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Demonetisation myth destroyed: Fall in tax base may hurt government fiscal plans

The data raises the question whether compliance was weaker in the latter part of FY19 given that the number of registered filers has continued to see steady growth, said the report.

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Unemployment debate: PM’s economic advisor explains why CMIE data is not reliable

The government must take cognisance of the issue of unemployment and should not hide the data as it has been seen doing, Mahesh Vyas said.

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As universities go online, education landscape set to change; growth to match US, Europe

Total enrolment in online education will grow at 33.6 per cent CAGR and cross 2.12 crore by 2022.

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A woman is equal to three-fourths of a man; unequal economic rights cause a loss of $160 trillion

The discriminatory laws between men and women across the world not only curb women’s economic rights, but also cause of loss of as much as $160 trillion in wealth.

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More growth, more people, but less energy demand; here’s why growth-energy story is set to change

According to the report, even though the population will continue to grow reaching ten billion by midcentury, the energy demand is likely to plateau around 2030.

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India may be on US ‘Priority Watch List’, but no need to revisit IPR; former commerce secretary tells why

More than the law, India may need to work on its implementation machinery which includes enforcement and investigation agencies.

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India story: Booming economy to lift 2.5 crore households out of poverty

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had recently stated that there will be no extreme poverty in India by 2031 on account of economic expansion.

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Iran oil blow: No worry for India as Saudi Arabia, Russia may chip in to make up for shortfall

The Modi government is also focussing on giving a thrust to domestic oil production, which will also help bridge the oil supply shortfall arising from sanctions imposed on Iran.

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Startup Vision 2024: Govt proposes 50,000 new businesses, Rs 1,000 crore fund, major tax sops and more

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) today announced a slew of measures to enable startups’ overall growth through its ‘Startup India Vision 2024’ document.

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A billion Internet users to drive demand; India staring at $6 trillion consumption opportunity

The recent short-term trends have pointed out to falling consumption demand in the economy, posing a threat to India’s fastest growing economy status.

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More women online means higher GDP; UN says female power can give world economy a big boost

Bringing gender parity in the development of a nation has a vast bearing on the growth, competitiveness and future-readiness of economies and businesses worldwide.

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Food price shocks: ‘Protectionism’ not the answer; here are the real solutions

The report also pointed out that the increase in food prices combined with government policy responses in 2010-11 tipped 8.3 million people into poverty.

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Crude oil prices to fall, remain soft in 2019, never mind US sanctions on Iran

China has been importing significantly more oil from Iran than allowed under its waiver, and could continue doing so, said the report.

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RBI is the first central bank in Asia-Pacific to start interest rate easing cycle

Against this background, maintaining the target of reducing debt to GDP ratio to 60 percent by FY25 from the estimated 68.8 percent IN FY19, as per FRBM Act 2018, would be difficult, said Fitch.

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EXPLAINED: Why Iran oil is important for India and why stopping it means big trouble

No supply of oil from Iran would mean sourcing the same from other countries which may not provide the same benefits as provided by Iran in the form of price and credit facility, said the report.

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Banks flush with another Rs 35,000 crore as RBI’s second $5 billion forex swap draws success

The move helped RBI attract bids worth $18.65 billion for the auction, from which, it accepted 5 offers. The bids were accepted at a premium of Rs 8.38, which is higher than Rs 7.76 in the first auction carried in March 2019.

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RBI may slam brakes on interest rate cut spree after Donald Trump’s Iran oil blow

The central bank has to remain watchful also the sanctions would coexist with the trade tensions between the US and China, the report added.

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Falling birth rate bigger worry than overpopulation, says study

Each child born today eventually grows up to make resources less scarce, on average, by contributing to innovation and the global economy.

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If you want to save your job from robots, make a career in these fields, not science and tech

The report suggested better management of employment data by the government to be able to plan for AI and focusing on sectors least vulnerable to automation.

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Nandan Nilekani lays out digitisation, Aadhaar, GST benefits; says, direct benefit can revive power sector

Nandan Nilekani applauded these programmes and stressed on the need for digital infrastructure to revive the economy.

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Inflation, stock market and Indo-Pak war: 3 reasons behind rebound in consumer confidence

Meanwhile, the increase in consumer confidence was also shown by RBI’s Consumer Confidence Survey (CCS) for the month of March 2019.


Rahul Gandhi’s NYAY or Modi’s PM-KISAN: No. This is what poor Indians want, not money from govt

Our government spends less than 1.5 percent of the GDP on public healthcare, therefore 70 per cent healthcare expenses are met by individual’s own pocket. Due to this 7 per cent Indians are pushed into poverty every year.

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No career growth? Move to Pune for better job prospects; check other best cities to work

The continued and significant GDP growth has failed to enthuse the job market for the forthcoming half year, said TeamLease Services Ltd. in its latest Employment Outlook Report.

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How to boost exports: Suggestion to Modi govt as full fiscal trade deficit hits record high

Trade deficit in 2018-19 has widened to $176.42 billion against $162 billion in 2017-18, according to the recent data by Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

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Not enough money in market, despite RBI printing more currency; star strategist lists two reasons

As growth continues to slow and inflation stays below the target, interest rates may keep falling, but likely not fast enough to revive growth quickly.

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Don’t waste interest rates, use RBI policy statement as policy tool in itself

The report suggested the RBI to provide “second generation signals” in its policy statement inorder to reduce the disconnect with market expectations.

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Modi’s minister says need to do more on jobs, but the real crisis is data

India is going to be home to the world’s largest workforce by 2017, Puri said. Therefore, there is a need for providing proper education and skill to them or else there would arise enormous problems in the country.

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