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Tax tangle: Is the I-T Act a national disgrace?

It, therefore, makes much more sense to simplify and rewrite the I-T act; allow the department to collect tax according to its mandate, and to entrust the task of granting subsidies to the ministries concerned.

But even more importantly, complex laws, through unnecessary litigation, generate large arrears, very few of which are actually collectable.

COVID-19 crisis and the art of giving

A case could be made out for including chief ministers' relief funds in the list of entities eligible for corporate CSR funding

The government has already announced a financial package of Rs 1.7 lakh crore for the most vulnerable sections. NITI Aayog has proposed a further stimulus of Rs 10 lakh crore or 5% of the current GDP.

Tackling slowdown institutionally: Look to institutions rather than individuals to solve problems

To the extent that it is cyclical, the economy will bounce back sooner or later.

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Right decision: Two rulings on Rafale hold important lessions for vigilance officials

The rulings address a policy lacunae by making it clear that every loss need not be examined from a vigilance point of view, if due processes were followed.

Specifically, on matters of pricing, the SC reiterated that it was not the function of the court to determine pricing or issue directions on mere suspicions or perception.

Income Tax department: Efficient, but not really effective

Together, these numbers suggest taxpayers have to suffer huge, unsustainable additions, and then wait for years before their grievances are redressed.

The department can thus hardly be said to be collecting taxes according to law.

The rise of the new middle class: No political party can afford to take them for granted

What is much more likely is that, as in developed countries, with time, they will enter different political parties and begin to influence political agendas as well as electoral outcomes, much more decisively.

Income tax rebate: Towards the ‘right’ rate structure

The economic impact of the recent rebate in income tax announced in Interim Budget is likely to be multi-layered and complex, but mostly beneficial—historically, whenever tax rates have been reduced, collections have shot u

Income tax rebate: Towards the 'right' rate structure (Illustration: rohnit phore)

Reforming the civil services is one of the last vestiges of our colonial legacy

Reforming the civil services—one of the last vestiges of our colonial legacy

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Reforms in India: Experience shows success is achieved only when there is an emergency

Behind the apparent economic achievements of the NDA government at the Centre lurks a serious concern: will it be able to fulfil its campaign promise of creating jobs for the one million youth who enter the labour force each

Reforms in India, job experiance, job experiance value, nda government reforms

NPA crisis: Why RBI can’t get involved in banks’ decision-making process

If RBI starts getting involved in banks’ decision-making, it will not be able to perform its regulatory functions.

Civil services: Ironical that India continues to cling to its colonial legacy

It is ironic that the UK reformed its civil service, but we continue to cling to our colonial legacy.

Narendra Modi, Civil services, Civil services in India, India's colonial legacy, Raja Rammohan Roy, Asiatic Society, liberalisation

Rollout of GST would be an outstanding achievement

All defects and complexity in design notwithstanding, rollout of GST would be an outstanding achievement

Is India ready for universal basic income? Benefit would lie in rationalising existing subsidies

Is the country ready to provide a universal basic income to all its citizens? While the government is yet make its mind on this issue; it feels this is an idea whose time has come and needs to be widely debated.

Demographic dividend; Only when society mobilises capital are jobs created

Jobs are created when industry grows and that is possible only when the society mobilises capital

Taxation Laws Amendment Bill: Throwback to the inspector raj

The Taxation Laws (Second) Amendment Bill, 2016, recently passed by the Lok Sabha, raises a number of very serious concerns

tax, tax rate cut, tax rate for cheats, tax rate defaulters, tax india, demonetisation, black money, tax cheat

Demonetisation is a big gamble; here’s why

Removal of a malignant tissue involves a painful surgery; and the recent demonetisation of R500 and R1,000 notes is no exception.

A non-performing performance appraisal process

In our system of public management, connections, friendships and extraneous considerations usually matter much more than performance

A non-performing performance appraisal process

Here’s why corruption can’t just be legislated away in India

Within the framework of the punitive model which governments generally favour, increase in the likelihood of detection, swiftness and certainty of punishment are perhaps more effective deterrents than draconian punishments

GST inextricably linked with taxation of personal incomes; here’s how

The current debate misses out on one important dimension that taxation of goods and services is inextricably linked with taxation of personal incomes

Gross National Happiness Index: Here’s how to focus on the right issues

Gross National Happiness index supplements the concept of GDP with a more holistic measure of development

Egalitarian middle & upper classes? No, India should focus on growth first

One of the most important thinkers, in recent times, to write about the problems of inequalities in modern societies is Thomas Piketty...

India’s missing income from the tax net

The tax collection data reveal that all the taxpayers taken together report incomes which are equal to only about 17-18% of the GDP

Challenges in wearing a Panama hat

In human affairs, wrote Edmund Burke centuries ago, the lines demarcating right from wrong and good from evil are not like the fine lines of geometry; on the contrary, they are broad and deep, and permit of exceptions.

Challenges in wearing a Panama hat

Lessons from the Vijay Mallya episode

It presents a good opportunity to carry out fundamental reforms in the banking industry

Why are we still a soft state?

At all levels, most of us exercise the soft option of doing what is popular rather than what is right

Institutional reform of I-T dept: Taxman must avoid raising arbitrary demands

Real reform will set in only when officers, at all levels, stop regarding taxpayers as potential tax evaders and see them as citizens with equal rights.

Seventh Pay Commission Report: A tough challenge

The 7th pay commission recommendations should not become an exercise of granting a bonanza to central govt employees at the expense of other sections of the society

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