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Unified digital policy framework is a need of the hour

Such an overarching framework can be the skeleton for all state and central policies on the various areas that concern, or are impacted by, digital technology—from AI, cybersecurity and data privacy to healthtech, fintech,

In between, there was National Digital Communication Policy, 2018 and comments were sought on the Draft PDP Bill as drafted by the committee chaired by Justice Srikrishna.

India must start work on 6G now

Either the country leads in the technology, or it bleeds as the net pay outs from SEPs become a burden

Over the last couple of years, 6G discussions have featured researchers, standards bodies and leading industry players.

Broadband, broad-based

Reorient policy to achieve ‘universally affordable and top quality broadband’

Coming soon-Indian cyberspace: Secure bhi, private bhi

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is needed to foster and sustain trust in the digital ecosystem

Industrial Revolution | Tech creating new jobs but leading to displacing workers

An argument for a rubric of conducive public policies alongside development of technology

Industrial Revolution, Industrial Revolution book review, new jobs, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Narendra Jadhav

Smart accessories have gone beyond watches, fitness bands

With increasing integration of information and communication technology (ICT) in all aspects of life, we are increasingly dependent on and surrounded by more and more gadgets.

Smart accessories have gone beyond watches, fitness bands
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