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Tax abuse by MNCs: Need to go beyond OECD solutions

The way forward to minimise BEPS is not to treat multinational enterprises and their affiliates as independent entities, but to deal with them as unitary entities and consolidate their profits to determine the tax base.

Tax abuse by MNCs, insurance, life insurance

Budget 2018: Once again a missed opportunity

Budget 2018: The Budget proposes a number of interventions, but a close look at the allocations does not convince anyone that there are qualitative difference from the past.

Budget 2018: There were high expectations that the Budget 2018-19 will fast-track reforms in the small window available to the government before elections.

Agenda for 2018: Time to create a fiscal council to monitor calibration of policy

The time is opportune for creating a fiscal council to monitor the calibration of rule-based policy, that is appointed by, and reports to, Parliament.

agenda for 2018, fiscal council, calibration of policy, monitor calibration of policy, restore the economy, implementation of gst

15th Finance Commission: To realise the goals under new India 2022, here is what Centre must remember

The centre would do well to remember that Offsetting the fiscal disabilities of the states is critical to achieving and realising the goals under New India 2022

Indian economy has bottomed out, set to show gradual acceleration

The finance minister’s unveiling of the Rs 9 trillion economy-booster plan, involving the Rs 2.11 trillion recapitalisation of public sector banks and the Rs 7 trillion investments in roads and highways, has not come a day

indian economy, india economy post demonetisation, demonetisation impact on indian economy

With economy slowing, this is what Narendra Modi government must do

All the attempts at fiscal consolidation will come to nought if any attempt to provide fiscal stimulus is made by breaching the targets. The rating agencies are not likely to take kindly to any such fiscal adventurism.

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Demonetisation was a self-goal? These numbers speak the truth

The government continues to claim that it has scored a goal without admitting that it is a self-goal—DeMo caused significant disruption.

demonetisation, RBI

Why lack of capacity of the state is not merely a matter of incompetence

Lack of capacity of the state is not merely a matter of incompetence. It has more to do with ‘special interest group’ politics

india growth, Gross Value Added, india economy, GDP, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code , construction sector, health and education sectors, NITI Aayog 

Need for an independent fiscal commission

Housing the commission under the finance ministry will undermine its independence; make it answerable to Parliament only

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NITI Aayog Action Agenda: Responsibility of implementing recommendations rests on Centre, states

The responsibility of implementing NITI’s recommendations lies with both the Union government as well as the states.

Niti Aayog, NITI Aayog Action Agenda, Indian macroeconomy, economic agents, Coastal Economic Zones, Indian Economy, industrialisation, development

GST: What is being proposed is a highly complicated structure, but the stage is set for implementation

What is being proposed is a highly complicated structure with four tax rates, in addition to exemption, a low rate on bullion and cesses on demerit goods.

GST, economy, CGST, IGST, UTGST, GST Bills, PAN numbers, tax administrations

Demonetisation and informal sector: Indian economy was slowing, note ban compounded problem

The growth estimates put out by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) in the Second Advance Estimates of National Income for the year and the third quarter estimates have raised many eyebrows.

Union Budget 2017 has done precious little to rationalise explicit subsidies

It is in allocating resources for public investment where the finance minister has been stingy. Increase in public spending on infrastructure would have helped to crowd in private investment.

Not Finance Commission, it is Union govt that decides transfers to states

It is not the Finance Commission, but the Union government that determines the transfers to the states

Budget 2017: Economic revival depends critically on hike in spend on infrastructure

The govt will have to tread carefully between wiping the tears of disruption that demonetisation caused and kick-starting the revival of economic activity

Union Budget, demonetisation, income tax, corporate tax, consumption, investment, Assocham, Sunil Kanoria, remonetisation, MSMEs, State Bank of India

Due to demonetisation, forecasting budget numbers will be a challenge; here’s why

Although the developments during the first seven months of the fiscal year are similar to the situation that prevailed in earlier years.

Indian Economy, Union Budget, Demonetisation, GDP growth, FRBM Committee

Demonetisation: If Centre serious on black money, it should target political funding

The announcement by the prime minister on November 8, that currency notes with face-value of R500 and R1,000 will no longer be valid sent shock-waves.

GST implementation: Here’s why increasing number of slabs is retrograde

The problem with multiple rate categories is that it complicates the structure, adds to both administrative and compliance costs, leads to classification disputes and opens up avenues for special interest groups to lobby for

GST: Here’s why arrangement to separate service tax payers is flawed

After the 101st Constitutional Amendment enabled both the Union and the state governments to levy the Goods and Services Tax (GST), there has been a sense of urgency in implementation.

FRBM Act – roadmap of fiscal rules for future: Should targets be range-bound?

Unfortunately, global experience shows that governments want to spend the maximum they can and there is a danger that they will always work on the ceiling of the range

FRBM Act – roadmap of fiscal rules for future: Should targets be range-bound?

Raja Chelliah: The father of tax reform

The broad thrust of his reforms was to move away from the levy of extortionary rates

Project Saksham, what is Project Saksham, Why Project Saksham is necessary, All about Project Saksham, Project Saksham GST, Project Saksham financial express, Project Saksham india, Saksham, 5 things to know about new indirect tax network of CBEC and why it is necessary

Centre must contain fiscal deficit; here’s why

The govt must contain fiscal deficit to create borrowing space for the private sector

Indian rupee vs US dollar

Indian economy: Here’s why it is time to speed up reforms

The extent and speed of recovery depends on the pace at which reforms are calibrated.

indian economy

2 years of Modi: Cooperative federalism more a slogan than reality

Despite the Fourteenth Finance Commission providing a different framework, “cooperative federalism” has remained more a slogan than a reality

The mirage of cooperative federalism

Despite the Fourteenth Finance Commission providing a different framework, “cooperative federalism” has remained more a slogan than a reality

narendra modi, aap

Column: Emerging trends in state finances

Restructuring of centrally-sponsored schemes needs to be carefully examined

Column: Emerging trends in state finances

Union Budget: Pulling the rug under states’ feet?

Now that instant reactions and discussions about the Union Budget are over, the time is opportune to take a more considered view.

Arun Jaitley
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