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Gold outlook: Decline in gold price a temporary correction

Gold’s near-term movement will no longer be linear in direction. But the macroeconomic tailwinds that instigated the bull market in gold in the first place, are very much intact, and are expected to stay that way for the ne

Buy gold: Any correction is a good entry point

The macroeconomic backdrop has become favourable for gold; aim for 10-15% of portfolio alloc-ation to the yellow metal

Despite the volatility, gold prices ended the month flattish with a minor loss of -0.1% against other risk assets that saw significant losses, reiterating its diversification role in times of turmoil.

Coronavirus effect: Gold prices move up, volatility and uncertainty bode well for yellow metal

As volatility and uncertainty bode well for gold, the metal ended January with gains of 4.12% in rupee terms

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Why gold retains its lure in these times of global slowdown

We hope that central banks will do whatever it takes to rescue the world economy with renewed monetary stimulus, which make financial markets vulnerable to stress and reiterates the need to hold gold.

Buy gold ETF this Dhanteras, don’t let the high prices dampen the Diwali spirit

While gold jewellery is bought and used for its aesthetic value, it’s ineffective as an investment option.

Hybrid multi-asset mutual funds: Enjoy returns while minimising risks

For a horizon of seven years or more, the probability of making a negative return is zero. Volatility of returns reduces significantly and 92% of the times your equity investments would have earned more than your pre-tax fixe

Data show that 68% of equity mutual fund investors in India exit even before completing two years.

Gold to gain as global currency war intensifies

Make a strategic allocation to gold because it is the counterweight to paper money which is continuing to lose credibility as a store of value.

To analyse gold over the long term, it needs to be seen as a monetary asset rather than a commodity

Know benefits of equity fund-of-funds

When a EFOF manager chooses a basket of equity funds for your money to be invested in, the risk of wrong selection of funds is reduced.

Four factors that make gold an essential part of your investment portfolio

Gold can play a stabilising and defending role in your investment portfolio in these times of economic and geopolitical crises.

Mutual Fund Investment: Why you need to invest in a hybrid multi-asset mutual fund

For successful investing, the question to answer is not what will change, but what will not. And what does not change is the fact that asset classes grow and contract in cycles.

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Your money: The advantages of being ESG-compliant

With India getting more serious about climate change and pollution control, a company that has the best practices when it comes to the conservation of the environment is less likely to be impacted with regulations that could

Your money: Taking cues from central banks’ gold buys

Preference for gold after decades of selling is indicative of central bank concerns about financial markets and geopolitics.

gold, gild burchase, central bank

All glitters: Gold can help you to reduce overall portfolio risk – here’s how

The world continues to remain in a state of great disequilibrium, both with respect to the global economy and geopolitics

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Precious metal: Investing in gold lowers portfolio risk

Gold prices will move up gradually and prove to be a useful portfolio diversification tool.

How US-China trade war offers a buying opportunity for gold

Given the global economic headwinds, gold will be a useful portfolio diversification tool for investors.

Your money: Gold will be a useful portfolio diversification tool in the current times

Should there be a “deep trade war,” with complications for global growth, industrial commodities such as base metals, energy will be negatively affected, but that scenario would benefit gold.

gold, gold prices, portfolio risk, global economy

Why global turmoil is good for gold this Akshaya Tritiya

All in all, gold managed a close at $$1,325 an ounce, a marginal increase of 0.5% in March.

gold, Akshaya Tritiya, US federal reserve

Gold to be useful portfolio diversification tool

Gold’s rise since mid-December has coincided with the US dollar’s free-fall that began just after the Fed raised interest rates for the fifth time since December of 2015.

Gold, us, india, us dollar, december, interest rate

How gold is all set to be a useful portfolio diversification tool

The gold market in 2017 seemed like 2016 all over again. The first half saw gold prices move up gradually only to give away some gains at the end of the year.

gold, gold market, portfolio diversification tool, gold prices

Why you should buy gold as the world turns riskier

The spectre of higher rates as implied by Federal Reserve’s (Fed) hawkish posture accompanied by a seeming attempt to unwind Fed’s bloated balance sheet led to a renewed strength in the dollar and declining gold prices.

gold, federal reserve

Woe for buyers, gold prices likely to soar in 2017

Gold took an upward spiral over the first half of April as geopolitical worries took center stage.

With prices falling over 8%, this is the right time to buy gold

Gold markets suffered their worst blow in the last three years as prices fell over 8% to $1,173 an ounce, reducing the year-to-date (YTD) increase to just 10.7%.

Rise in gold prices supported by strong fundamental factors

The word ‘Akshaya’ denotes something that never diminishes and in India, gold is traditionally considered an embodiment of permanent value.

Rise in gold prices supported by strong fundamental factors

Gold shines as banks embrace negative yields

The price of the yellow metal gained over 16% this year as widespread financial uncertainty led to a risk-off sentiment in asset markets driving investors to gold


Budget 2016: Remove all taxes and duties on gold for global price parity

Budget 2016: The government should focus on implementation of reforms to develop the gold market which has the potential to become the gold trading capital of the world.

Gold prices - Brexit move

Gold could lose more sheen as markets fear further US Fed rate hike

Gold prices fell sharply this year to lows not seen since 2010. The current low in prices marks a fall of 11% this year and 46% from its peak in 2011.

Gold could lose more sheen as markets fear further US Fed rate hike

Gold prices may move up after Fed lift-off

Gold has been out of favour this year and prices have come down because of the impending Fed rate hike.

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