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Japan-India partnership: Focus squarely on strategic interests

Another important point to note is that the ODA given by Japan is unique because it is focused on physical infrastructure projects such as railways, roads, ports and renewable energy, having a direct impact on jobs and growth

japan, india, japan india tie, strategic interest

Global trade: Why India can’t afford absenteeism on international investment issues

The future of global trade is being negotiated at the 11th Ministerial Conference (MC11) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this week, from December 10-13.

Big worry for India: Can Quad contain the rise of China

Only time will tell. But at the moment, China is on course to becoming world’s largest economy, with or without Quad, before 2030

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India’s infrastructure gets Japanese boost; here is how immense the impact will be

While India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, a key factor obstructing its growth and development is the lack of world-class infrastructure.

india japan ties, japanese investment in india, india japan investment

Mega trade deal – RCEP deadlock: Why India needs to reform its domestic economy

Given there is still the danger that TPP could be revived, it is only apt that India reforms its domestic economy

G20 Summit: Here is how the top grouping can become a success

The rise of protectionist trade and investment measures, particularly by the Donald Trump administration in last six months, could affect demand and investment flows, and cut economic growth over medium-to-long term.

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A new global trade order

While trade policies in the West are in a flux, Asia continues to forge ahead with both mega-regional and bilateral deals.

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Narendra Modi Sri Lanka visit: Despite Chinese dominance, India has made its mark

Despite Chinese dominance in Sri Lanka, India has managed to make its own mark

Can India benefit from a dead TPP?

Two events that have significantly altered the discourse on world trade, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, are the Brexit and the US President Donald Trump denouncing the 12-member Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) early t

India-UK post-Brexit ties will depend on UK’s willingness to accept labour movement

India’s ties post-Brexit will depend on the UK’s willingness to accept movement of labour.

Will new BIT help promote India’s FDI? Here’s why investments may get affected

Long term investments may get affected by the new BIT, which is more in favour of India’s interests

India can’t use Brics to raise stature till interests with China don’t converge

Since Jim O’Neill coined the phrase BRIC back in 2001, the grouping has come a long way, from being formalised in 2009 to the incorporation of South Africa.

Will TTIP survive Brexit?

If Euro-realism gathers momentum, the conclusion of TTIP could be a reality soon

Will TTIP survive Brexit?

Brexit: Britain’s big mistake, self inflicted would will take it back several years

Both the EU and the UK have a long road ahead. The future of the UK is bleak at the moment, with financial markets in turmoil and stocks plummeting, but the nation is confident it is only a matter of time before it regains it

Political will wanted: Why India must be flexible on FTA with EU

The EU-India FTA (free trade agreement) negotiations have been ongoing for more than nine years.

Have negotiations for RCEP – world’s largest trade bloc of which India will be a part – run into trouble?

India has to refrain from holding extreme positions and reverse the perception of it being a tough negotiator obstructing talks

Have negotiations for RCEP – world’s largest trade bloc of which India will be a part – run into trouble?

High expectations from China’s G20 presidency

The agenda of a G20 summit is generally set by the country holding the chair.

High expectations from China’s G20 presidency

Has the Budget done enough to boost infrastructure?

Infrastructure policy needs consolidation, starting from approval to implementation, apart from an institutional mechanism for fair pricing and competition

Turkey G20 Ministerial: India to raise currency devaluation concerns

The recent competitive devaluation of major currencies, particularly by Asian emerging markets, raises the risk for the country’s external sector

India-Africa Forum Summit: A landmark in boosting ties with Africa

IAFS-III will highlight the government’s vision for cooperation with the fastest growing region in the world

India-Africa Forum Summit: A landmark in boosting ties with Africa

Getting close to an integrated South Asia

Despite being one of the fastest growing regions, South Asia continues to remain the most disconnected region in the world.

Getting close to an integrated South Asia

FTP push for Brand India

There is no substitute to export-led growth. It is a welcome relief that economic reforms on the trade front are back on track

FTP push for Brand India

Land acquisition bill: The key to making in India

It is important to ensure the land acquisition Bill gets implemented at the earliest and the issue is not further politicised

Land acquisition bill: The key to making in India
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