poverty.

After having sweets, Sindhis light earthen lamps and keep their houses open throughout the night to welcome the Goddess of wealth.

Why settle for gifts that are redundant? Ask away through gift registry

Whether it’s wedding, housewarming or birthday, why should one settle for gifts that are more redundant than useful? Ask away through gift registry, which is fast gaining currency in India

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Decoded: Modi govt’s decision to ban e-cigarettes and their impact

In the absence of proper research and laws around vapes, it is almost impossible to arrive at a conclusive decision with respect to their use.

Jodhpur RIFF: Improvisation in tune with originality

In its 13th year, the Jodhpur RIFF promises to be bigger and better with a number of unique performances lined up.

Jodhpur RIFF, Rajasthan International Folk Festival, musical saga, Mehrangarh Fort, Irish musicians, Armenian musical instruments

Swachh Bharat? Condition of public toilets continues to be dismal

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission is being implemented with great gusto, the condition of public toilets in our country continues to be dismal. We gather opinion from people on the street across t

Swachh Bharat, Condition of public toilets, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Chandni Chowk, urban public toilets, Restrooms toilets, open defecation, Swachh Bharat Mission, public washroom

Kidding around: How children’s fitness is becoming big business

A few schools have gym facilities on their premises, but fitness activities always tend to be ignored when academics get tougher and pressure to score good marks takes centre stage.

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Hydroponic farming: Why soil-free agriculture might be the way forward

Research has put the market value of hydroponics at $8.08 bn in 2019, prompting entrepreneurs to believe that soil-free agriculture might be the way forward. We talk to some of them

Agiculture, Farming, Artificial Intelligence, PM Modi

The Senior Zone: How the ‘elderly’ market in India is lucrative

A number of start-ups are catering specifically to senior citizens, be it retail stores, web platforms, healthcare or tutoring services. Find out how the ‘elderly’ market in India is a lucrative space.

Business with a heart

Last year, the AFSF Foundation was registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013, and is currently funding five sportspersons.

Indian distilleries have to get their barrels right: Jim Murray

In your personal capacity, which whisky do you prefer the most – a drink that you like to sit with at the end of the day.

Is it right to outrightly ban cannabis cultivation?

Legalisation of cannabis is a much debated topic. Is it right to outrightly ban its cultivation and production or can we use it selectively for our benefit?

Japanese flavours to discerning diners in the national capital

From refreshing additions to the menu like cold tomato soup with snow crab to flirting with different styles of cooking, including the use of clay pot, the new head chef, Shimomura Kazuya, is leaving no stone unturned to show

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