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Shakti | Gripping tale that combines weird with wonderful

Calcutta, under right-wing, nationalist leadership, serves as a perfect backdrop and the three contrasting women find themselves wielding magical powers that match their wildest dreams.

One of the most interesting characters in the novel is Ravi Tarun, the husband of Karishma and Shivani’s step-dad.

Data privacy still a fantasy?

Data protection laws around the world including in India are still sketchy which gives tech giants more power to invade our privacy

Job jugglers: How people are pursuing multiple careers while earning a living

We talk to some such people who are pursuing more than one profession, sometimes out of passion, sometimes from need and sometimes just to test themselves.

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Hard work and passion earned me Michelin star: Hawker Chan

I believe as long as I am putting in my best effort to serve quality products to my guests, I know they won’t be disappointed. 

Nalak | A young boy’s story mirrors the Buddha’s

What makes this book markedly different from other translation works and refreshing is its illustrations in the pen-and-ink style.

book, book review

Just Rent It: Rental economy is here to stay, here’s why

The current market size for furniture rentals in India is estimated to be $800 million as per studies.

rent, rent economy

Rainbow Lit Fest: The first Lit Fest for queers in India

The two-day event did meet his expectations of being inclusive, drawing people from all parts of the country, from all age groups and sexual identities. From senior citizens to queer men in saris and drag queens, the fest saw

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Women on the go

Indian business landscape is replete with instances of women entrepreneurs who have mastered their trade. Indrani Bose profiles personalities who have led their ventures to great success, while also making a significant impac

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Fair skin tone: A fixation not so lovely

India continues to be plagued by a deep-rooted fascination for a lighter skin tone, evident by a flourishing industry enabling just that. Is there light at the end of this dark tunnel?

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Grey Sunshine | Caught in the vortex of unfair education

Statistical figures corroborate the tragic denouement that such cases meet — girls are often forced to drop out of school and succumb to their parents’ wishes.

Sandeep Rai, the author, is also the chief of city operations at Teach for India.

Diwali 2019: Rituals and feasts in South on this day

Thalai Deepavali is another special ritual in south India acknowledged on Diwali. On this day, the newlywed bride’s parents welcome their daughter and son-in-law in their house for the latter's first Diwali after marriage.

On the morning of Naraka Chaturdashi (small Diwali), the celebrations start with an oil bath before sunrise after which sweets are eaten and new clothes are worn.

Explained: Why total ban on plastic seems unpractical

Governments across the world seem to be taking note of the challenge posed by plastic, banning the single-use variety. However, a total ban on this revolutionary invention seems impractical unless a cheaper, green alternative

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Non-hotel lodgings are becoming popular, thanks to start-ups

For homestays like Thanedhar that are selling a curated experience to you, the villa comes at a price of Rs 16,000 plus taxes for one night.

Healing touch: Activities that lead to inner ease and freedom from sticky thoughts

Then there is Rashmi Datt, one of the few certified practitioners of psychodrama in India, who conducts programmes like When the shoe fits to help people find their inner ease and freedom from sticky thoughts, from the “con

Healing touch, inner ease, freedom, sticky thought, lifestyle news, health news

How smart is smart learning?

Edutech is here to stay, but questions linger on its impact and use. Has it empowered students, or made them slaves of the screen?

A connected classroom, with access to the internet, a projector and sound system, have swept the education landscape, especially in urban areas, making learning more engaging and entertaining

People just need a dating app to fulfill their fantasies

Move over matrimonial websites, the new-age Indian is experimenting much beyond life-long commitment. From platforms offering extra-marital affairs to kinky encounters, today people just need to download a dating app to fulfi

FetLife, a social media platform that caters to people who have an interest in BDSM, fetishism and kink, encourages open dialogues about kinks and fetishes amongst its users. It basically gives you a chance to discuss your inhibitions and taboos (Illustration: Rohnit phore)

‘Plastic Emotions’- book review: A romantic architectural marvel

Plastic Emotions, partly an epistolary novel, outlines De Silva’s life through letters, newspaper articles and telegrams exchanged with Le Corbusier – “the architect” in the novel – and with her dear friend Mimi.

Plastic Emotions, book review, Plastic Emotions book review, Minette De Silva, Sri Lanka, modernist architect

How small sizes are packing a punch in retail

How small sizes are packing a punch in retail, tempting manufacturers to come up with deals of innovative sizes and prices to continue the run of overwhelming sales without burning a hole in pockets

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This mother-son duo takes a journey around the world on a cycle, shows the way for sustainable travel

During his adventure tour, he was pleasantly surprised to find that an elderly couple didn’t need any assistance for cycling in Europe. 

The Voices of the Unheard: In age of social media, community radio stations are conversing with those living on the fringes

Sometimes an alfaz (Urdu for word) is what is needed to make a presence felt in this clamorous universe, where voices of the haves are constantly drowning out those of the have-nots.

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Book Review: The Women Who Ruled India – Leaders, Warriors, Icons by Archana Garodia Gupta

Archana Garodia Gupta time-travels to revisit history’s epoch-making, sparkling moments and reopens chapters to show that although women rulers have been few in number and far between compared to their male counterparts in

Book Review, The Women Who Ruled India, Archana Garodia Gupta, Indrani Bose, lifestyle news

JBL LIVE Series headphones launched in India – here’s how it performs

While it is priced at Rs 2,499 in India, the Bluetooth-enabled JBL Live 200BT earphones which comes with a battery life of up to 10 hours with speed charge technology is priced at Rs 5,299.

Prone to losing your valuables while travelling? This device is for you

Losing a valuable is very likely while travelling, and identity documents like passport, your luggage passport and luggage are the most commonly lost/misplaced items.

Art of faking art: How forged art is circulated and ways of detection

With duplication being a rising menace in the art world, Indrani Bose tries to decipher how forged art is circulated, its impact on the market and ways of detection

Work out has now become more evolved and enjoyable

According to Nike, 60% people wear the wrong-sized shoe. The company is now launching Nike Fit as a solution. Customers would be able to access Nike Fit both in stores and within the comfort of their homes

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These environment-friendly cycles are the need of the hour

Interestingly, a few years ago, Coimbatore-based jute machinery producer Milltex Engineers had brought out a crowdfunded e-bike called Spero.

When everyday sound inspires art

An art exhibition which takes viewers to the streets of Chandni Chowk and the Middle East via aural cues and sounds.

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