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Nostalgia on a plate: Home-cooked recipes from the south-west coast of India

Chef Naren Thimmaiah, who is in Delhi to bring a pop-up at Varg, says they continue to procure ingredients from the original source, like perfectly smoked Kodumpuli from Kerala, toddy vinegar from Goa and Kundapur coconuts fo

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Eight lesser-known haunted places of the world

It is allegedly haunted by peasants that were murdered there centuries ago, whose souls are trapped in the forest.

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Want to improve your sleep naturally? Try these plants and herbs

Here are some plants and herbs that would help improve your overall mood and ensure you get a restful sleep so as to have a fulfilling day

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Gadgets that cater to your fitness

The fitness gadget craze isn’t going to fade anytime soon. There are now a plethora of devices available in the market that offer multiple means to attain the desired fitness level.

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Can vegetarianism flourish in the land of hilsa? Surprisingly yes

The Marwaris and Gujaratis have been dominating trade and business from the days of the British rule, when they served as contractors for the British and eventually took over the businesses after independence.

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Book Review: Cities and Canopies – Trees in Indian Cities by Harini Nagendra and Seema Mundoli

Trees in Indian Cities, written by Harini Nagendra and Seema Mundoli, the book reveals myriad facts about the trees we’ve grown up watching and also gives us a painful reminder of their importance, given the tree-starved st

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Why comforting culinary classics never go out of fashion

This legendary 24-hour restaurant, still an old haunt of many city veterans, celebrates its two decades with curated flavours from the days of the Raj.

Yellow Brick Road at the Ambassador, the capital’s first SeleQtions hotel News

Europe on four plate: Take a culinary trip through various countries, all in one meal

Take a culinary trip through various countries, all in one meal.

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The real challenge will begin after the election: Pratap Bhanu Mehta

In a discussion moderated by Vandita Mishra, National Opinion Editor, The Indian Express, Pratap Bhanu Mehta spoke on how this has been an election of low expectations, the erosion of institutions and the challenges after the

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Summer solace: Delhi prepares for the scorching heat with fresh flavours

Delhi prepares for the scorching heat with fresh, light flavours

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What’s the recipe for a star cook? Singapore’s best chef explains

The initiative showcases the hospitality brand’s strength in the F&B industry, celebrating Marriott’s own culinary talent, as well as renowned international chefs. It was launched in India with the original enfant terribl

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Why wellness products infused with vitamin C are hot in demand

Vitamin C, often called the ‘skin vitamin’, offers numerous benefits for the skin.

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Reclusive Rajasthani tribe to be captured on celluloid

Uppal is spending time in Rajasthan, directing and producing an in-depth documentary on the Gaddi Lohar community, who claim Maharana Pratap as being of their lineage.

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From ensuring proper infrastructure to preventing sexual harassment, here’s how firms can make workplace more women-friendly

From ensuring proper infrastructure to preventing sexual harassment, there is a lot that organisations can do to make workplaces more women-friendly.

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Age old art of story telling gets a makeover: resonates from corporate clients to children

From creating awareness among children about current issues to selling an idea to a corporate client, storytelling has undergone a massive makeover to regain resonance and relevance

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Storytelling plays on the universal love for experiences, says Bianca Ghose of Wipro

To provide a sense of continuity yet freshness in the brand through storytelling is not easy, especially in large organisations, where it can be easy to forget to connect the dots.

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A wake-up call to Punjab through art

The time has come for Punjab to wake up and face 2019 head on, and show the world what it is capable of,” says Harinder Singh, co-founder of fashion brand 1469 that's behind the exhibition.

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Dance of change: At a time when there’s huge demand for Western dance, Indian classical forms still going strong

India has always had a rich tradition of classical dance, or shastriya nritya (written and compiled under Natya Shastra, the foundational text for Indian classical dance forms).

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Green foundation: Architects now prefer to use ecological materials for longevity of buildings

Architects across the country are engaging more and more with ecological, or biological, architecture, preferring to use resources and materials closest at hand. Easy on the environment and sustainable, such buildings are not

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Korean connection: Indian film Industry now turns attention towards east

The Indian film industry, which has always had a penchant for ‘borrowing’ ideas from the west, has now turned its gaze towards the east

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro: This phone’s got the wow factor

The Mate 20 Pro is powered by a massive 4200 mAh battery.

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Globalism over nationalism, stresses Yuval Noah Harari

At Penguin Random House India's recent The Penguin Annual Lecture in Mumbai, acclaimed historian-professor and author Yuval Noah Harari spoke on ‘The New Challenges of the 21st Century’ to a packed audience of over 1,0000

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Book review: ‘The Fifth Risk’ by Michael Lewis

Lewis’ book makes it clear that even after winning, not only did Trump and his associates have no idea how to run the administration, they didn’t even want to learn.

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The grand destination: What makes Goa everyone’s favourite

With an extensive coastline, there are plenty of breathtaking beaches in the country, diverse culture, heritage and food to explore.

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Winter delicacies in Delhi, Lucknow: From kebabs to shahi tukra; check irresistible food items

Winter may not have a bite any more in most parts of the country, but that does not mean one cannot enjoy the delicacies associated with the season.

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Indian cuisine wins a Michelin star in Bangkok

Following in the footsteps of her mentor Gaggan in making Indian-inspired cuisine famous in Thailand, Mumbai-born Garima Arora has managed to win a Michelin star for her Bangkok restaurant Gaa, announced earlier this week.

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Big news for Game of Thrones lovers! Night King will come to Delhi for Comic Con

The Night King is all set to make an appearance at the Delhi Comic Con next month.

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