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Book Review: The Runaway Boy by Manoranjan Byapari; translated from Bengali by V Ramaswamy

The first part of Bengali writer Manoranjan Byapari’s Chandal Jibon trilogy is a saga of displacement and despair

The protagonist is in many ways a mirror image of the author (Express photo)

Storytellers for change: 2 filmmakers spearheading campaign for equal opportunities in global film industry

An Indian-origin producer and her French counterpart are spearheading an international campaign for equal opportunities in the global film industry

Besides being well-known film producers, Sen and Brauer also represent a new wave of change taking place in the global film industry, that of ushering in equal opportunities and gender diversity.

Art that intervenes: An art contest to campaign for a radical shift in fighting sexual violence

The Art for Freedom campaign is part of the #DNAFightsRape–Save the Evidence citizen awareness initiative launched on November 25, 2019, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, in partnership wi

Eye and Hands, a digital painting by NIFT-Delhi student Bhaswati Konwar was among the 25 nominees at the Art for Freedom contest

Tales from the coast: Ecological activist Yuvan Aves documents stories along the Indian coastline

Chennai-born naturalist Yuvan Aves has been on the road the past two years to document stories along the Indian coastline

Only tackling vehicles wouldn’t solve air pollution problem in India: Alastair Lewis, professor, University of York

Professor of atmospheric chemistry at the University of York and a director of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science in the UK, Alastair Lewis is a leading international figure in fighting air pollution across the world

‘Judges should never hold back from publicly defending their independence’

When I was a Justice on the court we told the police not to stop protesters from coming to the square but the court but asked them to ensure that their singing and chanting did not make it impossible for us to hear counsel ad

Albie Sachs, African National Congress leader, architect of Constitution of South Africa & author

In India, we seem to have descended into a nasty nationalist blame game: Anish Kapoor

The London-based artist, whose first work in India—Descension—was a huge draw at the second edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2014, underlined the importance of art by mounting an exhibition of his works in stone o

Celebrated artist Anish Kapoor

Treatise Of Hope: ‘It is not so bad to be a refugee’

Iraqi-Dutch writer Rodaan Al Galidi’s autobiography, Two Blankets, Three Sheets, uses humour to narrate the heart-rending life of a refugee

Al Galidi has never returned to his home country.

Mandu Festival announces arrival of Madhya Pradesh as a wellness destination for a pandemic-hit society

Tour operators are excited at the prospect of adding a wellness destination like Mandu to their list during the pandemic.

Tour operators are excited at the prospect of adding a wellness destination like Mandu to their list during the pandemic.

How this year’s virtual Kala Ghoda festival addressed corona anxiety

Mumbai’s much-admired Kala Ghoda Festival concludes today after a virtual edition of music, art, literature and a workshop on anxiety

The Bomanjee Hormarjee Clock Tower is among the several south Mumbai heritage buildings restored by the Kala Ghoda Association; and the bronze statue of a black horse in the south Mumbai arts district symbolises the Kala Ghoda Festival

‘Dharma is erroneously translated as religion in India’: Amish Tripathi & Bhavna Roy

In my Ram Chandra series, both Ram and Ravan suffer. Life treats them unfairly. But Ram behaves differently and Ravan behaves differently. Ravan suffered genuinely.

Co-authored with older sister Bhavna Roy, Amish Tripathi’s new book is a work of non-fiction

‘Pandemic threw into sharp focus inequalities of life: extended holiday and workers’ struggles’: Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

Their suffering had a deep impact on me. In the isolation of a badly managed lockdown in rural Goa, I drew nourishment on the bleakness and blinkered hope of our time to edit this book again, cutting out its fat, reassigning

I grew to know Amy Tan after she gifted copies of The Last Song of Dusk to her book club in 2004.

Chaos of conflict zones and a canvas: Looking at human catastrophe through art

Incisive works of art portray the human predicament in conflict zones

Hazara is among a rare band of artists across the world working in conflict zones and addressing the human catastrophe through art.

Makeover: Major international film festivals opts for hybrid version

Many major international film festivals opted for the hybrid version this year to salvage editions and support the global entertainment industry

Marathi film Karkhanisanchi Waari only Indian entry at Tokyo International Film Festival

The 149-minute film tells the story of the Karkhanis, the last joint family of Pune, which after the family patriarch dies, undertakes a road journey to Pandharpur to immerse his ashes in the holy Chandrabhaga river.

‘Estuary’: A reflection of contemporary society where students are at the mercy of the establishment

Lack of faith and misplaced concerns derail the dreams of a new generation

Kumarasurar is also pleased when robot Asuras enforce discipline on the campus at another college.

Mira Nair’s adaptation of Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy for small screen resonates with contemporary India

Mira Nair’s adaptation of Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy for the small screen resonates with contemporary India

In a fiercely patriarchal setting, Nair builds her story through powerful female characters

Book Review – Chorashastra: The Subtle Science of Thievery by VJ James

It was one of those references to the science of thievery that award-winning Malayalam writer VJ James one day found in the library of the space research organisation, where he worked.

The palm-leaf scroll, named Chorashastra or the science of thievery, laid out rules for stealing, and one of them was to consider it as karma or duty, and, therefore, not sinful.

Body and Blood: New novel wilts under the weight of its soaring ambitions 

Its rickety quest for truth and self-belief hits the wall somewhere in the novel's ardour for exploring the leap of faith and separating the spiritual from the material.

What Cannes film festival is doing to support struggling filmmakers

Cannes film festival may have been cancelled this year, but it has nevertheless assembled a compelling 2020 official selection list to rally behind struggling filmmakers

Book Review: Al Arabian Novel Factory – A gripping tale which symbolises brutal societies and ruthless regimes

Al Arabian Novel Factory is the sequel to Jasmine Days, the story of young radio jockey Sameera Parvin, an immigrant in the city from Pakistan, and her guitar-playing colleague Ali Fardan.

Hazy lens

Indian filmmakers stare at a loss of production year as uncertainty persists over international film festivals

International film festivals like Cannes, Toronto, Venice, Berlin and Busan have been the ideal platforms for independent productions from India to gain the much-needed visibility and recognition they lack back home.

Book Review: Exquisite Cadavers is about a young couple navigating life in London

A genre-busting book delicately handles identity politics and oppression

Book Review, Exquisite Cadavers  book review, Michael Haneke, Happy End, Xavier Dolan, Vertical films, Exquisite Cadavers, ISIS, 

MP’s Namaste Orchha festival is newest addition to international tourism calendar

The Namaste Orchha festival in Madhya Pradesh is the newest addition to the international tourism calendar.

The famous royal chhatris, or cenotaphs, on the banks of the Betwa river

Book Review: Amma – Perumal Murugan’s book is a moving portrait of a mother by her son

Tamil author Perumal Murugan’s new book is a moving portrait of a mother by her son

He also confesses to changing his views on family to become a "family-loving man" because of his mother’s constant distress and worries about her own family.

Udaipur World Music Festival: In tune with the times

From neo-folk to rock and Sufi to electro jazz, the fifth edition of the recently concluded Udaipur World Music Festival set a high tempo

Ginni Mahi, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Udaipur World Music Festival, Guru Ravidas, Arunachal Pradesh, Habib Koité, Sufi band

‘There is a great amount of talent inside prisons’: Swaraj Jail University’s Manish Jain

The Sufi band owes its origin to Swaraj Jail University , a new radical journey in India’s correctional system.

Udaipur World Music Festival, Sufi band, Swaraj Jail University, train inmates, modern genres, iStart Rajasthan
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