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Do credit cards and personal loans really help your credit score?

It pays to sort out old pending issues with the credit card company. Too many credit cards reflect credit hungry behavior.

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How your credit score can help this Eid to source a loan

A better than average CIBIL score can literally open doors for you; doors to opportunities where banks are willing to lend you and employers willing to hire you.

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Home loan co-signing: 5 tips on being financially faithless 

In this dog eat dog world if you have agreed to co-sign a loan with somebody, you are incredibly generous! But if you have done so purely because you have been swayed by emotions, stop right now.

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Your money: 4 top ways to boost CIBIL score 

You are no stranger to the fact that, it is essential for you to maintain a high CIBIL score to have access to loans when you need them.

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Your money and stock market crashes: 5 steps to save yourself from panic attack

The stock markets crashed on manic Monday as China’s economy continued to stutter and the resultant global sell-off reached Indian shores too.

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On Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter? 3 facts that can destroy your money life

Banks are updating themselves in understanding that there is so much more to people than just their past repayment history.

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Money power: Make finance your cup of tea in 8 easy steps

Remember the piggy bank you had as a kid? Why do adults make a big deal out of savings then? It’s the same concept. Carve out a chunk of your income every month, which goes into a savings fund. Typically, a savings bank acc

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Money power: Make finance your cup of tea in 6 easy steps

Finance not your cup of tea? Gain money power in 6 easy steps

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Retirement planning for women: 5 must-know facts

Women work very hard all through their lives. Nothing is easy and as time passes things get progressively worse with age – physically and financially.

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How to save smartly: 10 tips to get you started 

Money saved is money earned. Make this your mantra in 2015 and as far as your financial life is concerned, you cannot go wrong.

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Debt trap: 5 quick-fix solutions that don’t work

When you are drowning in debt, you are likely to be desperate to find quick-fix solutions to stay afloat and retain your creditworthiness.

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How to do a financial clean up in 7 easy steps

Financial cleaning is one thing that has to be done proactively. Check out these seven tips to clean up your finances and become a pro at managing money:

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How to get your credit score from CIBIL: 6 steps to financial relief 

While your paperwork may have been perfect, the one factor that could squash your dreams is a poor CIBIL score and report.

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Are you financially fit? Here are 4 questions to test your status

Financial worries can sometimes give you the same feeling that you get when you jump onto a treadmill and increase the speed so much that you run completely out of breath.

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Retirement planning: 7-point action plan

Retirement in today’s dynamic work environment can be sooner than imagined. Gone are the days, where the government funded pension funds were sufficient as a security blanket to lead a peaceful life after retirement. With a

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Want to retire soon? Here is your 7-point action plan 

Gone are the days, where the government funded pension funds were sufficient as a security blanket to lead a peaceful life after retirement.

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Be a self-made crorepati: 9 secret habits

Be a self-made crorepati: 9 secret habits: There are no shortcuts to success but there are a few habits that you can follow which will encourage you, in every way, to become a self-made crorepati. Dream out loud, set goals, b

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Nalco: Initiate coverage with target of Rs 57; 42% upside

We initiate coverage on Nalco with an outperform rating and R57 target price (potential upside 40.7%).

Nalco: Initiate coverage with target of Rs 57; 42% upside

Service tax @14%: Know how it will affect your wallet

The service tax rise proposal takes effect on June 1, 2015. Here is all you need to know in 10 points:

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IPL 2015: 5 money lessons from Mumbai Indians’ win

IPL 2015: 5 money lessons from Mumbai Indians' triumph Mumbai Indians played a glorious innings this Indian Premier League (IPL 2015) season. They did not have a great start and had to face defeat in quite a few matches init

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Credit card salvation: 6 ways to make magic

Credit card tip: All your money decisions in public sphere can affect your CIBIL score? Make your life easier and your bank balance heavier with these 6 magic tricks

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It’s all about money honey! 5 tips to avoid money tiffs with your better half

Monetary issues have been cited as the number one reason in marital disputes between couples.

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For homebuyers, 5 top moves to consider

The challenge of owning a home, whether bought or built, for the first time can be very overwhelming...

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Warren Buffett’s investments success: 10 lessons you can learn 

Warren Buffett is undeniably the most successful investor in history.

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Game of Thrones: 6 money lessons

Game of Thrones Season 5 is finally here! While the residents of Westeros are busy planning, scheming and fighting for the Iron throne...

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Personal finance: 5 money habits you must get rid of

Bad financial habits getting the better of you? Do you constantly berate yourself over your money habits?

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How to avoid debt traps: All you wanted to know

Not all loans are bad. If the loan is used to create an asset and is productive in nature, it can be termed as a good loan.

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