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Manipur’s ‘Tangkhul Co-ordination Forum of COVID19’ and its fight against coronavirus

Other interesting and far-reaching developments are happening in the remote corner of N-E India, unknown and unsung, by our Indian brethren

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Preventing heart diseases naturally at the time of COVID-19 Pandemic

The recent data suggests that around 1.2 crore people have been infected globally, with a mortality rate of 5.4 lakh. India accounts for 7.4 lakh cases with a mortality of 20,000 till now.

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Risk Management: How to manage your risks while investing money

Investing money has forever been a risky business. There is always the possibility of adverse outcomes and this can be due to myriad permutations and combinations.

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Two secrets to growth of logistics sector after coronavirus; supply-chains must also adapt

As disruption becomes the new normal in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging the potential of technology and digitalization will be central to driving the growth of the logistics sector.

UDAN has failed to take off – The govt must give it a relook

The scheme makes for good messaging and good politics, but not good economics. with Some airlines at the brink of bankruptcy, the govt must give it a Relook

Estimates are that the UDAN routes have not been cash- or value- accretive to airlines.

What role can a brand play during a global crisis of pandemic nature

Brands have globally volunteered their contributions to either promote the prophylactic actions that can help decelerate the spread of the virus or pulled in their assets to augment the coping mechanisms

Corporates need to help communities heal, to get as close as one can get, after a pandemic, to business as usual

Gold investing is not for everyone – here’s why

It is not very easy to deal with human's own psychology when it comes to investment nor can it be changed overnight. Therefore, long-term investors should continue to invest in gold (physical form)

The fear of paying making charges, taxes, etc, makes people hold physical gold for a very long time.

Sowing growth: Incentivising agri-reforms in the states

Incentivising states for better performance in the agriculture sector with a transparent implementation and monitoring system is important.

This was made an essential precondition to be eligible to avail the grants" awarded by the Finance Commission from 2021-22 onwards.

Laying the perfect pitch: There is a need to recognise and regulate eSports in India

Currently, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) and the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) confer recognition on any sport and its federation(s).

Unlike other sports, the competition takes place in the virtual world, controlled by the players through a console.

Powering reforms: CESU-like revival for 25 ailing discoms will invite Rs 50,000 crore of investment

Such a revival plan will also lead to three lakh skilled and semi-skilled jobs in the next two-three years.

TPCODL will serve a populace of 1.36 crore with a customer base of 26 Lakh.

Precious metal: Gold price is likely to move up further

Looking at the downside pressure on real yields it is premature to predict the end of gold’s rally.

The correlation between gold prices and real yields (interest rate minus inflation) are opposite where when real yields go up, gold goes down and vice versa.

Financial Planning During Covid-19 Pandemic: Surviving on a pay cut

Since the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic, employees across industries have been staring at significant pay cuts if not a lay off.

Echoing the view, CIEL HR Services Director and CEO Aditya Mishra opined that this is a very new trend for companies outside IT and engineering.

Planning to buy a term plan? Or want to get a rider? Get all your queries answered

As you are unable to pay the premiums right now, you can also pay all your due premiums in the revival period and continue with the policy. Else, you can contact your insurer and opt for a reduced paid-up option and continue

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Importance and benefits of asset allocation in times of COVID-19

Empirical studies reveal that markets tend to move in cycles and assets behave differently in different market cycles.

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Ready-to-move-in projects safe haven for home buyers in times of COVID-19

As diversification is the key when it comes to de-risking investment portfolio, real estate in the current scenario will work as a safe haven when it comes to securing accumulated wealth.

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Corona wins the Presidential elections of Dominican Republic

With his long stay, Ambassador Castellanos has become the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Delhi. He is considered as a Guru by new incoming ambassadors who seek his expertise in dealing with the intricacies of Indian bureaucr

Abinader’s first challenge as President is the Coronavirus pandemic.

Equity markets at crucial juncture; charts hint at positive support for these stocks in coming weeks

After rallying for five consecutive sessions, the Nifty corrected on Wednesday from a high of 10848. The Nifty failed to test the 200-day SMA, which is currently at 10885.

Challenging the Dragon: Is India ready to boycott China?

Chinese value-add in total imported manufactured inputs for Indian manufacturing is more than 20% for textiles, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastic, computer and electronics, electrical equipment, and transport equipment

During 1990 to 2018, China's share in India's imports has on an average increased and outperformed that of India's other top import partners.

The Indian workplace of the future

We are likely to see a hybrid work model with some teams working in office and some remotely.

On the one hand, digital transformation will be at the heart of the shift, enabling people to seamlessly work from wherever they choose.

Banking on AI: The time is ripe for Indian banks to embrace artificial intelligence

Given the magnitude of the challenge, it might make sense for banks to come together to establish a consortium for knowledge sharing on AI.

Therefore, banks must leverage AI to balance the need for privacy and security with personalisation and engagement.

Mutual benefit: Why investing through growth plans of mutual funds may become more popular

Various arguments support both the views discussed above, including analogies from other provisions and the ratio of other judicial precedents.

This advantage can be optimised by investing in growth plans rather than dividend or dividend reinvestment plans of mutual funds.

Kharif 2019: A third of Fasal Bima claims not honoured

AIC, the largest PMFBY player, has acquitted itself by disbursing Rs 7,117 crore (83%) to farmers against claims of Rs 7,946 crore by June 29.

Yet, timely release of the monies to the farmers is important for the sustainability of the farming activities, and this has become a more pressing need owing to the Covid-19 crisis.

Southern real estate markets lead the path to recovery post COVID-19

Some initial green shoots have started to emerge in the real estate market and it is heartening to see that the cities of Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad are leading the turnaround.

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US New Visa Rule: F-1 and M-1 Visa holders taking online courses no longer exempt

The impact on international students is significant and might result in them turning heavily towards other countries in the very near future.

Transfers might also come with a transfer fee.

Military lessons yet to be learnt: Better Late than ever

India must remain on guard against such sinister operations being launched in future by either Pakistan or China.

Indian Army is solely dependent on Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) for ammunition and that's why it can get away with substandard products.

Atmanirbhar MSMEs: How Modi govt’s Make in India 2.0 is gateway to self-reliance for small businesses

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: The ‘Make in India’ strategy has been adopted by the Prime Minister to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, encourage employment, and build a sustainable e

For India, this presents a tremendous opportunity to enter the $1-trillion global manufacturing club.

Investing in foreign stocks? Know the tax treatment, filing of income tax returns

An individual can acquire foreign shares under an employer share plan or by direct purchase using the liberalised remittance scheme.

income tax department amends TDS form, now banks will have to report Tax Deducted at Source for cash withdrawals above Rs 1 crore
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