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Debutant heroes: India’s first-time directors fly high at the 46th Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto festival, which concludes today, has traditionally selected Indian films every year to cater to Toronto’s large South Asian diaspora.

The lone Indian movie in the festival’s industry platform is also by a debutante director.

Tug of War is and hopes to be an anti-colonial film: Filmmaker Amil Shivji

It is two completely different stories and two different histories. One is from the oppressed and one from the oppressor.

The film is based on a novel by Zanzibarian writer Adam Shafi taught in secondary school.

Art, relationships, food, names, clothes — all of this is policed in our society: Author Anuradha Roy

The central question in The Earthspinner is creativity & how you have to battle constraints to assert its absolute importance

Anuradha Roy

My Art, My Right: Creative community gears up to fight abuse, harassment and fakes

For decades, artists in the country have been dragged to court for alleged offences such as obscenity, hurting people’s sentiments, etc, even while battling systemic abuse, as well as the issue of fakes. But now, the creati

Now finally, help may be at hand for those artists, filmmakers and writers who are driven to the wall while facing suits against them.

Art for change: Artist’s canvas becomes the medium to highlight issues and make sense of the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed many artists ensconced in their studios to engage with the community creatively.

The exhibition began on April 18 this year and was supposed to run till July 18.

Heavenly Boxes | Book Review: Anti-Clock by VJ James; translated from Malayalam by Ministhy S

A coffin maker’s tale of revenge, against his enemies and nature wreckers

The book is set in a dead village whose hills have disappeared and water sources dried up (Express photo)

Cinema for the climate: By working to reduce its carbon footprint, Cannes film festival hopes to inspire others

The world's biggest film festival, which together with the film market draws about 40,000 professionals to the quiet surroundings of the French Riviera every year, is an ideal place to begin a new thinking of the way large ca

Cannes Film Festival

My film is not a political statement, says Bengali film Rehana Maryam Noor’s director Abdullah Mohammad Saad

The sophomore feature of Dhaka-based director Abdullah Mohammad Saad, Rehana Maryam Noor is Bangladesh's own MeToo story, though it is set in the middle of the last decade, years before the movement shook the world.

Rehana Maryam Noor

Showtime in Cannes: Festival rejigs schedule to return as a much-anticipated physical edition this year

In the 53rd edition of Directors' Fortnight, Mumbai-born Kapadia's A Night of Knowing Nothing will be part of the main draw of 24 feature films, which also has the debut film Hit the Road by Iranian director Jafar Panahi's so

The 74th edition of the festival will be held during July 6-17 (Photo of Spike Lee courtesy Bob Peterson & Nike)

Pen & Politics: Rickshaw puller-turned-Bengali writer Manoranjan Byapari debuts as an MLA in Bengal assembly

Byapari, who worked in dhabas and washed plates, spent several years in jail for his association with the Naxalite movement in Bengal.

The writer of best-selling books like the Chandal Jibon trilogy about displacement and despair, and Interrogating My Chandal Life: An Autobiography of a Dalit, Byapari moved from his home in Kolkata to Balagarh for the election campaign.

Film and Freedom: Documentary on police violence & people’s resistance raises pertinent questions

JNU alumna Pallavi Paul wowed audiences at the Rotterdam festival with a new film on police violence and a speech on people’s resistance

A year later, The Blind Rabbit, directed by Paul, an acclaimed contemporary artist and filmmaker, had its world premiere at the IFFR on June 2 in a rare physical screening in the port city of the Netherlands.

Art and Outbreak: Science Gallery Bengaluru’s new virtual exhibition is an attempt to make sense of the uncertainty of a pandemic

Mounted online, the exhibition brings together works from around the world to make sense of the pandemic and how it influences the planet.

Mounted online, the exhibition brings together works from around the world to make sense of the pandemic and how it influences the planet.

Book Review: The Runaway Boy by Manoranjan Byapari; translated from Bengali by V Ramaswamy

The first part of Bengali writer Manoranjan Byapari’s Chandal Jibon trilogy is a saga of displacement and despair

The protagonist is in many ways a mirror image of the author (Express photo)

Storytellers for change: 2 filmmakers spearheading campaign for equal opportunities in global film industry

An Indian-origin producer and her French counterpart are spearheading an international campaign for equal opportunities in the global film industry

Besides being well-known film producers, Sen and Brauer also represent a new wave of change taking place in the global film industry, that of ushering in equal opportunities and gender diversity.

Art that intervenes: An art contest to campaign for a radical shift in fighting sexual violence

The Art for Freedom campaign is part of the #DNAFightsRape–Save the Evidence citizen awareness initiative launched on November 25, 2019, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, in partnership wi

Eye and Hands, a digital painting by NIFT-Delhi student Bhaswati Konwar was among the 25 nominees at the Art for Freedom contest

Tales from the coast: Ecological activist Yuvan Aves documents stories along the Indian coastline

Chennai-born naturalist Yuvan Aves has been on the road the past two years to document stories along the Indian coastline

Only tackling vehicles wouldn’t solve air pollution problem in India: Alastair Lewis, professor, University of York

Professor of atmospheric chemistry at the University of York and a director of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science in the UK, Alastair Lewis is a leading international figure in fighting air pollution across the world

air pollution

‘Judges should never hold back from publicly defending their independence’

When I was a Justice on the court we told the police not to stop protesters from coming to the square but the court but asked them to ensure that their singing and chanting did not make it impossible for us to hear counsel ad

Albie Sachs, African National Congress leader, architect of Constitution of South Africa & author

In India, we seem to have descended into a nasty nationalist blame game: Anish Kapoor

The London-based artist, whose first work in India—Descension—was a huge draw at the second edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2014, underlined the importance of art by mounting an exhibition of his works in stone o

Celebrated artist Anish Kapoor

Treatise Of Hope: ‘It is not so bad to be a refugee’

Iraqi-Dutch writer Rodaan Al Galidi’s autobiography, Two Blankets, Three Sheets, uses humour to narrate the heart-rending life of a refugee

Al Galidi has never returned to his home country.

Mandu Festival announces arrival of Madhya Pradesh as a wellness destination for a pandemic-hit society

Tour operators are excited at the prospect of adding a wellness destination like Mandu to their list during the pandemic.

Tour operators are excited at the prospect of adding a wellness destination like Mandu to their list during the pandemic.

How this year’s virtual Kala Ghoda festival addressed corona anxiety

Mumbai’s much-admired Kala Ghoda Festival concludes today after a virtual edition of music, art, literature and a workshop on anxiety

The Bomanjee Hormarjee Clock Tower is among the several south Mumbai heritage buildings restored by the Kala Ghoda Association; and the bronze statue of a black horse in the south Mumbai arts district symbolises the Kala Ghoda Festival

‘Dharma is erroneously translated as religion in India’: Amish Tripathi & Bhavna Roy

In my Ram Chandra series, both Ram and Ravan suffer. Life treats them unfairly. But Ram behaves differently and Ravan behaves differently. Ravan suffered genuinely.

Co-authored with older sister Bhavna Roy, Amish Tripathi’s new book is a work of non-fiction

‘Pandemic threw into sharp focus inequalities of life: extended holiday and workers’ struggles’: Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

Their suffering had a deep impact on me. In the isolation of a badly managed lockdown in rural Goa, I drew nourishment on the bleakness and blinkered hope of our time to edit this book again, cutting out its fat, reassigning

I grew to know Amy Tan after she gifted copies of The Last Song of Dusk to her book club in 2004.

Chaos of conflict zones and a canvas: Looking at human catastrophe through art

Incisive works of art portray the human predicament in conflict zones

Hazara is among a rare band of artists across the world working in conflict zones and addressing the human catastrophe through art.

Makeover: Major international film festivals opts for hybrid version

Many major international film festivals opted for the hybrid version this year to salvage editions and support the global entertainment industry

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