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Govt has levelled the field for Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh to integrate in India’s growth journey

The Centre has levelled the field for Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh to integrate in India’s growth journey; the onus is now on all of us to take them along.

What India must do to increase its competitiveness

Time-bound reforms would have a significant impact on competitiveness

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Budget 2020: FM had a tight rope to walk, and she did well

Budget 2020-21: The government announced a 16-point programme aimed at modernising the farming sector and improving farmers' income.

Budget 2020 India, Budget 2020-21

Budget 2020: India needs to push for investments to kickstart growth

Budget 2020 India: First, the government should not cut back capital expenditure in view of the revenue shortfall.

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Reel or real? Accurately identifying disinformation

In this day and age of AI-based tech such as deepfake—one can easily produce or alter video content realistically—seeing should not necessarily be believing

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India’s trajectory: An innovation powerhouse

If the IMF has to achieve its mission of ensuring international financial stability, global leaders should end this stitch-up and choose the best person for the job. They must also do more to depoliticise the fund.

How to integrate Indian electronics firms into global value chain

While the Phased Manufacturing Programme (PMP), introduced in 2017, curbed imports under this category over 2018-19, India must build its electronics exports.

Powering the economy

Under the Saubhagya scheme, power to all rural households and poor urban households is envisaged, with just 6.5 lakh targeted households remaining to be electrified.

Corporate connect: Success mantra for startups

Mentoring, providing easy finance isn’t beneficial in long run—understanding the market needs is more important.

Investing in the health of people

Enhancing skill-sets of the existing workforce, defining career progression for medicos can help build the requisite human resource.

Hail the new indirect tax regime – Here is why

Manufacturers no longer have to study tax rates across states before deciding on the most competitive investment locations and can base their decisions on availability of resources and skills

How Budget 2018 will benefit the industry at large

Budget 2018: Given the prevailing economic conditions of muted consumption, the Union Budget FY19 was widely expected to focus on the rural and agricultural economy, social sector, job creation, and micro, small and medium en

Budget 2018: Arun Jailtey produced budget on Feb 1

GST will have a positive impact on economy, industry and consumers; here is why

From July 1, GST will be in force, redefining India’s indirect tax system and reshaping the way business is done in the country. Almost two decades in the making, the new tax system represents a historic success story in ou

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Three years of Narendra Modi government: How economic growth drivers have been accelerated

The last three years have seen considerable acceleration in the reforms pace of the country. The list of notable reform policies is impressive and the overall shift in underlying structures is significant.

Budget 2017: How to remove Made in India hurdles

The rate of Minimum Alternate Tax has more than doubled from 7.5% in 2007 to 18.5% currently, which is inhibiting manufacturing competitiveness

2016 momentous for Indian economy due to demonetisation, GST; expect visionary Budget in 2017

The outgoing year has been a momentous one for the Indian economy—landmark reforms and economic strategies were rolled out even as the global economic environment turned increasingly complex.

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Make in India: New Defence Procurement policy irons out many critical issues

Being the multi-billion dollar and most lucrative defence market in the world, India provides several opportunities for Indian and foreign corporate entities for defence manufacturing.

Budget 2016-17 should step up capital expenditure, implement tax reforms

The upcoming Budget should step up capital expenditure and implement tax reforms.

Column: South Asia needs regional integration

This can be achieved through internal and cross-border economic policy reforms and physical regional connectivity

Column: South Asia needs regional integration

Column: E-linking farmers with markets

While the Agri-Tech Infrastructure Fund is a welcome move, an action plan on going beyond 585 markets needs to be put in place

food inflation

Column: A long road ahead for GST

The govt has to draft the GST Act and put in place the IT architecture and administrative mechanism to manage it

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FTP 2015-20: Pushing exports and imports in sync

There are indications that world trade will pick up in the next two years. Against this backdrop, the target set for doubling exports seems achievable

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Column: A well-balanced Budget

Sticking to the target of 3% fiscal deficit by FY18 will help keep interest rates at a moderate level

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Column: Railways transformation on track

Tapping extra-budgetary sources like pension funds to fund Railways’ modernisation could be a game-changer

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Budget cafe 2015: Prioritise investment and jobs

Bring the corporate tax rate down to 25%, incentivise job creation by linking tax rate to number of employees.

Budget cafe 2015: Prioritise investment and jobs

Manufacturing needs a quality boost

Strong and clear standards, identifying specific criteria for compliance towards Zero Defect & Zero Effect need to be developed across diverse fields

Indo-ASEAN partnership key to Asia’s growth

Bolstering economic ties and connectivity benefits India’s North East and the less-developed ASEAN economies

Indo-ASEAN partnership key to Asia’s growth
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