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Why settle for gifts that are redundant? Ask away through gift registry

Whether it’s wedding, housewarming or birthday, why should one settle for gifts that are more redundant than useful? Ask away through gift registry, which is fast gaining currency in India

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Decoded: Modi govt’s decision to ban e-cigarettes and their impact

In the absence of proper research and laws around vapes, it is almost impossible to arrive at a conclusive decision with respect to their use.

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Jodhpur RIFF: Improvisation in tune with originality

In its 13th year, the Jodhpur RIFF promises to be bigger and better with a number of unique performances lined up.

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Swachh Bharat? Condition of public toilets continues to be dismal

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission is being implemented with great gusto, the condition of public toilets in our country continues to be dismal. We gather opinion from people on the street across t

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Kidding around: How children’s fitness is becoming big business

A few schools have gym facilities on their premises, but fitness activities always tend to be ignored when academics get tougher and pressure to score good marks takes centre stage.

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Hydroponic farming: Why soil-free agriculture might be the way forward

Research has put the market value of hydroponics at $8.08 bn in 2019, prompting entrepreneurs to believe that soil-free agriculture might be the way forward. We talk to some of them

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The Senior Zone: How the ‘elderly’ market in India is lucrative

A number of start-ups are catering specifically to senior citizens, be it retail stores, web platforms, healthcare or tutoring services. Find out how the ‘elderly’ market in India is a lucrative space.

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Business with a heart

Last year, the AFSF Foundation was registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013, and is currently funding five sportspersons.

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Indian distilleries have to get their barrels right: Jim Murray

In your personal capacity, which whisky do you prefer the most – a drink that you like to sit with at the end of the day.

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Is it right to outrightly ban cannabis cultivation?

Legalisation of cannabis is a much debated topic. Is it right to outrightly ban its cultivation and production or can we use it selectively for our benefit?

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Japanese flavours to discerning diners in the national capital

From refreshing additions to the menu like cold tomato soup with snow crab to flirting with different styles of cooking, including the use of clay pot, the new head chef, Shimomura Kazuya, is leaving no stone unturned to show

Lifestyle News Know how this online community radio platform helping musicians in India

At a time when there is surplus musical content jostling for space on platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc, an online community radio platform with curated content comes as a breath of fresh air, online community radio platform, Spotify, SoundCloud, New Delhi, online community radio, YouTube music industry, DJ MoCity, Boxout Weekender News

How personal hygiene in the country is undergoing a transformation

From stand-and-pee products for women to anti-chafing creams and lotions for men, a wide variety of intimate-care products have expanded the hygiene market in India multifold. As the world celebrates World Health Day today, w

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Bridging the gap: Apps that are bringing voters closer to their leaders

A tech-driven election: From providing information about the upcoming Lok Sabha polls to assisting voters in making an informed choice, there are apps and web-based platforms that are bringing voters closer to their leaders

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How retailers are cashing in on election merchandise

From saris, jackets, handbags and T-shirts to scarfs, hoodies, masks and balloons, election merchandise has found its way to shops across India ahead of the all-important Lok Sabha polls this year. And cashing in on the frenz

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A rap for change: Gully Boy raked in the moolah, but Indian rappers, hip-hop artistes still striving for recognition

While Bollywood’s first-ever offering on the burgeoning Indian hip-hop culture, Gully Boy, has successfully raked in the moolah, rappers and hip-hop artistes in the country still strive to be recognised by the Indian music

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Women at work: 5 inspiring stories of achievers who tasted success despite all odds

At a time when India is battling its worst employment woes, it is heartening to see women taking up roles and jobs in the informal sector that society considers fit only for men.

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A slice of Sicily: This masterchef shows how ingredients can be celebrated in the era of complex fusion food

People think that the cuisine and way of cooking are the same throughout the country when, in fact, in the whole of Italy, there are many differences in the style of cooking, recipes and ingredients,” D’Angelo noted.

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Exotic Peruvian spirit pisco is slowly gaining prominence

The clear, aromatic spirit traces its origins to the province that bears the same name, which lies on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, 143 miles south of Peru's capital Lima.

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We aim to dominate the fashion jewellery market in India: Aymeric Lacroix of Swarovski

Swarovski has enjoyed phenomenal recognition and strong consumer acceptance in the jewellery segment since our arrival in India in 2003.

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Local tastes can’t be ignored, says Michelin-star chef Andrew Wong

Michelin-star chef Andrew Wong keeps Indian tastes in mind at Baoshuan, while keeping the authenticity of Chinese cuisine intact.

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The Fast Lane: How intermittent fasting is slowly becoming new wellness rage

Move over Atkins, keto and paleo. Intermittent fasting, which has long been practised in India and was devised as a way to cleanse the body, is slowly becoming the new wellness rage, with nutritionists and dietitians swearing

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Say not to food dumping! A look at the organisations working to ensure zero food wastage in India

In a country where around 196 million people remain undernourished, the issue of food wastage is a grave one. But there is hope in the form of a few startups and organisations that are working towards ensuring a ‘no-food-wa

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Tasting India Symposium: An attempt to promote sustainable consumption and production of food

There has been a substantial rise in the number of farm protests in the country in the last couple of months. Scores of farmers have hit the road demanding fair price of their produce and freedom from mounting debt and povert

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Hockey World Cup gives new hopes to Bhubaneshwar – know what Odisha capital is doing to attract tourism

While the tournament will be over soon, Odisha’s capital is working hard to make the city a tourist magnet with improved infrastructure and amenities

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How Hockey World Cup rejuvenated Bhubaneshwar’s cultural fest

The dot fest as it is called is on till December 16 and has a segment showcasing the city’s rich storytelling heritage.

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A green union: Couples paving way for green weddings

Flamboyant and ostentatious weddings are slowly being given a passover by young couples in favour of green weddings. From opting for natural decor and biodegradable cutlery to sending e-invites and giving seeds as return gift

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