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COVID-19 effect: Will work-from-home kill jobs?

Today’s biggest employers are food delivery and gig jobs. If a big consumption decline happens and people under-employed at home rediscover the joys of self-help and cooking meals, what are the consequences?

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Budget 2019: Digital India’s time is coming

Budget 2019 India: If anyone was hoping to see incentives for the IT sector, the message is clear. Let’s get the GDP back on track first and put a smile on the face of Bharat!

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For most tech firms in India, return to double digit growth unlikely

The cyber-physical opportunities in Industry 4.0 manufacturing and logistics, new financial and insurance services models will scale.

cyber logistics, insurance services

Skills in India: Time for India Inc to boost the livelihood agenda of the country

A slew of mature entities are coming up with ed-tech and skills-tech solutions providing the much-needed innovation and scalability to good skills initiatives in the country

2017: A new agenda for start-ups will get India to the 10% growth rate mark

New models that reduce cost and enhance stakeholder satisfaction for customers, business partners, employees and citizens are all long-term business and wealth creating opportunities

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From cash to digital: An audacious demonetisation goal for India

What was initially spoken of as a much-needed assault on both the stock and flow of black money in the country has morphed in recent weeks into a campaign to move the transaction habits built over decades in this country from

Rupee, currency, notes, dollar, US dollar, Interbank Foreign Exchange, foreign investors, stock, market

Donald Trump win puts IT under cloud, but here’s what is imperative for Indian companies

Substantially higher investments in R&D as well as re-skilling of delivery and sales persons to meet customer engagement needs are imperative

The new model for IT services: Time for a transformation?

Honest assessment of domain skills and the platform and new services strategy needed to serve the needs of clients is essential

Here’s How start-ups’ success can be measured

Success must be measured not just by the number of start-ups that start the journey but also the number that adroitly move from proof of concept to real solutions and from early stage to venture capital funding

Will india make it – 2016? IT spending is likely to be muted

From an IT industry point of view, investments in digital transformation of processes and services have been less than dramatic so far

Will india make it – 2016? IT spending is likely to be muted
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