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Gramin Healthcare: Bringing modern medicine to rural India

The Gramin Healthcare card enables patients to get medical consultation with-out worrying about fees

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Kia Motors, Andhra Pradesh sign MoU to build EV infra

The company continues to invest in the development and commercialisation of autonomous driving and eco-friendly vehicles.

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App to help poultry farmers grow biz with intelligent data

US-based Cargill is developing farmer-friendly apps which can digitise manual inputs of farm statistics on a real-time basis.

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Exclusive interview: Ecosystem that fosters innovation key, says A Vaidheesh, President of Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India

Indian pharma industry has to maintain uniform baseline quality standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO) along with good manufacturing practices (GMP).

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Hyderabad’s T Hub aims to provide best working space to startups

T-Hub’s international programme looks to help start-ups from other countries scale their business in India.

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Ekincare: Raising a toast to good health

The healthtech platform reads medical data from health records, predicts health risks and offers personalised recommendations with the help of AI and data science.

Ekincare: Raising a toast to good health

Hyderabad top investment destination in Telangana real estate, says report; land prices rise 20% ahead of polls

Ahead of the Assembly elections in Telangana, which are scheduled on December 7, Hyderabad is witnessing a sharp rise in land prices — the jump seen in the per-acre prices is almost three times.

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Sports merchandising: Technology boost for supply chain and on-demand manufacturing

Fanatics combines tech capabilities with an agile supply chain and on-demand manufacturing to create an assortment of merchandise for fans.

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Hyderabad Metro, the largest PPP metro project, has become a big success

Daily ridership figures of 2 lakh indicate that the largest Metro project to be built in PPP mode has been a success.

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myGate aims to digitise the security services in your society; here’s how

The start-up deploys a behavioural intelligence augmented authentication solution that is designed to ensure hassle-free security of residents and their service staff.

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Make in India! Xiaomi to manufacture LED TVs locally

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, in partnership with Dixon Technologies, will start locally manufacturing its range of Mi LED TVs in India.

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Telangana seeks EC nod for Phase 2 of farmer incentive scheme

Following the implementation of the model code of conduct in Telangana, the second phase of disbursal of farmer-friendly incentive scheme Rythu Bandhu is likely to be postponed post the elections, as it is now awaiting the El

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Blockchain technology can solve fake drugs problem, says Debapriya Nandan of Oracle India

Policy think tank Niti Aayog recently said that it is working with Apollo Hospitals and Oracle to use Blockchain technology in pharmaceutical supply chain management for complete traceability of drugs from manufacturer to con

Blockchain technology can solve fake drugs problem, says Debapriya Nandan of Oracle India

Qure.AI: This startup’s AI products make MRI, CT scans or X-rays easy to diagnose

The start-up’s AI products are deployed in five radiology centres, with three in Mumbai and two outside India.

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SteelonCall: This startup in steel sustains its business by charging Rs 200 per tonne levied on each transaction

If e-commerce has heralded a revolution in the B2C retail space, it is also changing selling and buying patterns in the B2B space.

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Sirpur Paper Mills acquisition will provide synergistoc advantage, says president JK Paper Mills

Following the acquisition of Telangana-based Sirpur Paper Mills (SPML), JK Paper Mills will be investing another Rs 400 crore in SPML which was shut down in 2014 due to rising input costs and operational inefficiencies.

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Pharmexcil to sign MoU with China trade body for faster drug approvals

In a bid to boost the India-China pharmaceutical trade, the Pharmexcil, under the Ministry of Commerce, will be signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines

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Wireless medical devices: Making medical implants hacker-safe

Scientists are taking inspiration from nature on how to insulate medical implants from malicious attacks

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Interview of Sanjay Podder, MD, Accenture Labs India: ‘Tech apps to financially empower women’

Accenture Labs and Grameen Foundation India have collaborated to develop two new applications that help overcome barriers to financial services adoption among low-income women and other populations in India.

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India’s share of pharma production for exports has tripled since 1985, says senior vice-president of USP

Over 5,000 pharmaceutical companies globally use the manufacturing standards set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

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Tech Mahindra’s Makers Lab: Making businesses future-ready

Tech Mahindra has four Makers Lab in India; these are located in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, and cater to over 100-300 customers.

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Telangana’s RYTHU Bandu Scheme: Over Rs 5000 crore paid to farmers in six weeks

Good start to the relief scheme, seen to be more efficient and less inflationary than alternatives.

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Telangana government sets up special cell for turmeric farmers

The Telangana government has decided to set up a special cell for turmeric farmers which would help in bringing qualitative changes for cultivating turmeric as a commercial crop.

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AI creates jobs, yet talent crisis remains

According to EY, talent gap is the top concern for firms looking to apply AI

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Digital India: India to have 700 digital villages by the year-end

Positioned as strategic cornerstone of Digital India programme, the CSC model has adopted six villages in the country in the pilot phase.

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How Microsoft Garage is fueling ideas in Hyderabad

Creative ideas and garages go hand-in-hand in the tech world. So much so, that for tech giants such as Google and Microsoft and many more, the garage becomes an ideal location to pool in ideas to fuel innovative thoughts.

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Next big thing in Smartphone tech: How India’s PowerSquare is working to help recharge phone sans cables

Wireless charging is the order of the day. Major handset manufacturers will soon start offering wireless charging across their phone models as the demand for wireless technology grows by leaps and bounds.

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