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Raghuram Rajan’s AQR for PSBs wasn’t a pragmatic move

Banking reforms are a continuous process; regulator has to be alert. Banks that were showing strains of rising NPAs should have been addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Why education policy needs a revisit

It must create tolerant, socially-responsible, and environmentally conscious citizens.

education, education sector

Revisit the PCA policy for PSBs

Prompt corrective action is exceptional action; it impacts banks’ ratings & consumer confidence.

bank, economy, psbs

Why each state of India needs an MSME university

To boost employment generation through MSMEs, skill formation can be considered from two angles—labour and entrepreneurs. To skill labour, there are already many skilling centres and more can be established.

MSME, MSME university, GDP, EMU

How to revitalise Indian economy? Answer is here

In a country with 79 crore people below the age of 34 years, such an economic trend requires urgent attention. The situation in the next few years on employment generation also looks grim because of automation and artificial

Indian economy, RBI, Reserve Bank of India, financial, insurance, real estate, professional services, public administration, defence, MSMEs

How farm loan waivers can actually benefit the economy

The fastest-growing major economy of the world cannot ignore its farmers as there is a genuine need to help the farming sector which is suffering from stress on account of indebtedness.

farm loan waiver, indian economy, farmers crisis, farmers agitation, farmers debt

Starting with demonetisation, prime focus on corruption has now moved to issue of digitising India

On April 14, the Prime Minister extolled the citizens of benefits of Digi money and urged the use of Digi Dhan as part of clean-up India campaign against the menace of corruption while emphasising the need for extensive use o

The fallacy of false choice

The government is correct in not throwing good money on bad assets

D Subbarao on why he was annoyed with P Chidambaram and much more in ‘Who Moved My Interest Rate’

Former RBI governor D Subbarao reveals how he faced a challenging tenure riddled by an uncertain global economy, dark clouds in the domestic economy and a shaky relationship with the North Block

2 years of Modi: Time for big-bang changes; public-private sector mistrust needs to be corrected

The Modi government has completed 731 days in power. It had assumed power with with a clear mandate favoring change.

The new growth strategy: Rurbanic and Gandhian

In a grim global environment, tapping the rich hinterland of our own country is a better approach, rather than depending on other countries

The new growth strategy: Rurbanic and Gandhian

How to make the gold monetisation scheme work?

We’ve to undertake household-level surveys to determine their attitude towards gold, and then focus on a strategy to collect the precious metal.

How to make the gold monetisation scheme work?

PSBs must gear up to handle a big market

With increasing emphasis on ‘Make in India’, public sector banks should be prepared to support a market growing organically

indian rupee vs us dollar

Hedging the gold monetisation scheme

While the government is exhibiting sincere attempts to monetise gold, unusual rise in gold prices could increase repayment burden

Hedging the gold monetisation scheme

Separating debt from monetary management

The joint approach for debt and monetary management does not augur well for transparency in both, especially when the central bank is balancing different objectives.

Separating debt from monetary management
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