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Indian govt must end triple taxation

The tax department’s motive on taxing the means to return gains to shareholders via dividends and buybacks was to encourage them to invest more into their business.

India’s history with dividend taxation has been complicated—up to 1959, dividends were taxed in the hands of the shareholders only. News

Constitutional issues arising from telecom, Essar rulings

Unless every organ of our democracy focuses on its own sphere only and outcomes, a constitutional crisis is not too far away

The payment of such large sums, within three months, has increased the gloom in the telecom and banking sectors, both of which are under severe stress. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

We must rethink our climate plan

When every breath we take is toxic, we know we have a crisis that needs to be fixed. We also know climate change is not an empty threat any more. It is real. It is happening

Today, we all understand the imperative and the sheer desperation of the crisis. News

Tech to the rescue: Apps for disaster management

Indian team Purva Suchak takes pole position in the Asia Pacific regional round of IBM Call for Code 2019

Priya Mallya, Country Leader, Developer Ecosystems, IBM ISA News

Predatory pricing by e-commerce companies: Government’s knee-jerk reaction may aggravate MSMEs’ concern

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: For a robust competitive landscape, it is essential that each market participant is able to operate and effectively compete – this is what competition law seeks to achieve.

CAIT, ecommerce sites, prodcuts on e commerce sites, Piyush Goyal, Minimum Operating Price, cod on ecommerce products News

Wondering how to fund your child’s higher education? Follow this 5-step plan

With education costs on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly imperative to financially plan and accumulate adequate corpus to facilitate your child’s higher education.

higher education, how to fund your child’s higher education, higher education in India, higher education UK, how to fund education abroad, mutual fund, SIP News

Only 1 in 5 entrants to labour force a woman; female participation in India among lowest in Asia

Just one out of five persons — in the 15-30 years age bracket — entering the labour force is expected to be a female in the five years ending 2023.

woman News

How long will Delhi gasp for breath?

The Kharif paddy crop sowing cannot be advanced—the existing Preservation of Subsoil Water Act in Punjab and Haryana can’t be relaxed because of a fast depleting water table (studies say it is reducing at 0.3 to 1 metre/y

Delhi, Delhi pollution, Delhi pollution news,  Delhi pollution news, Diwali, stubble burning News

Gold standard for gold in India

With more accredited refiners and an increase in the scale of operations, there will be stronger reasons for opening the Indian gold mining sector. Domestic bullion banks get to structure a financing arrangement between miner

Gold, gold in India, Gold price,Gold rate, Gold price today,Gold rate today, GDP, Turkey  News

Time for India to move away from larger sob-stories of falling employment

It’s time India moves away from the larger sob-stories of falling/stagnating employment, towards where the light and dark spots are, and what they reveal about a rapidly-changing economic structure

India economy, economy news, employment, falling employment rate, NSS, PLFS, employment news, employment news 2019 News

DHFL headed for NCLT as banks seek RBI intervention

Edelweiss AMC, Kotak Mahindra AMC, Axis Asset Management and Reliance AMC had moved the Bombay High Court seeking a direction to DHFL to disclose all its assets and liabilities and also to temporarily prevent it from making

Bank, DHFL asset, DHFL , Dewan Housing Finance Corporation, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, IBC, DHFL news, DHFL  share, IRDA , nclt, RBI  News

Health insurance: Here’s how to choose the right plan

Most coverage benefits under a health plan have sub-limits which limit the extent of coverage allowed under the benefit. Room rent limit is one such common sub-limit found in many health insurance plans. The limit is usually

Health Insurance Regulations News

India must save NSO as risk of faith erosion looms large with repeated report withholding

If the credibility of the system is not restored then the outside world including the international organization will lose faith in Indian data adversely affecting the Indian image.

Economy News

Peace in Naga Hills: Long road ahead

The majority are the people and the various tribal councils along with the Naga Mother’s Association and Naga Hoho who are crucial to bring about everlasting peace.

nagaland, pm modi in nagaland, narendra modi, northeast development, modi in northeast News

Anti-pollution skincare: Can a cream really help?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a good beauty care regime is necessary for everyone, irrespective of age.

Anti-Pollution Skincare, air pollution ,hyperpigmentation,wrinkles,skin cancer,atopic dermatitis,psoriasis,Exopolysaccharide(EPS),Carnosine , niacinamide News

Small businesses looking for temporary staffing? Here’s what you must ensure to meet short-term demands

Skilling, Labour, Talent for MSMEs: According to data supplied by staffing firms, temporary hiring registers a 10 per cent - 15 per cent during the festive season, with e-commerce platforms leading the fray.

Tech hiring momentum declines (Representational image) News

Instant Loan Vs Credit Card Loan: Which is a better option for you?

Both instant loans and credit card are vital financial products. However, you need to keep a few things in mind before going for any of them.

Instant Loan, credit cards, Instant Loan Vs Credit Card Loan, credit card vs instant loan, credit card vs personal loan, interest rates, Ticket Size of loan, tenure, Installment Debt, Revolving Debt News

Govt’s online single window system is geared towards Ease of Doing Business

‘Nivesh Mitra’, the online single window system has been designed after performing a thorough stakeholder feedback to create a complete packaged solution for the industries and more importantly, the MSMEs. It supports all

eight core industries, iip, industrial production, electricity, cement, factory output, manufacturing output News

RCEP: Redefining India’s trade in services agenda

There were several reasons why India has been disillusioned with the terms of the RCEP agreement, one of which is that the RCEP participating countries (RPCs) are not committing adequately to trade in services, especially in

RCEP, RCEP india, RCEP news, RCEP 2019, India, trade deficit, RCEP agreement News

Does your Will mention a guardian for your minor child?

The guardian cannot sell, transfer, gift or mortgage immovable assets without the court’s permission and court grants such permission only if it is necessary for the best interest of child.

Will, minor child, financial planning, personal finance News

Term insurance cover must be equal to total income of 10-15 years

Your life insurance plan should be a mix of income and saving plans to provide funds at specific points in time for your daughter’s education and help create a corpus for future needs.

JIL, lender, NBCC, Suraksha, Jaypee Infratech, industry news, IBC, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. News

Life of a soldier and veterans’ code of conduct

The Chetwode Motto is etched in the minds of those serving and of course the Veterans.

cadets, gentlaman cadets News

World Toilet Day 2019: Improving sanitation in rural India – a road to sustainable hygiene and health

World Toilet Day: The persistence of open defecation due to traditional mindset and customs is still an impending concern. This lack of regard for sanitation not only impacts health, but it has drastic effects on education,

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Bolivia: It wasn’t forever; the fall of Evo Morales

The journey of Evo Morales from a Coca plant farmer to that of the President of Bolivia can be described as nothing short of an Odyssey and his fall from glory and an exile to Mexico can also probably be found one or the othe

Bolivia, Evo Morales, Greek tragedy,  Bolivia presidential elections 2019, Mexico, Jair Bolsonaro, democracy in Bolivia News

How are Hydrographic Surveys and Nautical Charting done? Know more about Naval Survey Vessels

The first of ship is planned to be commissioned within the next 36 months and the rest within the next 54 months.

Hydrographic Surveys, Nautical Charting, Indian Navy, GRSE, National Hydrographic Office, Indian Notices to Mariner, International Maritime Satellites News

Why cloud computing is the gateway to industry 4.0 for Indian small businesses

Technology for MSMEs: Commonly employed in large organisations, SMEs also have joined the bandwagon by adopting the cloud technology which makes operations more mobile and accessible for a team.

Mirum has come on board as a strategic digital and implementation partner for entire salesforce marketing Cloud stack News

Bank Deposit Insurance: Are bank deposits adequately insured?

If individuals jointly hold more than one deposit account in one or more branches of a bank and if their names are registered in the same order everywhere, then all these accounts are considered as one.

bank deposit, Bank Deposit Insurance, bank deposit insurance in India, bank deposit insurance limits, deposit insurance cover, RBI, Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, DICGC Act, News
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